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  1. Well, at grooveshark, you can listen to music through online streaming
  2. Not if they were genetically modified chiwawas, with enchanced speed and reaction time. Also increased muscle density so that maybe they can actually make the tiger feel something...
  3. I think it's time to figure out how to fuse fusion

    1. rktpro


      Don't we already know how to slow it down?

  4. Well, I've been thinking recently about the fact that I was always told that glass was a supercooled liquid. So I went online to do some research of my own and turned up with a conclusion that people still have no clue what glass really is. Also, all these terms like glass transition and some things about transistion phases. I'd really like some help in clearing up the mess about glass, and some explainantions. And maybe some conclusions and opinions of yours. Thanks guys.
  5. The problem is that there is information on the USB that I need, so I cannot format the drive.
  6. I think that even though the bird's bones are hollow, the red blood cells are still produced there. There actually still is bone marrow in birds however it takes up less space than it would in most mammals and there are air pockets so that the bird is light enough to fly.
  7. Ok hey guys, I have a USB device that was working fine about a day ago and suddenly it begins to malfunction. On many computers that I have plugged it into before it installs the driver software again and stranger it installs this USB 30X Drive software at the same time. I have no idea what it is but The moment that had started it began to fail, I have a feeling it may be a virus but I'm not sure. However, the computer recognises that my USB has been plugged in but all it says is Removable Disc (E:); and when I click on it, it says that I have to insert a disc in to that drive. Also on every computer I have plugged it into, it registers as the E: drive. Anyone have any ideas on what is happening, or is my USB just falling apart. Btw. I also have another USB that I know works perfectly but the connector thing has been damaged and cannot be jacked into the computer. Is there any way to get the data off it?
  8. It's not denial, I'm just selective about the reality I accept - Calvin

    1. Incendia


      That sir, is denial of denial...

    2. Inquisitive Stone

      Inquisitive Stone

      Isn't that the idea?

  9. This website explains it a bit more, the part you are looking for is around the middle. http://www2.estrellamountain.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/BioBookPS.html
  10. Yeah NASA did a experiment a couple years back to see whether different coloured light affected the absorption of photosynthesis. It was basically to testing to maximise growing crops in space, to minimise the space taken up by crops but to maximise the yield. The article is here: http://www.digikey.com/us/en/techzone/lighting/resources/articles/NASA_tests_LEDs.html
  11. If IR could be used, wouldn't it spark an energy boom? Since IR is present everywhere?
  12. Ok so those of you familiar with the edexcel GCSE exam board, we have to do these assessed practicals, and the one I'm going to do in biology is apparently one that has never worked, in all the years that it has been around apparently even the exam board couldn't make it work when they went on a conference in Malaysia. The experiment is as described below: The aim of the experiment is to find out how temperature affects aerobic respiration. So the method in which we are going to test this will be using mealworms (the exam boards idea). Basically we are going to take the mealworms and place them into different beakers. So basically I think it would be about 5 meal worms to a beaker. Then we would place the beakers in several water baths ranging from 10degrees to maybe 80degrees, depends on how many we can get (at 10degree intervals). The idea then is to measure the amount of respiration by sealing up the beaker. Then inserting capillary tubes into the sealed beaker. The capillary tubes were preprepared with ink in them so that we can measure the rate of respiration in each of the beakers. Okay so assuming that 40degrees is the optimum temperature, then the ink in the capillary tube for the beaker will have moved the most. But for some reason it doesn't work. (The exam board decided to stick with this dumb experiment even after THEY tested it and still failed. So does anyone have any clues on what went wrong, any thoughts?
  13. Apparently nothing happens, why would anything? Copper is less reactive than Sodium which is in sodium chloride, so it won't displace it.
  14. For me I have to find the perfect balance between personality and looks, Noone has really appeared to me yet.
  15. Nah... I dont think I'm either of those. I just thought up of it because its one of those paradoxes that just pop into my head.
  16. Say, if you went back in time and changed something. Like for example, you went back to the day that you decided indefinetly that you were going to be an engineer, but then you go back and make your past self change his/her mind. Wouldn't you disapear as you made your past self decide not to be an engineer, then you wouldn't be there because that choice would lead to many different choices. Also, if you were to show yourself to your past self, what would happen??
  17. Have you guys read the series Maximum Ride by James Patterson? So if what you guys are saying about how wings have to huge for us humans and needs to be combined with more than one kind of DNA then the theory in that book about having 2% avian genes is all rubbish?
  18. Does the after image of an object linger after it has been accelerated past the event horizon? If yes, then can u please explain. Does time bend? Does Newton's laws affect any thing and how does the black hole enventually explode. Then where does the matter that has been sucked in go? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOh, theorys are also welcome.
  19. If you use heroine, you increase the probability of getting AIDS.
  20. The string theory is interesting, if it is true, how do we prove it. How many dimensions are out there.
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