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    No. That’d perhaps make it easier to accept, though
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    I am currently reading a paper about complexity. The author starts with a brief introduction to chaos. In the paper it's stated that chaos is defined by stretching and folding. The paper goes on to equate a baker crafting a croissant. The visualization of how two starting initial conditions can quickly diverge is clear in the example. I'm curious if this analogy goes further than just baking however. Can we equate the stretching of the dough to time and the folding of the dough to space? I appreciate any thoughts, and I apologize if direct links and quotes such as this are any type of misstep. Quoted Source: https://necsi.edu/chaos-complexity-and-entropy
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    For starters, I think we should agree on what money shouldn't be able to buy, and that may help us decide to live without it. Academic placement, political favor, and professional privilege (access to your doctor's private line, etc) are some of the areas where money does nothing but corrupt the system. After that, we have science to help us determine how to best use our resources. And we need to have a talk about what a basic life in a modern society should look like. We certainly shouldn't be paying all these taxes and then letting excessively wealthy people decide what to do with the money that's supposed to help all of us.
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    Actually it is very simple. Religions evolve. Acquires some parts from older religions, merges or splits, rejecting part of older religion. It helps to get new followers, converting believers of older religion to newer religion, if you combine part of older religion. After centuries, millennia, without traces of written word, you cannot distinguish what is merged and its origin, as the all written materials never really existed, were destroyed accidentally, or destroyed on purpose, to removed traces of older religion, or are hidden in the ruins of ancient buildings buried under the desert sand.. Remembering what I just said, analyze what religions were in ancient times on lands which are now known as Middle East. In some of them there were rituals of bloody sacrifices of people on the altar, tortured and/or killed, in the name of a god, to please him/her/it, appease to stop sending plagues, Earth Quakes, thunders, flooding, etc. etc. Look at story currently known as Binding of Isaac. In Isaac's time, Jews believed in completely different religions than 2000 years ago, and different than now. It is story showing transition of religion from older one, in which people were killing other people on altars, to religion in which it is forbidden. Instead of humans, they continued to give just animals and plants as sacrifice. In Christianity it was taken even further and the slaughter of animals on altars was also stopped (due to what you just said, it was "The Last Bloody Sacrifice"). It has been replaced by less violent, less cruel, more civilized, religious rituals.
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    It would be a startling coincidence if the Earth was 'captured' at just the right angle to align with the ecliptic plane. All solar system planets orbit in the same plane; the largest deviation is Mercury, at just 7 deg inclination. Most likely because they coalesced from the rotating plane of dust/gas during the solar system formation. Pluto, which is no longer considered a planet, was most likely captured, as it is a full 17 deg out of the ecliptic.
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