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  1. Also, it kills me that the female artists of today are more edgy and kick more ass than the male artists. Lady Gaga kicks ass, and is edgy as f*ck. Yet these little indie, hipster alternative rockers sound like they eat estrogen for breakfast every morning. What is this cancer of femininity vitiating rock and roll now? Get yourself a damn Marshall JCM800 half stack, crank that bitch up to 11, and ROCK N ROLL! God, I'm turning into a redneck again! lol Hell, a goodly portion of the newer hard rock bands are female-fronted. They have more balls than the bitchy men now. Lzzy Hale from Halestorm kicks major ass. What's her face from Paramore kicks major ass. The chick from Evanescence kicks ass. There are many more I know that are even newer. It just kills me. Where is the next good hard rock band that will take the world by storm? Am I going to have to form it myself?
  2. I'm glad you like it. These silly little artists like this need someone to like them. I feel bad for them that they will never be remembered 50-60 years from now, yet bands like The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Eagles, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains will still have their legendary legacies on top of the 30-50 year legacies they already have today, and people will still seek them out. I may like old music, but that's where its at as far as I'm concerned. I'm always open to new music, but the sound of most modern music is something I just have an intolerance to. I guess I'm an old soul in that regard. Oh well.
  3. I'm 25, so how does that fit with your prejudices? I happen to be quite accomplished musician (not that that has anything to do with it). I posted one of my own videos on here, but took it down for personal reasons. This stuff you posted has been empirically proven to be crap, just so you know. It objectively sucks. lol
  4. Oh boy...the possibilities of what I could say about this bit of music, about the artist, and about the state of rock music today would be such that I could generate enough dislikes on one post as to cancel my membership here. Boy that was some awful crap in that video and I never want to hear sounds like that coming from a male music artist again (or even female).
  5. Listening to just a few short seconds of this literally made my auditory cortex bleed.
  6. Don't like them. Not my musical cup of tea. In order for rock to be good, it must melt faces and kick ass. Mumford and Sons does neither of these things. Here's some real rock n roll
  7. Always liked the Krokus version of Ballroom Blitz. Its just adds the hair metal I crave into one of the coolest punk songs.
  8. if you'd heard "like Columbus" at the end every time, you'd have your answer. Lol
  9. I go back to the old faithful...switch the God of Abraham with Zeus or Thor and the conversation becomes clearly silly to just about anyone. Stick with the God of Abraham and people treat it as thought its a legit conversation to be having. Bertrand Russell pretty much made the case for atheism with his tea pot argument, and that's really where the discourse has to stop in my view. Beyond that you are just treading in empty space with absolutely NOTHING to go on.
  10. Yeah, but this guy knows the evidence. He obviously knows how science works if he made it past a Vanderbilt phd program. My theory so far is that the religion gets to people first. It gets there before the skepticism training does. It is conditioned into them at a very young age by parents and culture. I also think that we have this sort of prideful religion in the US that acts as sort of a peer pressure type thing that doesn't allow people to step outside of it. Most people probably think, "well, my friends believe it, my family believes it, and I haven't heard them say they don't believe it, so I guess I have to believe it." If more people like myself would come out, it would be easier. But the South is a different animal. I know there is ignorance everywhere in this world, but the South is the only region wherein the ignorance is very prideful in nature. The people here are proud of their insular, ignorant, and hidebound ways. I think southern culture evolved this way out of spite of the elitists of the North, because the North has always dominated the South. The South's resistance to progress and intellectualism is their way of sticking it to them. That's why the "n" word and Jesus will always be their favorite words, and why science and reason haven't a snowball's chance in hell with these people.
  11. My personal opinion is that you are still giving the guy WAAAAAAAAYYY too much credit with cognitive dissonance. I don't like to call people stupid, but I think Carson is just plain stupid on this topic. His logic is at a sub-human level and he seems entirely rudderless in his intellect and knowledge when speaking on this issue. He may do surgeries well and know the procedures like the back of his hand, but switch him from surgery to philosophy, theology, and the scientific method and he immediately starts dragging his knuckles and drooling. I know, its very interesting, and very common. Here's another one... Last week, I got an email out of the blue from one of my college professors (a Phd in particle physics from Vanderbilt University) personally inviting me to a private discussion with him and a group of other people on campus over intelligent design. I believe he sympathizes with the idea. I'm not sure what I'm in for with this guy. I mean, he outclasses me in every conceivable way in terms of education, intellect, and general knowledge, and by vast margins. It has left me mind-boggled. I know he's inviting me because of the discussion we had at his house back in September when he had a social event at his house. He's a very smart man with a profound scientific knowledge, so I'm not sure what there is science or philosophy-wise that I can say to refute his positions.
  12. FWIW, I did a pretty thorough overview of basic neuroscience in this post here http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/97552-books-on-neuroscience/?p=950071 In #5 on this list I explain neuroplasticity, neurogenesis (more in tune of what you're talking about here), and brain lateralization.
  13. I had the opposite thought and my beliefs were vindicated.
  14. Well, seriously disabled, if you are really about to embark upon two decades of incarceration, you definitely have my sympathies and best wishes. I hope this is not the case. You know, every single thing you have written here sounds remarkably, eerily like myself. I could have written just about every single thing you said here. My problems align with yours so well that its almost scary. What is more remarkable is how my thoughts of these issues align with your own. I have the exact same problems with people and with women. I always feel like I couldn't buy the friendship, love, respect, or admiration of another person. It seems like there is something inherently wrong with me that I cannot figure out, that I'm personally blind to, and cannot put my finger on, but I sense that it is there. People seem to treat me differently, to largely undermine me, dismiss me, ignore me, and ultimately write me off. People seem disinterested in forming friendships or relationships with me, or even having simple conversations with me. Yet everyone else in the world seems to form strong bonds and relationships with ease. I try to evaluate myself every day to determine why it is that people display this disposition towards me. More often than not I cannot fathom what it is I could possibly be doing wrong. I don't go into situations bent on proving anything or doing anything other than conversing and having a good time. I seem to be just as much at a loss for explanations and solutions as you are. I know what its like not to have anyone to vent to. So vent here all you want. Tell us exactly what is causing you pain, and use whatever means you have to to describe what you are going through. I'm not saying I/we can help you, but at least you can use this thread as a release.
  15. The reason I say this is because it sounds pretty sinister. Is he thinking about committing a crime? What are we to make of a statament like that?
  16. I grew up with a father who was a small plane pilot. The plane's pitot tube (instrument that measures airspeeed) had a device that covered it when in storage to prevent things like insects from getting into it. The cover was a little plug that went over the opening with a ribbon hanging from it that read "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT". Of course, I did not know how to read yet, and I thought the lettering on the ribbon was a warning to the insects telling them to stay out. As a kid, the way I thought this device worked was that the insects read the sign and knew to stay out of there.
  17. I know what seriously disabled is going through.
  18. Compared to other things you could do like drinking alcohol in excess or smoking excessively, where does vaping lie on that spectrum in terms of health risks?
  19. Yeah, I saw the snopes article. I've also read that cigarettes contain more diacetyl than vaping liquids. So is there really a risk for popcorn lung? I'm not aware of any confirmed cases of popcorn lung caused by vaping. Perhaps I'm just ignorant of them.
  20. I've heard and read from various sources that vaping was found to contain the chemical diacetyl which gives the vaping liquid its delicious buttery flavor. I've heard that this is linked to a condition known as "popcorn lung". This may be an old question that is either debunked or confirmed, but I just wanted to know what the smart folks here thought about it. Does using vaporizers cause a real threat to human health/life? Thanks.
  21. I know. It sucks.he loves America so much. And he's actually a smart person who understands the troubles we face morally and scientifically as a species. .
  22. I watched his lecture too. He also has a big show premiering on National Geographic Channel about it. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/mars/ Personally, I'm extremely dubious about it, but that doesn't decrease my hopes that it works. I generally want to see Elon succeed because I really like him. I'd fill him in on the ballot for president if Trump didn't scare the shit out of me so much. I honestly think we are at least 100 years from having a population of informed, intelligent people who are ready for this kind of thing. We may be even furtther away from it than that. Judging by the people in my neck of the woods, humanity's greatest heights are far from being achieved.
  23. I'm not sure where you got that number, but I'm positive you didn't get it from the rural bible belt areas. Its easily more like 1/8000 down here. I only know one person I went to high school with who is a free-thinker. The only other ones I know around here are not originally from here.
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