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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. This discussion is very hopelessness inducing and depressing for me. I have suffered concussion plenty of times. I am 31 years old now too. So basically there is no way for me(my brain) to regrow/repair them? Some stroke sufferers on the internet claim that they have made remarkable recovery by eating a healthy diet. Some say the paleo diet mixed with plenty of fresh, organic veggies and milk from grass-fed cows helps a lot. I know stroke and concussion are completely different things, but I wonder if us humans can induce neurogenesis simply by eating healthy? Even in the cerebrum?
  2. I have read that the brain, in some regions of the brain, like the hippocampus can repair itself and grow new neurons there. But does neurogenesis happen in the cerebrum? I have been beaten up and bullied my entire life, as a result, I fear I have lost many neurons due to repeated head traumas.
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