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  1. Why did I get Gandhi??? I have nothing against violence (as long as it's used with a good reason, of course).
  2. "Frankly speaking, what would YOU pick? Aerospace or Nanotechnology?" Well, I would go with aerospace, since I know jack about nanotechnology. In general terms, I would want to work on something big, not something miniscule. But then again, something miniscule could have big implications. Hope I've been of some influence. Most likely not:embarass: PS: Why is aerospace under general. Isn't that a very specific field. Nanotechnology is more general, I would say, since it has applications in chemistry, computing, electronics, foods . . .
  3. House and Monk are my two favourite. I like weird lead characters.
  4. Cloud

    The Secret

    useless, PMA placebo-effect crap
  5. I don't know where this is going but . . . it is estimated to be 1.1 billion. Please tell me that's wrong so I can stop replying to your one post question.
  6. If that statistic is right - its still a lot (150 million).
  7. Yeah, something needs to be done about that. These people just keep having children (some have 6-8+) which really doesn't do any good for the country. There are birth control measures taking place but there are just too many people living in poverty already - its a nightmare. I really hope things improve.
  8. So what you're saying is that what we see could not be the actual size of the object in reality e.g. this computer screen I'm looking at right now: its 45cm in length. Thats what we humans see but that isn't how big it is in reality. Let's say its actually 90cm in length. Well, when I touch the two sides and get person X to measure the distance from one side to the other of the monitor - guess what - its still 45 cm !!! I have physically touched both sides and person X has measured it to be 45 cm. It HAS to be 45cm!!! It cannot possibly be 90cm in length. And even if things are 2x what we see in this so called actuality - who cares. The measurements are set to quantify our navigation around space successfully. If that makes sense? I think others have already explained it more successfully than I have.
  9. There seems to be a mis-match of information. Your profile says you find chemistry boring but your post says you find it interesting and that you want to take forensic science / research. Since you pretty much like all sciences you might as well pick your favourite and do a degree in it e.g. BSc chemistry or BSc biology or combine as you already have said and do BSc biochemistry. You can always specialise later and if you get to Phd level you can teach it. Do a complementray law course and that would cover forensics. And that pretty much is everything.
  10. Y sees the object as 1m in length. X sees it as 2m in length So this would make Y the reference - wysiwyg whilst X is "whay you see is twice what you get" (wysitwyg). Ok, I'm now confused???
  11. I don't know about racist but it was certainly family related. What else could have provoked him to violent means?
  12. Same here. I guess the fact that I couldn't even work out, on my own, how to play a note on the guitar indicated that this wasn't my thing. I lasted about 3 months before I thought "why am I still on page 3" Weird that we have the same alternative interests.
  13. Wow, everyone is trying to learn to play music. There are a lot of bored people out there!!! Could you atleasr give us a versus at least. E.g. Guitar Vs keyboard. I made a really big mistake by buying a steel stringed guitar as a beginner. If you're going for guitar get a classical/nylon string one or even better, an electric. Do NOT start will a full sized folk guitar that most country and rock singers have. You'll lose interest and get bored really easily because its too damn difficult and it kills your fingers too. I t also depends on what type of music you like. I hate singing so I REALLY made a wrong decision as the folk guitar is made for that purpose as an accompainment of chords. Easier to fingerpick with a nylon sting to get a melody and some bass going. You can get a pretty good piano for that price. Have you ever had to replace it? (it broke . . . new one).
  14. That's what I was thinking:D No simplified spelling!! English is hard enough as it is.
  15. I predicted the final to be Italy Vs Brazil !!! SO CLOSE:mad: The exact opposite of what you said:D
  16. Cloud


    Norton 06 has been very efficient so far. Ok, thanks.
  17. Cloud


    Is norton that reliable (even after a decade of experience) - I ran a scan and its picked up over 100 viruses and 20 spyware and quarantined them automatically. Is it safe to delete all 100+ items from the quarantine log? Most have been classifed as viruses. Some of them are of type "unknown." Not too sure. Also, I think these viruses have been dormant on the system and have just been activated . . .
  18. Cloud


    Defender is spyware only. Norton has spyware detection too. I guess there's no reason in bothering with defender especially since its still beta.
  19. Is windows defender(beta 2) any good? I'm on normal XP home edtion. I have norton 06 installed. Will it clash with this software or support it?
  20. That is stupid. On a more practical scale: Two families having fueds just because a daughter wants to marry a blacksmith instead of a doctor. Definitely, although in my case it would be the other way. Hope some girl takes pity on me:D
  21. AND we're back to where we started. Good show*taps everyone on back*
  22. http://www.byki.com/ I downloaded the Spanish version. It's OK - only gets you familiarised with basic "how are you", "where is" etc. Your best bet is to go to the local library or buy CD books. You could give the link a try.
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