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  1. radon daughters ( i googled it) "ions that are decay products of radon. They are regarded as a potential health hazard by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because they tend to adhere to surfaces, such as the alveoli of the lungs, where they can cause ionizing radiation damage." I didn't get the reliable answers of how far away from high voltage powers is safe... is this website reliable ?
  2. how about the last one. Professor Henshaw, a physicist with the University of Bristol, found that if a person spent 10 per cent of his time close to power lines, he would be subjected to up to twice the acceptable level of radioactivity. His study linked power lines to leukaemia. Henshaw says they also cause skin cancer, lung cancer, depression and increased incidents of suicide. In other research carried out at Oxford University, it was discovered that children who had lived within 200m of high voltage lines at birth had a 70% higher risk of leukaemia than those 600 meters or more away.
  3. There are lines of high voltage powers standing in the middle of a park which is under construction . I don't understand why local government permits it ?? Besides park, there are around hundreds of thousands of people living near by. Is living near high voltage power a threat to people's health ? I did some research. this one is horrible. this one is controversial. which one is right ? who can give me a latest scientific answer ? thanks ! add more.
  4. so that ophthalmologist hyped ocumetics bionic lens. I feel i am fooled.
  5. Ophthalmologist claims ocumetics bionic lens to revolutionize vision correction. ...................... He told the audience that applying the lens would be a simple eight minute procedure—one where the lens is folded like a taco and placed inside a syringe, where it is then injected into the eye. He further claims that the bionic lens would give the recipient vision that is three times better than normal, regardless of how bad their vision was beforehand (a clock that looks fuzzy to a person beforehand from ten feet away, ................................. ................................... it sounds amazing ! is it real ?
  6. The poorer

    Who says Exception in the United States where everything is expensive (greed)? are you sure?
  7. How do you resist delicious junk food ?

    Is raw garlic? They are not toxic. Honey is not suitable for infant and 0-5 year old. why you say they are toxic?
  8. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    Thanks, I took your advice already.
  9. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    I dont like the way you speak. It is like you point your finger on me that I come here to push others to agree with me. I really don't like you. What are you mad at?
  10. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    Don't like the way you ask.
  11. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    I think he is horny. He is very much into pretty girls. He says he would get a UKrainian girl if he divorced. His wife is pretty too. We know UKrainian girls are very beautiful. i decide to keep distance from him.
  12. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    I feel the same way, including that video, with no context also, of a woman losing her bikini bottom in a wave pool.
  13. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    i feel it is sexual harassment,but i dont know how others feel. One friend says I am over sensitive, the other says no idea. Am I oversensitive ? Putting this online is for discussing. I want to know how others feel, and how to deal with it? that's all.
  14. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    he dare send to his male friends? even if he is unmarried,i still think it is unacceptable.
  15. is it deemed as sexual harassment ?

    consider he is married,he shouldn't do it. he crosses the bottom line. is that pic nice? what will happen if it is sent to a female colleague?