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  1. What is the general point of overlap between neuroscience and psychology? I'm currently taking my first psychology course, and the entire second module of this course seemed to be entirely neuroscience instead of psychology as it dealt with neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, somas, axons, dendrites, terminal buttons, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, brain lateralization, the central nervous system, the structures of the nervous system, the electrochemical processes of information transmission in neurons, etc. etc. etc. I understand psychology to be mostly concerned with behavior rather than delving into the physiology and morphology of the brain/nervous system, whereas neuroscience deals with just that. Can someone help me out in my understanding here?
  2. Welp, I failed my calculus midterm..... MISERABLY! Semester ruined.
  3. I didn't intend for this to be a support thread for me. I'm going to start respecting forum rules and trying to be a better member of this community.
  4. Ok, I think I've got the product, chain, quotient, and power rules down pat (at least their methodologies). I had some help from my school's online tutor service this morning and that was really helpful. Its pretty easy after you practice a few examples. There are some situations I have trouble with though. I will post some examples later. I have some work to get done for another class right now so I will check back in later.
  5. I really don't appreciate you googling me. Please don't do that. I don't think I need to be on the internet anymore. I've done enough to ruin any chances of good future job prospects anyway. My mouth gets me into trouble. I have no life and no friends. Nobody likes me. This much I know for sure. I have a bad personality and no people skills. I alienate anyone who could potentially be a friend or a loved one, and I don't even try to do it. I'm not sure. I often question my perception of reality, wondering if I'm not truly insane. I'v felt this way since I was a child. Piddling around on the internet, and just kind of screwing around, writing and talking to people is the only outlet I know of. Nothing else makes me feel better. The only thing I really, truly enjoy in life is eating. I love food. My lunch time and and eating times are very important to me. Eating is the only thing I really get true satisfaction and enjoyment out of. Other than that, This song is how I feel most of the time:
  6. Having the table doesn't guarantee I know how to use them. I'm not sure how to take the derivative of certain expressions. Like √(2u) or √(3u)
  7. Okay, thanks. I'm studying right now. I've done some studying today and it would appear that to solve most of these differentiation problems, I need to learn the various rules that are used to solve them (i.e. product rule, chain rule, power rule, quotient rule), and when to use these various methods. I think I've got the power rule down (i.e. the derivative of x^4 would be 4x^3), but there are some problems on here that seem a little trickier. I've also been told that there are shortcuts to differentiating which our professor has said we are about to get into in this course.
  8. Thanks. This is pretty much telling me to give up. There's not another major out there in which I understand the material or fundamentals any better than I do this one. Why would you go down the strong slippery slope of ruling out the possibility of me learning programming? Is it really out of the question? I know I said I couldn't learn it, but I was being negative and hyperbolic. Besides, I've already switched majors, from mechanical engineering to computer science. I just recently did this actually. I'm not switching majors.
  9. Its keeping me on the computer all the time. I'm doing poorly this semester because the subjects are too hard and I'd rather ignore them by messing around on the internet and being lazy than actually studying them. Its too far gone for me to play catch up on calculus and c++ now. The semester is more than half way over, midterms are tomorrow and Friday, and I haven't even began the first step in delving into the material. I haven't studied even the first little bit. I'll fail them both. Depression has destroyed my energy and motivation to lifetime lows these past few months since this semester started. I can't learn calculus, its too much. C++ is out of the question too. Pretty sad when computer science is my major.
  10. This forum only adds to my problems. Not being able to log in would deter me from coming here. If you must ban me, because it would keep my posts up and not ruin threads, then I can compromise for that.
  11. I was wondering if its possible for a mod to delete my account? I don't wish to be a member of this community anymore. If that is possible, I'd like to have it deleted please. Not banned. Thanks.
  12. Sam Harris popped into my mind exactly zero times while writing this. But I know you, like others, don't like me, so denigrating me is fun. I know I'm not smart (stupid actually), just say that if its what you feel. Don't pull your punches.
  13. Because when I say objective, I don't not mean that in the logical absolute sense. I mean that if human well-being is the metric, then religious opinions are often in direct violation of objective facts regarding human well-being. Religions can encourage racism, misogyny, slavery, xenophobia, tribalism, genocide, war, etc. When they fail to act accordingly with human well-being, then they are violating objective moral standards. If you don't agree that what is in the best interest of the well-being of humans and animals is the standard for morality, then I don't see what else could possibly be that standard. I'm sure none of us in here agree that appeasing a vindictive dictator like a god is a standard for ethics. And even if there were a god, his opinions on ethics would just be his opinions. I don't think it is correct to conflate moral opinions with the truth of relative morality. It may be your opinion that the fun of killing someone outweighs the horrors of their suffering, I'd say that your opinions regarding morality are objectively wrong, because they violate the only standard that, to my mind, could ever be conceived for morality. Therefore, I think moral-relativism is wrong-headed. I do think that theocracy of the sort we've seen from medieval Europe and the current theocracies of the middle east are objectively wrong, even if the women there do prefer to have their education rights deprived and to be forced to dress in full cloth bags. Even if they do like the fact that their word in court is worth half of a man's, and that they are not allowed to drive vehicles. They are objectively wrong in my view.
  14. I apologize studiot. I'm just a little scatter-brained. You kind of have to bear with me on these matters. I'm sure you are used to conversing with some very sharp and knowledgeable people here on this forum, so it might be the case that I test your patience a little more than others when it comes to maths. I usually have to flounder for a while before I start to understand. As I promised above, I have written down all of the problems on my test review, and here are all the problems arranged in their respective categories: Differentiate: y = 6e^x + 4/3√x (the last part is cube root of x) g(u) = √2u + √3u g(x) = 5e^x √x F(y) = (1/y^2 – 3/y^4) (y + 5y^3) y = x^3/1 - x^2 f(x) = ax + b/cx + d y = b cos t + t^2 sin t (with respect to t) y = 6 – sec x/tan x f(x) = log10 (x^7 + 8) f(x) + sin (x) ln (8x) G(y) = ln (4y + 1)^3/√(y^2 ÷ 1) Find the Derivative: F(x) = (x^4 + 9x^2 -7)^8 y = cos (a^9 + x^9) y = 9^(5 – x^2) g(x) = cosh (ln(x)) y = sin^-1 (4x + 1) Implicit Differentiation dy/dx: 4x^3 + x^2y + xy^3 = 2 y cos x = 3x^2 + 2y^2 Implicit Differentiation to find equation of tangent line to the curve: 5x^2 + xy + 5y^2 = 11, (1,1) (ellipse) Find equation of tangent line to the curve: y = 10x sin x, (π/2,5π) y = x^4 + 5x^2 – x, (1.5) Logarithmic Differentiation: y = √(x – 5/x^6 +4) y – (cos 8x)^x Linearization L(x): f(x) = x^4 + 6x^2, a = -1 f(x) = x^(2/3), a = 8 Find Numerical Value: Cosh 3 Cosh (ln3) Word Problems: Each side of a square is increasing at a rate of 8 cm/s. At what rate is the area of the square increasing when the area of the square is 49 cm^2? The radius of a sphere is increasing at a rate of 2 mm/s. How fast is the volume increasing when the diameter is 60mm? A plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 1 mi and a speed of 410 mi/h passes directly over a radar station. Find the rate at which the distance from the plane to the station is increasing when it is 2 mi away from the station. (round your answer to the nearest whole number.) I understand you guys cannot work all of these problems or address them all. I was hoping perhaps we could tackle a few (or several of them), at least identifying the concepts that need to be studied. I also posted them all so you could get a feel for the trends in concepts that are being used here and can better direct on what I need to focus my studies on. I appreciate all the help I can get, and all the help so far!
  15. Opinions on morality have nothing to do with what is objectively detrimental to human flourishing. Even if your position is correct, we should still live as though there is objective morality in my view. You seem to be advocating a sort of cultural-marxist version of moral-relativism that I think is totally wrong. There are some issues in which I don't feel I should impose my moral opinions on others (abortion is one of them), but I don't think you should look at other societies who, for instance, oppress women, and say "well, it works for them. That's 'their' morality, so its right by virtue of the fact that they think its moral." This is true, I think, even if the oppressed are desirous of their circumstances. We have instances like that happening in the world right now. It bothers me when someone wants to take that type of stance.
  16. So basically what I'm getting from it so far is that a limit is basically making a number so infinitely close to a point on a curve so that you can take a derivative from it and find the instantaneous slope of that point (or velocity in some cases)? Is this accurate? Please word it better than I did if you can. I really need this to click so I can visualize it.
  17. Never anything in particular. I listen mostly to older rock. I like 60s-early 90s mostly. Mainly 80s metal and 90s grunge. Alice in Chains Iron Maiden Extreme Ozzy Osbourne Kiss Aerosmith AC/DC Metallica Pantera Guns n Roses Motley Crue Van Halen Skid Row Queen The Doors The Beatles Elvis Presley And the list goes on.....
  18. I'm a miserable little shit. You just have to ignore me. It looks like most everyone did. I'm glad.
  19. Not a science poem, but here's one I wrote. It's called "Somber Life": These days are dreary as the very worst I've known Somber life, as if the faintest light not shone Sidewalk pavement gray to match the cloudy sky Paints of color only shows up black and white Heart's without a bottom, so what comes of it? Soul replaced with no more than an empty pit A quiet solipsistic world to promenade Make a move and never was there much ground made Tired and sleepy, lie in bed and never move Somber life, you live it, nothing much improves Singing, laughing, meaning, don't the least come true How can you love life when life does not love you?
  20. Yeah, I've read/watched coyne. I've also watched Harris' good explanations. Daniel Dennett's case for compatibalism seems very convoluted to me. I never hear what his point is. It is esoteric at best, and that's giving him more credit than I think is due. I don't think there is any case for compatibalism or libertarian free will. The determinists seem to have a much better, practical, and obvious case. I say this recognizing I could be wrong. But my big problem is thinking of scenarios that could relate to lay people. God you guys on this forum are such fucking pricks. Hold me to it. I'll never be back to this forum of assholes. Don't ever let me post here again. If I come back again, let me have it. Hold me to my promise. I'll never even go to this website again.
  21. Strange, you're the one who doesn't understand the subject, as evidenced by the fact that you think there are instances of no causality. Whatever the case, don't comment in this thread again. You have a personal bent and hostility towards me, and I wouldn't listen to a word you say even if you were right. I don't want your help, or your advice, okay buddy? Go fly a kite.
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