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  1. Mental retardation

    And? We're not discussing science. We're discussing ethics (or whatever). So what does one's credibility matter and how does one even have more credibility in ethics?
  2. Mental retardation

    To be fair, I agree 100% with Dimreeper in that you're not helping your case when citing this website. What does their support or dissent have to do with anything at all? What sort of citation or proof is that? It doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, I agree with you to a certain extent, especially since we found common ground in the discussion, but this part is meaningless.
  3. So, how long would it take the monkey to type out Hamlet?

    Yes, we were doing a literal mathematical calculation. But since you bring up the philosophy of probability: I've heard this type of argument before and it is 100% nonsensical to me. It is exactly like this: If you had a quintillion balls each numbered from 1 to quintillion, you picked one and commented ''Wow! What a coincidence that you picked that one since the odds of picking this exact one were 1 in quintillion. How remarkable!'' It is simply because every possibility has incredibly small odds of happening in scenarios such as these. Any possible way the earth and life or the universe might have turned up would have yielded unbelievably small odds of happening. The problem is you're considering the scenario which DID happen as special. What are the odds of there being a bird in this specific town in the world which was chased by humans and blown away by the wind which blew at this exact force and the bird ultimately got hit by a yellow Toyota truck with the exact X license plates at 2:36 PM on a Sunday of October, 2017.? The odds are practically impossibly small, yet it happened today. So how is that possible? Do you see the problem with this kind of logic?
  4. So, how long would it take the monkey to type out Hamlet?

    The confusing part is, it's not just him. A couple of people have made similar comments. It's baffling. I was actually wondering if he was just fucking with me. I don't think he quite understand what the purpose of a hypothetical mathematical problem is.
  5. So, how long would it take the monkey to type out Hamlet?

    Do you know what mathematics is? Because you seem to struggle with what a hypothetical mathematical problem is. Do you think I don't understand that a monkey doesn't have infinite time at its disposal? You seem to be mistaking me for a complete idiot. A monkey is a metaphor for true, unbiased mathematical randomness, something both you and I agree doesn't exist. Obviously. Randomness is a misunderstood term. It doesn't exist in its true form. It's only a measure of our ignorance. So we would give 50/50 odds of a coin landing either way, even though it has nothing to do with chance. We've even talked about this particular issue before and I've opened threads on it.
  6. Mental retardation

    Thank you. You've acknowledged and addressed what I was asking at last. I think you're actually right. I don't think you're right that it SHOULD be more offensive than other synonymous words, but it's the reason it IS.
  7. So, how long would it take the monkey to type out Hamlet?

    But if used an example which was purely random, then I wouldn't be using a metaphor at all, would I? Again, this is a mathematical problem, not a practical one. If someone asked you what were the odds of a random person rolling a 3 on a die, you would answer ''1 in 6'' and not ''well why is the person doing that? You should consider what are the chances of him being willing to participate in this? What of the very small odds that he dies before he completes the throw'' etc. etc. WTF already touched on what you are saying, but this is not what we are discussing. We were discussing mathematics.
  8. Mental retardation

    No, I don't. Why would I do that? I simply wish to tell the person he has low intelligence. I wouldn't say that to a disabled person, of course. What I want you to explain is why you would persecute the word ''retarded'' and not the words ''moron'' or ''idiot''? They all mean the same things. All of these used to be medical terms referring to mentally slow people? So why does the word ''retarded'' bear so much taboo and the other words don't? I've asked this many times throughout the thread, without proper answer. Why can I call someone an idiot and not a retard? Why isn't simply calling someone stupid insulting to the people of low intelligence? This is contradictory to me. This isn't an attack, it's just a logical question.
  9. Mental retardation

    Yes, he's being contradictory, as I've pointed out. He has mentioned both cases. That's why I asked what we are talking about exactly. But I think it's logical to conclude we are not talking about the case you're talking about. Everyone on this forum will agree that one shouldn't insult mentally challenged people on that basis alone. Everyone agrees with that so it's not an issue. His OP suggests otherwise.
  10. Axioms, definitions, and 0.999...=1

    I think, by using his logic, I could write down the number 0.000...01 which is lesser than his 0.000...1 number! I am not breaking any rules he isn't. If he can put a 1 at the ''end'' of the infinite sequence, why can't I put 01? I know neither of these numbers are valid, but it just further demonstrates why this concept is invalid.
  11. Mental retardation

    You are wrong. Re-read the OP. He mentiones (and quotes) several members of the forum using the word retarded. None of the examples were directed towards a mentally challenged person. Hence, you are missing the point.
  12. Mental retardation

    You agreed that this isn't right. I want to know the why, not the ''are enough people offended by this''. You're missing the point. Is calling challenged people retarded the topic or is calling unchallenged people retarded the topic? Because I'm talking about the latter. Obviously, you shouldn't demean challenged people; no one will disagree with that.
  13. Mental retardation

    Why would it be? I want a straightforward answer to my question. ''Because people say so'' isn't a real answer. All I can see here is ''some people were insulting my challenged relative by calling him retarded''. Obviously, it is not OK to insult mentally challenged people like that. This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about calling random people ''retarded'' vs. stupid or idiotic. What is the difference? Why is the former insulting and the latter isn't. I assumed that's what we were talking about. Because if you're talking about insulting actual challenged people, then everyone will agree with you. But if you want to call someone retarded or an idiot, you want to insult them. If you're talking about other people being offended by your usage of the word, then, again, I point to the word ''idiot''. Why wouldn't they be offended by it? You see, that's another thing I've been asking the mods and they haven't replied. It's actually very similar to what we're talking about here. You've alluded that this person is stupid. If you had outright called him stupid, you would have (possibly) been given a warning. It's the same scenario. The intention is the same, only you haven't used the ''forbidden word'' - stupid. This doesn't make sense to me either. I've seen plenty of people get away with it when they play around with words a bit, yet they mean to insult. It is paradoxical. BTW, I don't have anything against you, I just want to talk about this from a technical perspective. Does this make sense to you? I have read your post and I personally haven't found anything which I've found to address the last few posts. Just to make sure, I've read it twice now.
  14. Mental retardation

    Yes, that's what I'm saying. I don't see the logic behind it. I would like to hear the justification from the people who think it's unnaceptable.
  15. Mental retardation

    I don't really see your point. As far as I can tell, you're saying that the word ''idiot'' usually isn't meant to have the original meaning of the word. It's simply a means to say that someone is being stupid. I get that. The same way that ''retarded'' is also usually not used in the technical form of the word. So I ask, why does no one jump at being called an idiot and they do at being called a retard? They have the same colloquial meaning and (pretty much) the same technical meaning.