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Favorite book genre?


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Mostly hard science fiction (which tries to be as scientifically detailed or accurate as possible), some space opera (more character drama, like Star Wars), or a mix of the two (called "new space opera", but that sounds stupid). I like fantasy just as much though if it's logically consistant and detailed, like Lord of the Rings.

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Horror. Im particularly into Stephen King books at the moment.

I have read pretty much all his books, so I have to find my horror somewhere else. I really enjoyed "It", "Pet Sematary" and "Salem's Lot". I sped through the "Dark Tower" series, up to the 4th book, then I just got bored of it. I understand he finished that series though. I liked the "Riftwar Saga" by Raymond Feist, and most of the "Lord of the Rings" books. Now I am mostly reading biology-related books and textbooks.

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Anything as long as it is good.


Really, there's no one type for me.


So recently I've read (and really enjoyed)...


A book on QM

A book on programming in VB

Snow Walker Trilogy

The Abhorsen Trilogy

A physics text book!

I've got Genius, which is Feynman's biography lying around, not sure if I will read all of it though.

I read the newest Harry Potter when it came out, that was a while back though.


So all of those books cover quite a big time period, but whatever, my taste in books varies, I've got horror, war, action, sci-fi, course Douglas Adams! etc etc.

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It is a futile comparison to say non-fiction is better than fiction. It's like saying carbohydrates are better than proteins. It just doesn't work. I don't like one more than the other because they meet completely different needs.

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Science Fiction mainly.

My favourites would have to be:


Dune (my bible) and all its sequals.

Philip K Dick's books ("Do androids dream of electric sheep" and "minority report"

Everything by Isaac Asimov, especially the foundation series.


Also some stuff that people sometimes classify as SF, and sometimes as fantasy e.g. Pratchett's books and the "His Dark Materials" trilogy.


*Gazes over at bookshelf*


Yeah, the rest is just anything that interests me

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Eragon's premise was good, and the writing was almost half decent, but many of the author's descriptions and ideas were painfully cliche, and obviously taken from other sources. Then there was that scene where he goes ou of the way to right something like "oh how wonderful the world of reading is! I have had my eyes opened to whole worlds! Joy is me!" I almost vomited every last internal organ I had.

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I like sci-fi and fanstasy best I think, but they have to be well written and have well developed characters in them. There is so much trash written these days (especially in fantasy) that it is sometimes hard to find the good ones.


In the fantasy genre, one of my favourites was Transformation by Carol Berg. It has great, believable characters in it.


As for sci-fi, I have just finished reading Illium by Dan Simmons which, as the name suggests, is a retelling of the seige of Troy, but from a sci-fi perspective....

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How 'bout Terry Brooks' "Shannara" series. I found those to be one of the best fantasy series.


Or Ray Bradbury -- "the greatest living science-fiction writer"

What beats "The Martian Chronicles" or "The Illustrated Man"??!?!?


C'mon, possibly the greatest writer in sci-fi/tech/doctoral literature--Dr. Michael Crichton... You know...Jurassic Park, Congo, Timeline, Sphere, do I have to list any more...

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