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  1. I guess I found my culprit. I'm the youngest of five kids. http://bigthink.com/ideafeed/birth-order-doesnt-affect-personality-but-it-does-affect-intelligence
  2. How can the Quran "follow" embryology when the field was established after its writing? To follow something means it kinda has to come after it.
  3. Why was link removed? I was going to take the test!!
  4. Yeah, but then they figure out that the god is nothing more than a Charlatan behind a curtain with no powers, and that everything they they needed, that they sought for this god to give them, was already within them. I'm not sure that this is fair to say. That there is no apparent or forthcoming evidence or reasons to believe such a being exists, and therefore I live my life as if there is no such thing as a god would be fairer I believe. However, given the choice between the two positive assertions "god exists" and "god does not exist", I would go with the latter every time. Though I don't think it is a defensible position, it is at least more defensible than the former.
  5. This semester is killing me. I'm having calculus I, C++, psychology, and American History II. My depression is absolutely and utterly destroying my motivation and energy this semester. This is my toughest semester so far, and so far my level of interest and motivation is virtually non-existent. I'm hanging on by a thread, and I have a feeling my 3.74 GPA will be ruined after this semester.
  6. I'm not sure if I do or don't. I certainly don't like the idea of dying. I guess if I lived forever, I'd want to know that my life would continue to evolve and become more interesting.
  7. Nope, never asserted certainty. The question was "was Jesus a real person". If you go back a couple of pages, you'll clearly see where I contributed my opinion on this question wherein I said yes, I believe there is a historical Jesus. I even referrenced Ehrman's position for some clarity. No man, I'm sorry, you're not correct at all. Nothing was angry about anything I said in this post. At no point even in the slightest did I ever authoriatively bash people who didn't share my view. I gave my opinion, provided some good soundbites to back it, and actually ended my post on a positive note by saying that these old tales, while likely untrue, are nice little keepsakes from human history that are fun to read and learn about. Nothing was mean-spirited at any point in my post, it wasn't irrelevant to the discussion, and your rather inaccurate assessment of my intentions here shows you to have a bias against me. There was no reason to read any anger or ill-intent into my post, but you did. So I could easily put it right back at you by saying your opinion is of no value when you assign feelings or emotions to something or someone that weren't there.
  8. Do you think he may have started off with his religiousity and it just influenced everything else from then on? It seems like that would have to be the reason why someone would hold those beliefs even after being exposed to, and excelling at, the best medical education available. Carson is way out there too. He says some things and believes some things that are beyond just tacit Christianity. His beliefs about the Giza pyramids, etc. he claims to have zoned out during his most important surgeries and "let god take over". Its just wow. This man is lucky he hasn't completely killed every patient he's ever operated on, much less be one of the most accomplished surgeons in the field.
  9. He debated Dawkins and Dennett alongside Francis Collins, to which Collins was on the side of Dawkins and Dennett on the evolution question obviously. To me, his convictions seem clear. He is truly a religious individual. One who cares about reason and reality simply does not become a politician and grotesquely espouse beliefs and views they don't hold. Carson's beliefs are beyond what most scientists and doctors who are religious. He commits the most obvious fallacies in his arguments against evolution and the big bang, showing a profound disconnect between a doctor who has been the only one in the field to successfully complete certain procedures, and a completely unlettered ignoramus. I don't get it. Am I the stupid one? Does he know things I don't know? Is it cognitive dissonance? what?
  10. Tampitump

    Ben Carson

    I wasn't for sure whether to put this in the politics forum or the religion forum. I suppose it has nothing to do with politics. This is a thing that has bothered me for quite some time now. How is it that someone like Ben Carson, one of the most distinguished and successful neurosurgeons in the world is a full blown religious person who does not believe in evolution? It boggles my mind. Normally, I would look at a scientist or distinguished doctor who is this overtly religious and science-denying and think "well, its okay, they're not very successful, and they're not very distinguished anyway," but this is not so for Ben Carson. Ben Carson is likely much more intelligent and much more accomplished than I'll ever be, and yet, so many things he thinks and believes are some of the most asinine and nonsensical bullshit I've ever heard anyone say. How is it that he can do what he has done whilst not believing in the biology that his profession is predicated on? I really need someone to give me a good, satisfying answer to this question or I think I will eventually go crazy.
  11. In my opinion, whether or not there was a historical Jesus is of little concern outside of possibly understanding anthropology, culture, history, or theology. If there were a historical Jesus, I would bet my life that he was the offspring of a human male and a human female having sex rather than parthenogenesis, that he possessed approximately zero supernatural powers, that he never suspended the laws of physics, and that he died without ever waking up again. I have literally ever single reason in the world to believe this is the case, and not a reason at all to believe otherwise. I would also like to point out that the mythological character known as Santa Claus, the jolly old fat boy who goes down millions of chimneys on Christmas eve and is transported by flying reindeer is also based on a historical person. There is a historical Santa Claus, the 4th-century Christian saint Saint Nicholas. Guess what? He possessed none of the supernatural powers that are attributed to the modern mythical incarnation of Santa Claus. These old myths of antiquity have little value outside of being nice little keepsakes from human history that are fun to learn about, and show the many ideas the human species evolved during the various stages of its understanding of the universe. That's just my opinion.
  12. I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't have one in there yet. All this program is supposed to do is take an angle between -90 and 90 (in degrees), convert it to radians, and provide sin, cos, and tan for that angle. It also has to have a feature that notifies the user when angle is invalid, so it has to validate the input. I really just want to get done with this thing and go to bed. Its been a long week, I'm tired, and its due in 2 hours.
  13. Here's what I've got so far. Maybe you can tell me where I'm way off point. Thanks for your help sensei. #define USE MATH DEFINES #include <iostream>; using namespace std; int main() { double angle; const double PI=3.14159; cout << "Finding sine, cosine, and tangent of angles. \n" // Have user enter an angle between -90 degrees and 90 degrees (measured in degrees, not radians) cout << "enter agnle:"; cin >> angle; return 0; }
  14. Actually, I do have a further question. How can I get it to validate the input of an angle, making sure it falls within -90 degrees and 90 degrees and notifying the user when the angle does not fall within these margins? Thanks.
  15. Well, just come right on over to the Tampitump camp and we'll fix you right up with some disrespectful attitude and misanthropy.
  16. No, I understand how to convert between the two, but it seems like the assignment is asking us to get the program to do it.
  17. I'm a novice in every conceivable sense of the word. I'm still trying to understand the differences in "int, float, double", and what they do, etc. I'll have to go bacl and read the e-text that goes along with my coarse, but I'm afraid I'll run out of time. My reasons for getting started so late is the unreal amount of calculus work and other tough classes I'm taking. This semester is hitting me like 12 tons of bricks.
  18. Right now I'm trying to make sense out of the requirements. C++ only recognizes angles in radians, but converting an angle in degrees is supposed to be part of our algorithm. This part confuses me.
  19. I've got nothing so far. I'm completely lost and floundering. I'll just have to figure it out. Thanks.
  20. I have a programming assignment in my C++ class that is due tomorrow and I'm pretty much lost. This assignment is actually a little bit ahead of where we are in our studies currently, and is a pretty difficult undertaking (at least for me): Here are the requirements: Develop an algorithm that will take an angle, measured in degrees, between ­-90° and +90° ( ­-90 < x < 90 ) and calculate the sin, cos and tan of the angle, and implement the algorithm in C++. Your program should validate the input for the angle, making sure it falls within the given range and notifying the user if it does not. Your angle and sin, cos, tan and all numbers should be doubles. The output should be formatted this way: Following the input, there should be a line of 40 asterisks then a table of outputs, then another line of 40 asterisks, with blank lines between the asterisks and outputs: **************************************** ^ ^Angle sin cos tan ±xx.xx^^^±x.xxxx^^^±x.xxxx^^^±x.xxxx ^ **************************************** The headings "Angle, sin," etc. are right justified over their columns. The angle is typed out with two decimal places. The sine, cosine & tangent have 4 decimal places and are right justified under their column headings. There are 3 spaces between the fields for each number. (If the outputs are too big or too small to fit in this format, don't worry about that.) For example, if the angle was ­65.5°, the output would be: **************************************** Angle sin cos tan ­65.50 ­0.9100 0.4147 ­2.1943 **************************************** Note that C++ expects angles to be given in radians. Your algorithm will need to convert that inputted angle from degrees to radians for the calculations. For full credit you need to use a "constant variable" for the value of pi &/or the value of the conversion factor between degrees and radians. I really need help on this. So if anyone here has good knowledge of C++ and good math skills, please help. THANKS!!!!!
  21. After three days off, I've had some time to reflect on my positions. I suppose that my position is based on a hypothetical slippery slope, and it is the concepts which I reject rather than the current effects of their practice. Even if I concede that there is no evidence for Negative effects of safe spaces, I still cannot bring myself to support the concept. I do not envision a reality wherein these things result in benefit to the free exchange of ideas, or even the overall benefit of minorities. But when you're trying to hang with the big boys in debate, its important to admit when your evidence reserves have run dry, so I'm here to make that admission.
  22. To be honest, I regret the moment I started pursuing knowledge and understanding. I feel like my life has only been more miserable for these past 5 or 6 years since I started this intellectual journey of seeking more education and understanding. Being ignorant is great. Life felt much funner, reassuring, and enjoyable when I was ignorant, religious, and carefree. Though, I'm not sure if I'm any wiser now than then, I at least have an understanding of how epistemology, skepticism, and evidence works, and my understanding of the universe is much closer to reality than it was back then. I look at all of my religious friends on facebook (which is 99% of them), and it is obvious that most of them have never once pondered anything deep for more than a few seconds in their life. They live in total rapturous, blissful ignorance, and I remember what that was like. It was great when reality was what you make it. Life was fun when you could walk into your church, have a hell of a good time, never think about the truth of anything you believed, and go about your life with your comforting delusions providing everything your simple, troglodydic brain needs. I'm not joking at all, I really do miss that. I would trade everything I've learned in the past 5 or 6 years to have that back.
  23. Yeah, I'm probably going to take my 2 years, community college, Associate of computer science degree and go home. Thanks for daring to address this Q though.
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