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  1. Ok so you look down on academia and it's very competitive. So you think he's mesmerised by this shallow mundane thing however, he has also managed to achieve great things in academia. He has not pursued wealth but gone for contributing more to science. How is he shallow there??? You have focused on one thing even though you can do multiple things in life. Again you're simply looking down on people and asserting opinions. I can give you some advice for that, stop looking down on people and judging them based on one or two actions they do online. You can do multiple thi
  2. Says you but that's not everyone's' definition of purpose. by who? These are your personal opinions, other people can look at life in a different angle and find different meaning in life. As long as you're not directly hurting someone by your actions you can live life how you want. You seem to be missing what I've written about you judging people by a few shallow actions on the internet. Here is what I wrote about it. You read his comment on line and said that it was sad because he spends a lot of time playing and getting hold of games. What you failed to pick up
  3. I'm not really sure where you're coming from here. As long as these people are not hurting anyone they're allowed to do that. Assuming that their choice is wrong means you have to define a purpose to life. This is why religion has tyrannical episodes because it makes up a purpose to life. Everyone is free to define their own purpose in life. If you are concerned about the future of science then you can pursue science yourself. I like the idea of helping people, making a change and I like science which is why I'm pursuing postgrad in physics and engineering in medicine but I do not have the rig
  4. This is flat out wrong. I have shown you stats where between 22 and 39 they earn more when you exclude overtime. If you think this is different in the USA please provide stats that excude overtime and account for age. YOU are proposing the theory, YOU have the burden of proof. Your response to me saying that you provide no evidence is to waffle and provide no links or evidence...... good one. Luckily you're fighting for the female victimhood cult so no one will pick you up on this. Enough with the cheap dirty tricks. Stop trying to reverse the scientific method. YOU are pro
  5. There's a trade-off, whilst there is clear financial incentive it is an event. it's a break in the routine life, people get to talk about it with others. We are social animals, this is why festivals and events are so popular. Whilst making someone feel special all the time is nice it's not that easy. If you're doing it all the time then it's no longer special and there are a few people out there who would think it's too much. We have busy lives to small encouragements such as thanksgiving, Chirstmas, birthdays etc are a way of bumping us back into the giving and spoiling type. Don't get me wro
  6. Completely agree had to vote up. You have to think why people are playing games. Partly to pass time, simulate, because it's fun and because they get to simulate doing stuff they'd never do in real life. I play starcraft and order units to kill other units without even thinking twice...... In real life I definitely wouldn't facilitate killing. Same goes with the way I talk online. A conversation online generally has less impact because you don't know the person and they have no ties to your social circle. You can even mute them and considering the previous points you will forget about them ver
  7. No one has produced USA stats that look at age and exclude overtime. I have shown that there is an inconsistent 17 year period in the UK that no one dares touch. If you want to push your conspiracy theory you have you have to show that the wage gap is consistent throughout the ages when over time is excluded. Right now you're sticking your head in the sand and saying look at all this other poor quality data that doesn't address the 17 year inconsistency that you have shown in the UK. Again YOU are proposing you know what's going on not me it is up to you to show this. Right now you've failed t
  8. You haven't even come close to it and you and your friends know it which is why they were trying to downplay it as a small irrlevent slice of data a few posts ago, 105 was a question and 115 was waffle without a single piece of evidence to back it up. Nice try but you're dirty tricks are not touching me. It's very likely. Coming from someone who went from medical back to study physics and now doing physics and eningeering in medicine postgrad the pace is a lot faster. With medical there is a ton of regulation, the change is a change in the biology memorised. In tech and engineering j
  9. stop trying to be dishonest. iNow, on 12 Feb 2016 - 03:17 AM, said: The wage gap persists and females are making less than males for no recognizable reason other than the ridiculous fact that they have a second X chromosome and some private lady bits instead of a Y chromosome and some external boy plumbing. Now I appreciate that my statements lock you down and you can't really respond to them. You try a few tricks, try and get me to prove why your theory is wrong as opposed to proving it yourself. Again I lock you down quickly. You then flat out lie and say that you're simply high
  10. Again this is another example of a dirty trick. I have shown you that taking into account age and excluding over time shows different results. YOU are proposing the theory. If YOU want to prove that women in the USA are discriminated against then show me the stats that take into account age and exclude overtime that women are discriminated against. Again YOU are proving the theory. If you want it to be: it only makes YOUR job harder not mine. It baffles me as to why the scientific method gets turned on it's head when female victimhood gets chucked into the mix. This is what it's like at th
  11. Wow took a break and people took the chance to ignore the fact that women earn more than men per hour ages of 22 and 39 (excluding overtime). http://www.ons.gov.u...1778_385428.pdf [page12] If you're pushing forward the theory that women are discriminated against because of their sex in turn getting lower pay you have to explain why women get paid more when over time is excluded. I see that the dirty tricks have come out of the closet again, ignore stats that go against your theory in favour of stats with less controls and more noise and try and get people who are not proposing a theo
  12. Thanks for looking into this. It turns out I was installing it to pip as opposed to pip3. It now works
  13. These reasons just strengthen my resolve that you need to do an undergrad. There is more to a phd than simply doing the math. You will have to communicate with others and work with others. You will also have to teach subjects to undergrads as a phd student. Doing undergrad will get you out of your comfort zone and make you a more rounded person. I think few people on this thread look back at their high school selves and think that he had it all figured out back. Also you cannot under estimate exams. Reading and thinking you understand something is very different to aactually passing exams on
  14. I'd also look at this from a competition perspective. A phd is an academic job. They would compare your application against others. Whilst you claim to understand it other applicants will have actually passed exams on it and applied the knowledge to project work. The second one is a big thing. One it shows if you can think outside the box and manipulate the concepts so they can be practically applied, secondly it shows you understand the material and have a taste in what these projects are like giving you a further true understanding of if you actually want to do it. I've been at Imperial NHS
  15. I've come a fair way in python 3. I am having trouble installing modules on my mac. Poured hours into it and it's still not working, documentation on the internet that I have managed to find is vague at best. I've used pip and typed: sudo install XlsxWriter into the command line and got the following: usage: install [-bCcpSsv] [-B suffix] [-f flags] [-g group] [-m mode] [-o owner] file1 file2 install [-bCcpSsv] [-B suffix] [-f flags] [-g group] [-m mode] [-o owner] file1 ... fileN directory install -d [-v] [-g group] [-m mode] [-o owner] dire
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