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  1. The Spith


    I read an article once that said you would need to consume the blood of six average humans each day to survive on that alone. Then you would have problems from lack of nutrients and vitamins, poisoning and infections etc, etc.
  2. You may have problems with trying to arrest him... ...considering he is a fictional character
  3. Maybe it would be more appropriate to have: "In money we trust". It would be less offensive and make a lot more sense. On my country's currency we have our monarch, promising 'to pay the bearer on demmand the sum of' whats on the note. Although I believe in democracy I don't make a big deal out of it because in the end it's just money. However if you seriously want your country to change what's written on its bills, why don't you lobby for useful information such as maps or periodic tables to be printed on one side of each note. It would improve the learning, and general intelligence of the population.
  4. Nice film. Quite an eye-opener and also funny at parts as well, especially the 'war on anxiety'. I think the point was that America's relationship with China has been very good for China at America's expense.
  5. That's no moon... And a full military but they do have head mounted lasers
  6. To the OP: England and Sebia, as those are my parents nationalities. I think England have got a chance, as always, but I'd be very surprised if they don't go out before the semis (as always). As for Serbia: Group C Argentina Netherlands Ivory Coast Serbia
  7. I'd assume they meant 3.2 billion. That sounds about to right to me - roughly half the world watching at least one game.
  8. Hmm let me think... The geek in repose VS The Dark Knight Yeah, that's a tough one
  9. 1) Fight Club - This movie sums up my philosophy perfectly. Given the chance I wouldn't change a thing about it. 2) Memento - One of the most original films I have seen. Very insightful into the workings of the mind, plus the best twist in any movie I have seen. 3) Pulp fiction - Classic Tarantino action. 4) The Big Lebowski - Hilarious film. I can watch it again and again and I know it will be good. 5) Apocalypse Now - Epic film. Realy showed the madness of the whole war. 6) Sin City - Great storylines + the most stylish movie ever. 7) Gladiator - Brilliant fight scenes, great storyline, and an accurate portrayal of ancient Rome. 8) Blade Runner - One of the best sci-fi movies ever. 9) The Matrix - Although it 'borrowed' a whole lot of ideas, I've must have watched it more times than any other film. 10) Rat race - Nothing has ever made me laugh as hard as the sequence with the Jewish family in Hitler's car.
  10. Somehow I managed to stumble across the website of one 'MC Hawking' - a rapper who likes to rap about science. If you think I'm making this up then just read the (somewhat hilarious) lyrics to his song about entropy: So far I have been unable to find an audio file, but if you want to read more lyrics from such classics as 'E=mc Hawking', 'F*ck the creationists' and the somewhat less science related 'All my shootin's be drive-bys', then go to http://mchawking.com Seriously I can't make this stuff up
  11. The first link that came up was for a webpage with my name on (I mean me personally) The next link was for my cousin. All the rest were mis-spellings
  12. That's realy horrible. The poor kid looks like he's only 6 year old.
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