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it's college courses in high school. And, you take a test at the end of the year. It's scored out of 5, and if you do well, some colleges will give you credits or even let you skip certain classes... Not all colleges though, especially the Ivy leagues.

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Lets take this slow, what is an "advanced placement"?


From my understanding I think they are the equivalent of the A-levels(AS/A2).

I've read that a-levels are more intense though. I don't know if this is true but the source was written by a chemistry teacher who taught AP and A-levels. The A-level was said to cover more topics and was generally more rigorous.


Its possible to use A-levels in the same way (as college credits) when applying to a university/college outside of UK or any country that doesn't support A-levels.

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my teacher said the test would be really hard. she said things like it was designed so that the average score would be 50%.


I only left two undone. one was because i ran out of time and the other was because i couldn't get the right answer. both were in the first multiple choice section. in the second multiple choice section, i finished over half an hour early. overall, the test was quite easy, imo. of course, that probably means i got a 1. :P

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Calc is in the morning! w00t!


I have Physics monday afternoon. I predict a 3 or 4 on both.

I got the results in the mail a few days ago. I got a 3 on the physics, and a 4 on the calculus.

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