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  1. Newegg still has new LGA 775 motherboards available... but regardless it's a waste of money to start replacing parts on computers that old anyway.
  2. I never claimed It was a mass murder. I claimed it was a mass shooting. They share the same threshold, yes, but differ in the definition of murder and shooting. You're correct in that the event wouldn't be classified as a mass murder, but it would classify as a mass shooting. In all fairness I dislike the comparison as well, but ignoring it didn't seem like the best way to handle the wall of text that she posted.
  3. So you're saying you can shoot as many people as you want, but as long as no more than 4 people die it's not a mass shooting? Also, I'd like a source for your FBI definition. Regardless, you're just arguing semantics now which isn't really strengthening your argument.
  4. I never claimed that is was a massacre. I claimed there were 7 casualties, which is accurate. I generally avoid emotionally manipulative words like "massacre".
  5. You have an awfully eclectic debate style. Yes, I'm sure they exist. I doubt that a significant sized population does though. There are always outliers. I imagine I could find a guy known for making purses out of human skin. That doesn't justify demonizing an entire population of purse makers though. Feel free to ponder the ethics of polar bear hunting by yourself. I don't feel strongly either way. Honestly, I don't really have any idea what they do up there. They send us oil, they do their own thing... I don't have any problem with people killing themselves. It's tragic, yes,
  6. Uh...what? Let me attempt a translation and you tell me how close I get.
  7. Lance

    Yay, GUNS!

    How very libertarian of you
  8. I once had a pair of socks that had silver wire weaved into it. My feet weren't any less smelly after extended wear. The overclocking community also uses silver coils in water cooling systems because they believe it stops the growth of algae. They call it a "kill coil". I guess when you come up with a name that cool you don't really need any scientific evidence.
  9. Incorrect There's been at least one, the Monash University shooting, with 7 casualties. Also interesting to note a murder/arson that resulted in 15 deaths, Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel fire. Mass shootings are statistically irrelevant however. They are a very small proportion of violent crime. Yes, yes, socially Australians are so much better off socially than us Americans. Irrelevant. To be honest I've never really considered this. Gun ownership is cultural in the US. Our revolution wouldn't have been possible without a very high rate of personal firearm owner
  10. Well no, now that I think about it. The media as well as the President are demanding that something be done, but nothing has actually been done. I would absolutely advocate simple actions to limit possible damage. There's no 1-10 value for firepower. It's far, far more complicated than that. A pistol caliber with less “firepower” is more effective at close range. Pistol calibers with less kinetic energy tend to deliver more energy into their targets because the rifle caliber punches through the target without delivering all of it's energy. Pistol calibers are also larger
  11. If I had some my walls would be covered in circuits. I would never get my security deposit back.
  12. You could try mining bitcoins with them. The more efficient systems use gpus to do the mining so I don't know how much money you could actually make with systems that old. You could try it for a day and see if you make back the energy cost.
  13. Yep, I'm done. You seem to be getting emotional about the issue which doesn't really interest me. Thanks for the discussion though.
  14. Because it's impractical to ban everything that scares you. Especially when banning said things won't actually have much of an affect on your probability of injury. You already claimed that criminals mostly only kill themselves. So it's unlikely that you'll be shot that way. People's neighbors rarely get shot from negligent discharges so it's unlikely you'll be injured that way. How Exactly does me owning a gun represent a threat to you personally? In the last year I've shot hundreds of rounds for qualifications, hundreds in competitions, and thousands in practice. More likel
  15. It's not that I was hoping you wouldn't notice, it's that I feel it doesn't make much of a difference to your overall argument. What's your point? That not all cleaning products are dangerous but all guns are? Sure I'll give you that one. Still doesn't change the fact that the average home contains items that can be just as dangerous to children. (cleaning products, knives, mains electricity, ect) You claim that guns don't have a legitimate use other than killing innocent people and cleaning products do, but that's incorrect. I'll accept that. As long as you use education ra
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