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Any torrent client will do?


Note that it may be illegal in your country to download or upload. Many clients also upload the music you just downloaded (actually while you download).

In some countries, uploading is illegal, but downloading is not. It's not always possible to turn off the upload (depends on the client).


With the iTunes store as a cashcow for Apple, I really doubt that there is a lot of many Mac software allowing free music downloads.

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what exactly is a torrent client ?


and instead of specifically, does anyone know any website where you can simply download music free without needing to subscribe or anything...


or what is the best site around at the moment for this..

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If you don't know what a torrent client is do not search on the term and find/use one with out beefing up all your security measures.


If you want to download specific music by chosen artists then there probably isn't a legal way to do this; whilst some artists put their work on the net for free most require some form of remuneration for their efforts. If you are really strapped for cash - yet want to listen to varied music then can I suggest internet radio and where it is broadcast analogue or DAB radio. For a specific artist you can try their myspace page/website if they have one - that will often have a few track that will stream. There is also spotify - but I am not sure if that still works.

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c'mon man, who can't afford a song at 99 cents


I can afford 99 cents for a song I like, and that I might listen often - no problem.

I cannot afford 99 cents for a song that isn't really my taste, and that I might listen only a few times in my life.

I cannot afford 99 cents for a song that's just funny, but after listening to it once, the joke gets old.

And I certainly cannot afford 99 cents for a song that I dislike after listening only half the song.


Unfortunately for the music industry, 99 out of 100 songs on my computer fall into the latter 3 categories, and are NOT worth 99 cents. Maybe just 1 cent, not more. Some songs are barely worth their storage space on the harddisk... and if I would run out of space, I would consider deleting those before buying a new harddisk.


So, no, as far as I'm concerned, I cannot afford 99 cents for the majority of my music collection.


p.s. Downloading is still legal in the Netherlands (uploading isn't though), so don't bother lecturing me about me being a criminal. I know the law.

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So in torrent lingo the Netherlands are the "Leechers" of the world? ;-D

I don't know... there are no official numbers about this. The music industry continuously spams us (through the media) about lost revenues... but those numbers are obviously useless for reasons I've explained 2 posts above.


And I also think that many people in the Netherlands do not know the law, or might just ignore it, thinking that breaking this particular law might have no consequences. At least I haven't heard of any case where someone was punished in any way for uploading anything.

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Go to Playlist.com and add whatever songs you want. you can then upload that to your computer if you mildly tech savy.


to get the raw mp3 files beemp3.com is still the best around.

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