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  1. While your threads (not sure why you number them, this isn't an index of profoundity) often have interesting questions, this statement is very unscientific and frankly a bit childish. Who are you to say what's manly? What authority do you have to call men "sissies"?
  2. How much energy does it take to shoot the cannonball, and how much energy will you get back from the lift coming down? I'm not sure exactly what you mean here, but the question remains pretty much the same - how much energy does it take to shoot the water, and how much are you getting back from the soup can? Can you see any experimental error margins when using fireworks and soup cans? Pre cut material of what, exactly? Care to show your calculations using fireworks so we can compare that to a fusion reaction? One of the problems of fusion reactors is containing the energy. Could you clarify exactly how you'll harness the energy if most of it is absorbed in this precut material?
  3. As far as "obscure" anecdotal stories go, I could only find the one linked below. Other than that, I only seemed to come up with the usual "scientists are on the edge of curing x" that sensationalist media seem to love to spout. As for the research being done, and its progress, hopefully someone with an insight in the field can give you a better answer. http://sharpagain.org/how-a-doctor-reversed-her-husbands-alzheimers-disease-in-37-days
  4. I've posted this before, but I guess it's relevant here as well. Especially considering the recent influx of nitpicking - right, wrong, truth, reality. http://chem.tufts.edu/answersinscience/relativityofwrong.htm And after that, I hope we can go back to the other part of the OP - how did he come about his discoveries? The practicality of it all is an interesting question in itself, and would probably be quite enlightening as long as we don't let the issues of semantics spill over into this thread.
  5. How do you define "dimension"? Assuming your hypothesis is correct, how would we go about proving these other dimensions?
  6. What's your definition of "looking like a woman"? Also, how do you explain lesbian women who indeed " look like women"?
  7. For the same reason some straight women look like men and some straight men look like women. Also for the same reason some straight men look like men and some lesbian women look like women. People are different due to genes, environment and whatnot, and I'd be curious as to how you'll explain singling out the groups that you did.
  8. You've been asked before why you single out atheists, so I won't ask that again. I would, however, ask you to consider the following.People are assholes to people that are different from themselves, be it by religion, skin colour or accents. The more different they are, the more likely they are to be demeaning in some way, and the more extremely they will behave. You and the alleged atheists were separated by differences of belief, which is commonly a huge part of one's life. However, in this post you bring up something new. Your mother, the person which you arguably have the most things in common with, were incredibly mean to you because you didn't follow her exact doctrine. Now ask yourself what is worse. People you have very little in common with following their unfortunate human nature and being disrespectful due to your faith. Or your own mother, whom you should be able to trust with everything, doing the same thing for the same reason. Edit: Not only for religious reasons, but DESPITE her being religious. When you're done thinking, you'll probably realize the futility and uselessness of this thread.
  9. There are HDMI to scart adapters you can buy for a few tens of bucks. However, due to scaling and whatnot, results may vary, if it even works.
  10. From what I can find, raw_input was renamed input at some point. Might be worth replacing it and trying again.
  11. In the light of this, I'd like to reconsider my post. Even if you get your limbs cut of (physical injury), you might overcome that "hardship". If you do, I guess one can as easily argue you're stronger (mentally) due to it.
  12. If you have your limbs cut of, one can argue you're not as strong as before.
  13. Well, you're wrong.And if you want to construct your own religion based on a false premise, you can make up any old garbage.
  14. It is. And it's that attitude that separate you from the majority of nutcases with their own pet theory. That said, JC has a point. If you are working on an idea which includes a certain aspect of science, it's a good idea to learn what you can about that aspect. If you just guess or come up with your own version of it, it's likely your idea will fall apart when incorporating "the real deal".
  15. What does the multimeter measure if you put the tips of the probes together?
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