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  1. I think it took so long because they started with nothing and had to create everything new. Our technology progresses so fast because we already have the knowledge from previous generations. Having a written language and recording history play in a big role in our technological advancment.
  2. augment


    I took gov't and comp science. they were alright.
  3. wat's a good review/practice book for the ACT.
  4. I just took the AP computer science and gov't. The exams are fairly simple if you well prepared. You can go to amazon and find books. Cracking the AP is a good series from what I've heard about it. Here's another option: You don't have to an AP class to take the AP exam so if your confident you could teach the material to yourself you could just go to your guidence counselor and talk to her about it. I am fairly certain I got a 4 on my computer science exam, but I'm not so sure about the Gov't one. Usually a top uni will except only 4's and 5's, but smaller unis will accept 3's. I guess if you went to a smaller school first that accepted 3's and then transferred to a top college that the credits awarded to you from the small uni would transfer over to the top one. I'm not 100% sure on this on though. Again just go talk to your guidance counselor. Next year I will be taking AP Calculus and hopefully I'll get a 4 on it. I can't take the actual AP class thats offered at my school because I wasn't in the honors english program, but I'm seriosly considering taking the AP Lit exam. I would like to clear out as many bs classes as possible so that I can go directly into my major. Have you taken the ACTs yet? I take mine on June 10th. I'm going to start preparing myself for it next week. I got a lot of good test taking strategies in the AP prep books I bought so I will utilize those in the ACT. For my first time I'm aiming for a 28-29. I think I will retake it anyways because colleges take your highest score. That's my two cents. -J
  5. Yea. I don't know. I see the SciFi shows and theres a theoretical astrophysicist and an engineern all in one.
  6. check this out: http://pesn.com/2006/05/02/9500266_Gun_Engine/
  7. What would the major be called if say I wanted to go into building an anti-matter device or designing space vehicles or inventing artificial gravity devices? Thanks.
  8. Yea thanks. I'm just trying to find out all the options. If I or me and a partner came up with something that we could sell for millions or even tens of millions it would help me start my own company and do the things that I want to do.
  9. Let's say that I discovered something that would completely, positively, scientificly proven product that burned fat until a person was down to a healthy weight. How much money would a company give someone that came up with something like this? Seeing as how if something like this was discovered and sold to a company, they would stand to make billions, I would think 50-100 million would sound like a reasonable price.
  10. To be honest I dont really remember where I saw it. It might have been in biology class. From what I remeber it kind of had a 60 minutes vibe to it or something. I don't really remember where the family was from either. They looked to be a little darker skined, but non-Hispanic. Thats why I posted here. I just remember seeing it on a TV.
  11. There are some schools that offer a Ph.D. and M.D.
  12. no one. i thought someone would remember.
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