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    Movies, music (where shall I start ...), neuro-oncology (with special interests in gliomas), neurology and neurophysiology (with special interests in epilepsy and (problems of) consciousness), endocrinology (with special interests in fertility, andrology, and endocrinology of the adrenal cortex)
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    BSc in Medicine
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    Medicine: neurology, neurophysiology, endocrinology
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    2nd year graduate student - Master of Medicine

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  1. Passed my exams with quite disappointing results. Ah well. Used to it. I'll do an extra effort for the last exam period in January before my 1.5 years of internships.

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    2. studiot



      The advantages of being retired.

    3. StringJunky


      The only time I take an interest is this tournament.

    4. koti


      I watched the Belgium-Brazil game tonight, I decided I need to watch some games so if somebody asks me I don’t come across as weird.