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  1. The source of morality for everyone according to atheists is evolutionary psychology. "We are survival machines -- robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes" - Richard Dawkins. The source of morality for theists according to theists is the divine Logos. "All this is for habitation by the Lord, whatsoever is individual universe of movement in the universal motion. By that renounced thou shouldst enjoy; lust not after any man's possession." (Isha Upanishad, verse 1) "Doing verily works in this world one should wish to live a hundred years. Thus it is in thee and not otherwise than this; action cleaves not to a man."(Isha Upanishad, verse 2) Which philosophy is the most reasonable and the best one to base your life upon? Surely the one which the evidence favours, who likes to end up on the wrong side. Having lived my life based on both kind of philosophies I think neither the theists nor the atheists take their own philosophies seriously. The majority of the theists are possessive and no matter how much atheists say that they are moral they need to accept the fact of nature that their every action has a selfish component associated with it if we take their philosophy of life seriously. I really don't think the majority of the atheists and theists think about these things in depth and then try to implement this in their way of conduct and living respectively, they are just too busy with their lives and are carried away along with time. Jesus ben Sira, writing about 190 B.C. puts it quite bluntly, when he says: "The wisdom of the wise depends on the opportunity of leisure; and he who has little business may become wise. How can he become wise who handles the plow, and who glories in the shaft of a goad, who drives oxen and is occupied with their work, and whose talk is about bulls? He sets his heart on plowing furrows, and he is careful about fodder for the heifers. So too is every craftsman and master workman who labours by night as well as by day; those who cut the signets of seals, each is diligent in making a great variety; he sets his heart on painting a lifelike image, and he is careful to finish his work. So. too is the smith sitting by the anvil, intent upon his handiwork in iron; the breath of the fire melts his flesh, and he wastes away in the heat of the furnace; he inclines his ear to the sound of the hammer, and his eyes are upon the pattern of the object. He sets his heart on finishing his handiwork, and he is careful to complete its decoration. So too is the potter sitting at his work and turning the wheel with his feet; he is always deeply concerned over his work, and all his output is by number. He moulds the clay with his arm and makes it pliable with his feet; he sets his heart to finish the glazing, and he is careful to clean the furnace. All these rely upon their hands, and each is skilful in his own work. Without them a city cannot be established, and men can neither sojourn nor live there. Yet they are not sought out for the council of the people, nor do they attain eminence in the public assembly. They do not sit in the judge's seat, nor do they understand the sentence of judgment; they cannot expound discipline or judgment, and they are not found using proverbs. But they keep stable the fabric of the world, and their prayer is the practice of their trade. On the other hand he who devotes himself to the study of the law of the Most High will seek out the wisdom of the ancients, and will be concerned with prophecies; he will preserve the discourse of notable men and penetrate the subtleties of parables; he will seek out the hidden meanings of proverbs and be at home with the obscurities of parables. He will serve among great men and appear before rulers; he will travd through the lands of foreign nations, for he tests the good and evil among men." (Ecclus. xxxviii. 24-xxxix. 5) Why do theists and atheists neither seriously follow their philosophies nor allow anyone to follow one of those extreme philosophical way of life because both of the views disturbs the very fabric upon which the society is built and people doesn't want that fabric to be destroyed because everything what they thought as true is no longer the truth. The truth is bitter and we need to start swallowing it.
  2. Based on the Cell and Molecular Biology textbook I have tight junctions are specialized regions whose main function is to maintain a different environment between the inter-cellular space than that environment which exists outside that tissue i.e. only certain bio-molecules can enter into the cell and exit out of the cell with in a tissue and Desmosomes are of two types Spot and Belt Desomosomes and their main function is cell adhesion.
  3. I did not admitted that. All of Buddhism including the Four Noble Truths is encompassed in the Atiyoga/Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Repeating the same thing again and again is simply a waste of time, it only displays your ignorance on the subject. As I promised secular Buddhists have no future and their views will be corrected by scholars and its a waste of time arguing with them. Dzogchen Rinpoche (2007: p. 89) holds that: "When we study and practice the so-called lower and higher yanas, we might hear that the most sublime, or the pinnacle of all teachings are those of dzogchen, and this is true. The "lower" yanas of the shravaka and bodhisattva paths, the "higher" paths of the tantras, and the "pinnacle" path of dzogchen are distinguished from one another in this way. This gradation shows the various ways in which it is appropriate for beings of differing propensities to proceed upon the path. Ideally, a practitioner proceeds from the lower levels of practice to the higher levels, and then to the summit. This does not mean that the lower levels of practice are to be disparaged or ignored. We should not focus on the higher paths at the expense of the lower paths..." You have been badly misinformed as the above quote from a Tibetan Buddhist explicitly says.
  4. The higher schools of Buddhism see Buddha as a living person in the eternal realm and that slams secular Buddhism explicitly. So please go and find a different religion, you cannot justify your distorted visions and yet maintain that we hold the correct version of Buddhism. The Vajrayana tradition or the Nyingma culminates all the teachings of Buddha and hence it is called as the path of perfection. What you're doing at best is cherry picking, so secular Buddhists please don't interfere into issues which you have got no idea and stop distorting the teachings of Buddhism, you guys just cannot define Buddhism the way you want leaving aside important teachings and just get away like that. "My father is the intrinsic awareness, Samantabhadra (Sanskrit; Tib. ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ). My mother is the ultimate sphere of reality, Samantabhadri (Sanskrit; Tib. ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་མོ). I belong to the caste of non-duality of the sphere of awareness. My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born. I am from the unborn sphere of all phenomena. I act in the way of the Buddhas of the three times." - Padmasambhava This is Tibetan Buddhism, do you know who Samantabhadra amd Samantabhadri is? You might just go on to say that Padmasambhava, the second Buddha was not a Buddhist. He explicitly slams the view of secular Buddhists straight out. Hello, cherry picker. Welcome to Buddhism.
  5. Nope, they are the only one's who have preserved the soul of Buddhism and they revere Buddha more than the secular slayers of Buddhism. There is a word for those who reject Buddhist Cosmology, hypocrites or cherry pickers. Do you know what Tibetan Buddhists believe in? Really, you just don't and you have got no idea.
  6. LoL, the western Buddhists and orthodox Christians are infants when compared to the wisdom and understanding of traditional eastern Buddhists and the early Christians. Yes, the secular Buddhists are under a deep illusion and they claim they know more about Buddhism than the locals? LoL. No one laughs at them more than we do.
  7. That's a view known as Hinayana meaning the lower school, you are ignorant of the higher schools of Buddhism. Who told that's what Christian cosmology is? Only psychic Christians who interpret the Bible too literally accept such a cosmology. The psychic Christians will not receive anything. "Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing." (Gospel of Philip) The early pneumatic Christians believed in the Pleroma and this is the cosmogony of Christians and hence if anyone wants to call himself a pneumatic Christian he or she need to accept this Christian cosmology. My views are consistent and I'm ain't guilty of anything.
  8. The Pali canon is not the only source of Buddhism, what about the Mahayana Sutras and the Vajrayana Tantras which was taught by the eternal Buddha, you might just go on to say that Mahayana Buddhists are not Buddhists at all. LOL, you're a cherry picker aren't you?
  9. My argument is quite simple actually a Buddhist must adhere himself to the Buddhist cosmology and anyone who doesn't adhere himself or accept this cosmology is not a Buddhist. You cannot call yourself a Buddhist and define your distorted vision of Buddhism like this--> "Karma, at least in Buddhism, is defined as the results of actions taken by volition - nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps you were thinking of karma as a mystic force?" It is a false pretence, you claim to be one thing and preach something else entirely, the correct word is hypocrite and that's what should have been attributed to you but it goes against the rules of this forum and hence I am avoiding it. 2.1 Vertical cosmology 2.1.1 Formless Realm (Ārūpyadhātu) 2.1.2 Form Realm (Rūpadhātu) Pure Abodes Bṛhatphala worlds Śubhakṛtsna worlds Ābhāsvara worlds Brahmā worlds 2.1.3 Desire Realm (Kāmadhātu) Heavens Worlds of Sumeru Earthly realms Hells (Narakas) Cold Narakas Hot Narakas According to Buddhism, a human being can be reborn in any of these different realms or worlds based on his fruits of Karma, the historical Buddha himself recalled his memories of past lives and one can find all his previous past lives recordings in the Jatakas. He had 357 past lives as a human, 66 as a god and 123 as an animal. Hence anyone can see how distorted and ignorant your distorted definition of Buddhism was. Its very clear from your posts here that you do not accept this cosmogony of Buddhism and like to pretend that you're a Buddhist by making your own views of Buddhism which openly contradicts with the teachings of Buddha. Do you realize how deluded and how rude you were when you said that it is you who is right and it is me who is misrepresenting Buddhism? Great, isn't it? Your posts very well reveal the level of understanding you are at and you claim you have secret teachings from Buddha? Do you think I am a fool to believe that? No one has hidden any teachings from anyone, one's mind and body should be prepared before entering tantric Buddhism such as Guhyagarbha tantra, you can first test a Tibetan Buddhist and then he will test you to see whether you're prepared enough to receive such teachings or not and in this way in the past the knowledge was passed on orally from one person to another with in a tradition. Without taking that hard path don't continue to argue that Buddha did not taught these things or followed it and argue that your distorted visions of Buddhism is the correct one. Then you need to read more about Buddhism. Terma (Buddhism) I very well know how to make this world a better place and what humanity or mankind needs the most. All the current problems of mankind is because it has lost its dharma, the Logos, the divine principle, the truth and the only way to establish it or rediscover it is by becoming Christ or attaining Buddha nature. That's the true message of all the religions of the world that there is a divinity that's worth thinking about and man should conduct himself based on this divine principle without coveting anything of this world. I need to do it, not to bring down Christianity but to bring down the atheism that has crept over this world. You have got no idea to what extent I can defend my views on Christianity and I think no religion has explicitly expressed their discovered truths of nature in the form of beautiful myths as the early Christians and I find some of their terminologies very useful to convey the view of the world that I have in my mind and hence I will defend it and why shouldn't I when all the evidence is on my side. Defending early Christianity is more important for me than defending the Vedas.
  10. Yes, its a false pretence for you claim you're a Buddhist and what you're doing is slaying Buddha by defining your own flawed definition of Buddhism for the rest of us. I very well know who comes to Christianity and Buddhism for other reasons and who comes to become Christ and to attain Buddha nature. Vajrayana is based on esoteric teachings of Buddha and hence it was kept secret and was passed on orally, just because it was not written down doesn't mean the historical Buddha did not taught those teachings. "According to this view, there were three "turnings of the wheel of dharma". In the first turning Shakyamuni Buddha taught the dharma as the Four Noble Truths at Varanasi which led to the Hinayana schools, of which only the Theravada remains today. In the second turning the Perfection of Wisdom sutras were taught at Vulture's Peak and led to the Mahayana schools. The teachings which constituted the third turning of the wheel of dharma were taught at Shravasti and expounded that all beings have Buddha-nature. This third turning is described as having led to the Vajrayana. The Vajrayana subscribes to the two truths doctrine of conventional and ultimate truths. Experiencing ultimate truth is the purpose of all the various tantric techniques practiced in the Vajrayana." Even to this day the teachings of Vajrayana are kept secret and can only be attained by going through a series of initiations. That's your misconception. Question: Who taught these teachings and where were they first revealed? Were they from the historical Buddha or from the Tibetan tradition? Rinpoche: These are Tibetan teachings, but the source of these teachings is found in the tantras. In the tantras you can find the 42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities. You can’t find this complete teaching in the tantra though, but you can recognize deities in specific tantras and know about what is held in the hands and all contents of this teaching. That was taught by the Buddha. - Twelve days of Bardo, Rinpoche. Jesus Christ taught esoteric teachings to a selected few, Buddha taught esoteric teachings to a selected few, the Brahmin priests have esoteric teachings which the outside mass doesn't know. The majority of the so called Hindus, Christians and Buddhists do not follow the teachings of their religions and that's no shocking news and that can never be an excuse for your wrong misconceptions of Buddhism. It was not locked based on any merit, it was locked because it shattered their preconceived notions of Buddhism and instead of taking the hardest path and investigating my claims they took the easy path as it is always the case with people and went on with their false preconceived notions of Buddhism. You need to stop there for just a second and realize that it is you who need to change. Why do I give up the gifts that God has given me and come and surrender myself back to the days of my ignorance? I have gone passed all your exoteric levels and I am not foolish to come back to that lower level of understanding at which you are. Do you have a valid genuine reason as to why I need to change? Very nice, you are wasting my time and you are wasting the time of atheists. I have nothing personal against you, I am not pinpointing only at you, as we know its a problem with the majority. It just happens that you're in line with the point of my criticism.
  11. You're an hypocrite, I am telling you its not too late either find yourself an another religion or just be an atheist, there is nothing wrong with it but please don't distort the doctrines of Buddhism. http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/english/Natsok/0010_Teaching_English/Teaching_English_0074.htm If you don't know what happens between the time after your death and your next rebirth then read the above teachings of bardo, saying that there is no mystic force is off the mark by a long way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And an another one says one needs to study Buddhism in order to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, that's the most cunning way of falsely converting people into other religions I have ever seen, Buddhism has 100 peaceful and wrathful deities and will orthodox Christians accept those deities without abiding to the Ten commandments, its silly to say that Christians need to study Buddhism in order to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ. Let Christians worship and follow Christ and let Buddhists worship and follow Buddha, the road to divine fullness exist in both of these religions independently and if people follow that without being hypocrites then that's more than enough.
  12. No, science has affirmed that its right. That's an old myth, people in the educated masses both religious and non-religious knew that the earth was spherical. What happened to Galileo was unfortunate. "Christopher Columbus's efforts to obtain support for his voyages were not hampered by a European belief in a flat Earth. Sailors and navigators of the time knew that the Earth was roughly spherical, but (correctly) disagreed with Columbus's estimate of the distance to India, which was approximately one-sixth of the actual distance. If the Americas did not exist, and had Columbus continued to India, he would have run out of supplies before reaching it at the rate he was traveling. Without the ability to determine longitude at sea, he wouldn't have learned that his estimate was an error in time to return. Many of the educated classes believed the Earth was spherical since the works of the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle.[13][14] Eratosthenesmade an accurate estimate of the Earth's diameter in approximately 240 BCE.[15][16][17] See also Myth of the Flat Earth."
  13. I think the OP is talking about this. Mathametical Universe hypothesis In physics and cosmology, the mathematical universe hypothesis (MUH), also known as the Ultimate Ensemble, is a speculative "theory of everything" (TOE) proposed by the theoretical physicist, Max Tegmark Definition of the EnsembleJürgen Schmidhuber [6] argues that "Although Tegmark suggests that '... all mathematical structures are a priori given equal statistical weight', there is no way of assigning equal nonvanishing probability to all (infinitely many) mathematical structures". Schmidhuber puts forward a more restricted ensemble which admits only universe representations describable by constructive mathematics, that is, computer programs. He explicitly includes universe representations describable by non-halting programs whose output bits converge after finite time, although the convergence time itself may not be predictable by a halting program, due to Kurt Gödel's limitations.[7] In response, Tegmark notes [2] (sec. V.E) that the measure over all universes has not yet been constructed for the String theory landscape either, so this should not be regarded as a "show-stopper" http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_realism#Platonism Some mathemeticians and physicists are Platonists,[3] for instance Max Tegmark and Roger Penrose.[4] Yet today's Platonists usually view entities within the visible world as real, and simply regard universal abstractions like numbers, sets, propositions, and geometry as corresponding to real and timeless entities that also exist, though pure Platonists regard only the Forms or their realm as real.[5] By way of string theory and the holographic principle, some physicists conjecture that Plato's allegory of the cave approximates the natural world's structure. Tegmark, who regards only the mathematical structure of the universe as real, has been called a radical Platonist.
  14. This is a much better one. http://people.uncw.edu/moyerc/QMTools/home.htm
  15. A simple google search reveals that it was published. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0375960100006125 That paper was not cited to offer support for the view that consciousness plays a role in wavefunction collapse, it was cited to refute your claim that any environmental decoherence collapses the wavefunction.
  16. Nope, even when all the environmental interactions and decoherence is taken into account the measurement problem cannot be avoided and it is inescapable. A General argument against the universal validity of the superposition principle. "As we have already mentioned, in this paper we will consider a completely general and realistic model for the measurement process, and we will show that superpositions of different macroscopic configurations of macro–objects cannot be avoided within a strict quantum mechanical scheme. Correspondingly, the appearence of macroscopic situations which are incompatible with our definite perceptions about the objects of our experience is inescapable. This “empasse” can only be eliminated either by adopting a precise and unambiguous interpretation which differs from the orthodox one, or by modifying the theory itself." Either the wavefunction is not all there is or the wavefunction is incorrect.
  17. A non-linear collapse of the wavefunction happens exactly when a conscious being enters the picture which is in contradictory to the linear evolution of the Schroedinger's wavefunction and this non-linear process is still a mystery and that's a fact not a opinion. Of course the alphabets matters, it proves that a tradition worshipping a God had figured out the truth about this universe 5000 years ago which modern science has barely scratched the surface and has affirmed that these traditions were right about their claims in this 21st century world and might go on to give insights to science and it is neurobiologists who have collaborated with Tibetan Buddhists to unravel the mystery of consciousness and religion is already correcting science which some of them here have arrogantly term them goat herders openly showing their ignorance, no one laughs at them more than we do. Yet one can easily see that my theory is supported by facts established from experiments, scholarly evidence, arguments from mathematicians, psychology etc and the latter theory of fairies is made up bullshit nonsense. One can easily see who is deluded, I rest my case here.
  18. Wigner might be dead but his friend his alive to prove you wrong. Even Einstein was not alive to see that he was wrong about QM and Wigner is not here to see the triumph of his theories. “[The reduction of the wave packet] takes place whenever the result of an observation enters the consciousness of the observer – or, to be even more painfully precise, my consciousness, since I am the only observer, all other people being only subjects of my observations. … The measurement is not completed until its result enters our consciousness. This last step occurs when a correlation is established between the state of the last measuring apparatus and something which directly affects our consciousness. This last step is, at the present state of our knowledge, shrouded in mystery and no explanation has been given for it so far in terms of quantum mechanics, or in terms of any other theory.” "If one observer describes another observer who observes something like a von Neumann chain and if the first observer describes this whole process in the terminology of quantum mechanics, he will end up with ascribing a superposition of different states of consciousness to the second observer. Wigner avoids this paradox by maintaining that quantum theory does not apply to consciousness so that there are no superpositions of different states of consciousness. A state reduction occurs at the level of the friend’s consciousness." - Wigner Consciousness is non-material and substance dualism is true and a Nous exists separate from the brain. “Plato’s ideas do not belong to space-time but they exist independently of the human mind and are the cause of phenomena. This is why, when we talk of Plato, we sometimes talk of the realism of essences. In this sense (a distant independent reality, probably not situated in time and space-time), it is difficult for the philosophical realism of a physicist to avoid being a little bit Platonist. Bohm himself, previously a standard bearer of the “materialist” physicists, even says now that perceived objects are only projections of what exists.” - Bernard D'Espagnat Gee, Bernard knows the simple fact which Penrose, a proponent of Platonism doesn't know, the fact that Plato's ideas do not belong to space-time but they exist independently of the human mind and are the cause of the phenomena. When I said the same thing based on my studies on pagan mystery religions no one is willing to believe, anyone who has studied the pagan mystery religions knows that Plato's ideas do not belong to space-time and hence if Penrose thinks that the foundations of mathematics cannot be understood absent the Platonic view and if he says that he is sympathetic to the Platonic view that mathematical objects have an eternal existence on its own separate from humans then why the heck he is trying to distort Platonism and searching for Platonic values in the microtubules of the brain. A simple truth which no one see it. And our ancients figured out this 5000 years ago. The Veiled Reality of Bernard is in support of our religion and you might not consider the great philosophical traditions of the east however we are not blind and we can see the truth and we will continue to investigate it. Its the death of scientific realism as we say. Drik Drishya Viveka - The correct discrimination between the Seer(Drik) and the Seen(Drishya), the observer and the observed. An inquiry into the nature of the Seer and the Seen. Again I ask which one of your oral traditions of tooth fairy, FSM etc figured out this esoteric secrets 5000 years ago? There is none more deluded than the persons who equate God with FSM, a false analogy. You guys have underestimated religion and no matter how many times I say this you guys will never accept these facts of nature and its because you guys are deluded. As far as I am concerned I have no conflicts between science and religion, my religion and science are saying the same thing and religion deals with the noumenon and science deals with the phenomena and there is no conflict between science and religion, even though one cannot epistemologically mix both science and religion they have indeed converged. The atheists and people of orthodox religions can quarrel with each other all they want, I for though have no conflict between science and religion. I figured out this with my studies on both modern physics, molecular neurobiology as well as the pagan mystery religions and you guys don't know how deep the rabbit hole actually goes. This was just a small truth. It doesn't rule out the possibility that we are actually in an immersive virtual reality, the external mind could easily make this empirical reality look real and hence it doesn't prove anything.
  19. I do not reject such a possibility, a bunch of secular Buddhists in an other forum did not allowed me to post some of the esoteric truths of Buddhism and the mods deleted my posts every time I posted the evidence from their own religion and questioned their distorted secular double standard beliefs, finally they banned me. What secular Buddhists don't understand is that their beliefs are distorted and their position is a fundamentally flawed one. Distorted visions of Buddhism: Agnostic and Atheist. by Alan Wallace. The same is the problem with you when you say that the Advaita of Shankara is atheistic, you just don't realize that your visions of Advaita are distorted and more over the way you don't see the philosophical differences between Advaita and Buddhism. The irony is that you use my religion and preach to me as to how I need to interpret my religion, should I need to follow your distorted ignorance or follow my intellect, wisdom and evidence?
  20. Of course it offers evidence, the down fall of religion for these many years is because people followed pseudo-religious beliefs but no longer any more. If you press the right button at the right time theurgy indeed works and to make it work and press the right button you need to understand the religious scriptures correctly and get the interpretations of the religious scriptures right. Theurgy: Rituals of Unification in the Neoplatonism of Iamblichus. Why Christianity has not offered any fruits for these many years, not only Christianity even the other orthodox religions have failed, why? Its because they are not interpreting their religious scriptures correctly and hence you need to understand the scriptures correctly first if religion really has to offer any good useful fruits. No, you cannot make the same case for your tooth fairy as I can do for my hypercosmic God. Science and religion are converging and what religion said thousands of years ago is what science is saying in this 21st century world. I can prove it for you. 1. Science is saying that there is a Nous separate from the brain and says that this Nous retrospectively creates this empirical reality. 2. Either the human mind is more than a machine or mathematics is too big for the human mind - Kurt Gödel. Ergo there is an Intellect separate from the Nous. I have established through science and religion that there is a Nous and an Intellect separate from the brain and what is behind the intellect is my hypercosmic God, the pleroma, the totality of divine powers. It falsifies a thousand other philosophies. Which of your traditions of tooth fairy, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Santa Claus etc had figured it out this 5000 years ago and is going to fill gaps in our knowledge?
  21. Yes, that's what science says but science isn't everything. You got that. No, no you can't use a medicine and say it works and reject the physiological mechanism behind the way it works in the same way you can't say chi helped your mother and cured her arthritis and reject the physiological mechanism behind the way it works. The entire philosophy of eastern medicine is based on the fact that imbalance of prana leads to various diseases and by balancing the prana in your body it restores your health. There are lots of evidence for Prana and everything what I do here is not a waste it helps me to learn a lot. The theories of Chakras, Hiroshi Motoyama, Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Below readings - Chakra Instrument Data, before concentration. Above readings - Chakra Instrument Data, during concentration. "This set of data implies quite profoundly that psi energy working in the anahata chakra may just be able to create energy in the physical dimension (light, electricity, etc.).The recordings made with R.B. and M.Y. on the AMI and Chakra Instrument point to the possibility that the psi energy working in the chakras can extinguish or create energy in the physical dimension. These two properties are of great significance and, if they can be further substantiated, would indicate the need for a basic revision of the Law of Conservation of Energy as presently formulated in modern physics." And an another one. BioEnergy fields, Valerie Hunt. As I said the atheistic scientific community is ignorant of many things, why not come out of your labs and explore the world for real. I think there should be a scientific field of esotericism and as long as it is not established the researchers have to publish their studies in reputable science journals because they deserve it. However I personally think it should be separated from science because this isn't science, this is esotericism and esotericism will correct science. The locals here know about the nature of reality more than what the scientists at CERN know so as I said build as many big particle accelerators as you want and take as much funding you want but you can't escape the fact that a God resides in you. The evidence from both religion and science proves that God has more evidence than a tooth fairy. I really don't have to scratch my head to convince a person who thinks that God is a bastard. Why not first remove your own subjective bias first? Those were not just personal opinions, they were facts established from experiments and anyone can perform those experiments and verify the facts for themselves. The fact that you ignore such facts of nature doesn't mean I have made an appeal to authority. I hope you can read basic English as to what the scientific literature is saying. Its time for working scientists to use weak objective statements instead of strong objective statements while publishing their results and write their textbooks. The distinction between the thing in itself, the noumenon and the phenomena need to be made and it should be taught that science only deals with mere appearances of phenomena and not the reality in itself. http://philosophypress.co.uk/?p=283 Its Bernard who said that the great eastern philosophical systems should be considered not any of the believers. If it wasn't great and if there wasn't any truth in it then why more and more evidence from science and scholarly studies are in favour of this religion. Stephen Knapp, David Frawley, Peter Russell were your men and now why are they arguing in favour of this religion, its quite simple anyone who studies it knows that there is truth in it and it gives a methodology to verify the truth for themselves without forcefully converting people into their beliefs. And more over why the 15 million people or so in the U.S and other millions of people worldwide are already worshipping a different image of God if there wasn't any truth in this religion. Take back yoga - Hindu group stirs a debate over Yoga's soul - New York Times. Yoga is owned by the Sun-god and it is no on else Intellectual property. As I said there should be a separate scientific journal of esotericism, the other esoteric archives are neither getting science right nor they have got the religious interpretations right. The followers of tooth fairy need to know that there is an Immortal perfect One, the Holy Father ruling over this cosmos. I am not assuming anything, I am saying all evidence is in favour of a hypercosmic god and that's a fact.
  22. That's a small stepping stone towards the truth, if people need to recognize the importance of the works of Penrose and Bernard and realize why the atheistic position is fundamentally flawed then first they need to understand what the evidence from these old books are saying. That's why this is so important for me, everything what I am arguing here is inter-connected. "Sri Aurobindo describes the Overmind as the plane of the great gods and goddesses of Greek, Hindu, Mayan, and other traditions. In his view, the Gods are real beings who exist eternally on the overmental plane, and are not merely creations of a primitive human mentality. The human mind can build forms that the Gods accept, but the Gods exist in their own right and can inspire various forms of manifestation into the human mind. For example, Sri Aurobindo noted that the Greek goddess Pallas Athene and the Indian goddess Maheshwari are not two different beings, but the same being manifested differently in two separate cultures (Aurobindo, 1970a, pp. 383–387, 389). According to this principle, the Egyptian Aman-Re, the Greek Apollo, the Hindu Surya, and the Mayan Sun God are not four separate beings, but one and the same, as it is for the Greek Poseidon, Hindu Varuna, and Mayan Chac. In my experience, the presence of these immortal beings can still be felt at various temples in Greece, Mexico, and India." Gods are real and these gods are everywhere and our ancients discovered these gods. They did not invented them.
  23. It is those same old books which is going to correct 21st century science. So rather than throwing it into the dustbin and showing disinterest perhaps you should read them,. Don't be childish everyone knows that the Lord of The Rings is the creation of fictional writers. Yes, the difference is a very subtle one. That's why I am a theist and as I show below the evidence is on my side. Oh really? The scientific literature is saying something else. "The determinism and materialism of classical mechanics divorced or at least distanced science from many pre-scientific philosophies that held various dualist perspectives towards the mind. Some scientists (like Wigner) believe that quantum mechanics makes certain dualist ideas about the mind/body problem acceptable again within mainstream science." "If what we call reality is only a state of mind then what is mind?" If he says he is sympathetic to the Platonic view then one cannot separate the religious elements associated with neo-platonism. I take a hypothesis seriously which the scientific community at best has ignored it even though all evidence in science is pointing towards that this hypothesis should be taken seriously and tested. Differential hypotheses between Indian and Western psychology The most important difference between the Indian and the Western approach seems to be about the existence of pure consciousness as postulated by the former. However, as far as “normal life” is concerned, ancient Indian psychology, especially as expressed in the systems of Nyaya and Vaise?ika have astonishingly parallel views with modern Western psychology (e.g., Raju, 1983; Sharma, 2003). But there are also some striking differences. For instance, in contemporary Western cognitive psychology, the relationship between brain and mind is seldom explicitly spelled out, but if one would press researchers to make a statement, most would probably resort to the view that cognitive processes co-vary with brain processes, and if pressed still harder, some might say that essentially brain processes produce cognitions and emotions (e.g., Damasio, 1999). The Indian view is just the opposite: the brain is used as an instrument by the mind (e.g., Raju, 1983). Does the mind use the brain or is the reverse true? This is a very interesting question, which cannot easily be tested. One might, however, try to find evidence for whether mind exists independently from brain. If the brain is the basis for the mind, there should be no mind if the brain is dead. So a good starting point to examine the hypothesis might be to look for evidence on near-death experiences or on reincarnation (for some attempts do to so see Cook, Greyson & Stevenson, 1998; Stevenson, 1987). Do the senses connect to their “sense-objects”? In Indian psychology, at least in the systems of Nyaya and Vaise?ika, Sa?khya, and Mima?sa, it is assumed that the senses go out to their objects and contact them or even “become” the objects (e.g., Raju, 1983). Therefore, sense-organs such as the eye or the nose that do not really touch their objects seem to be not the whole story according to the Indian view. So one might, for instance, hypothesize that even if the visual sense in the Western understanding does not work any longer, the remaining part of the visual sense in the Indian understanding might still be functioning and an (incomplete) perception might be the result. This hypothesis might open up some interesting links to phenomena such as “blindsight” (e.g., Cowey, 2004). - Peter Sedlmeier,Indian Psychology and the scientific method. Our view is just the opposite where an external mind retrospectively creates this empirical reality including the brain. Don't tell me I'm biased, if people have taken sides with me its because they have investigated science honestly and have come to the same conclusion as I have.
  24. Bohr once said that if you are not mentally disturbed by what quantum mechanics is telling you then you have not understood it. I have to say this that if you are not mentally disturbed by what the doctrine of non-dualism is saying to you then you have not understood it. Do you know why I criticize your position so much its because you have not understood the doctrine of non-dualism yet and you do not know its implications. I am least concerned about making my beliefs logical or scientific, our ancients didn't knew either metaphysics or science and please don't try to distort their doctrines. Marvin Meyer's translation of Mithras Liturgy. This is religion and actually most people don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Religion is concerned with meeting gate keepers in heaven and you need to go beyond the supreme Aeon to achieve non-dualism and attain immortality. As I said you are ignorant and blind about many things so why don't you go and understand the doctrine of non-dualism correctly first. What the heck this has anything to do with science and metaphysics? I would say just shut up and worship the gods just as they say shut up and calculate or else be a strong atheist and don't interfere into issues which you don't know what you're talking of, you cannot mix religion and science. It makes perfect sense, according to the pagan mystery religions there is a Nous separate from the body and behind that Nous is the Intellect and behind that intellect is where the God resides. Only foolish and ignorant people think that God exists in a sky sitting in a golden chair and wearing a golden crown. Isha vashyam idam sarvam jagathyam jagath. Isha Upanishad, verse 1. Translation- The Lord resides in everyone. Which is same as - Christ as each one within him whether an angel, a mystery or a human. "In the inner sense of the Veda Surya, the Sun-God, represents the divine Illumination of the Kavi which exceeds mind and forms the pure self-luminous Truth of things. His principal power is self-revelatory knowledge, termed in the Veda “Sight”. His realm is described as the Truth, the Law, the Vast. He is the Fosterer or Increaser, for he enlarges and opens man's dark and limited being into a luminous and infinite consciousness. He is the sole Seer, Seer of Oneness and Knower of the Self, and leads him to the highest Sight. He is Yama, Controller or Ordainer, for he governs man's action and manifested being by the direct Law of the Truth, satyadharma, and therefore by the right principle of our nature, yÀthÀtathyata Õ, a luminous power proceeding from the Father of all existence, he reveals in himself the divine Purusha of whom all beings are the manifestations. His rays are the thoughts that proceed luminously from the Truth, the Vast, but become deflected and distorted, broken up and disordered in the reflecting and dividing principle, Mind. They form there the golden lid which covers the face of the Truth. The Seer prays to Surya to cast them into right order and relation and then draw them together into the unity of revealed truth. The result of this inner process is the perception of the oneness of all beings in the divine Soul of the Universe." - Aurobindo Its not my problem if the world is ignorant of the pagan mystery religion.
  25. That's not what I am arguing for. The origins of Pauline Christianity. Paul was neither a Jew nor a Gentile, nor was he deluded, he was actually a Gnostic. If Christians want to spread the message of Christ and the gospels then let them spread the correct message that 'Pleroma' has a local existence and forms the body of Christ and that they don't need to wait for the second coming instead they can embrace their angel here and now instead of a misinterpreted version of Christianity. What's in the Vedas is in the esoteric message of St. Paul and hence I need to defend Pauline theology more than the Vedas because the Vedas are difficult to understand for the common man. It will do a world of good to everyone. This is what I'm arguing here and its so important for me. Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Paul - Full pdf The evidence is on my side.
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