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  1. Man, I hope that I am dead by this time. If not, I'm surely committing murder upon myself.
  2. Being a woman, I admit to looking at porn. It's not as often as a mans, and it's more (no offense) but tastful. Artistic would be a better word for it. I like both men and women, but in different ways. I think the male body is unattractive. To see a nude man doesn't turn me on. A female, on the other hand, has a more graceful body, and to view one (that's of my standards, of course) turns me on. The thing I like about men is the fact that they have.....units;)
  3. If I were a dictator....hmmmm. I would definently have freedom of religion, as long as none were trying to convert others. The main principle wouldbe freedom of everything (as long as everyone remained civil). Free speech, homosexuality would be okay, no censorship. Punishment would be the worst part of living their. Eye for an eye. Maybe a little torture, if deemed necessary.
  4. Could the other universe be Andromeda perhaps?
  5. I believe that the governemt should think about these sorts of events before making a decision. Always be prepared for the worst.
  6. They're just now figuring out she's a coke-head? This is old news.
  7. I disliked the ending very much. So much, in fact, I have (and will) never seen it again.
  8. Which one would you put the Illuminati under....?
  9. Because science prooves what is actual and true, and people can't handle the truth. They are to scared of it, hence all the religions that exist.
  10. Rumor has it that Einstein alone did not come up with his theories, but it was he and 2 others. He took their theories are his own and submitted them. Unsure on how true that is, but I don't doubt it.
  11. Tell me about it. There was 7 pages on that subject by the time I left. If it were real, I definitely wouldn't waste it like that. I'd be running a muck!
  12. In my opinion, time was created by humans as a way of organization and planning. Before time, there was just day and night, repeatedly. Cycles are what time is now defined as.
  13. I believe that thought, like life, is a constant evolution. Therefore, in the future, I believe we will still have science, psychology, and a reason to think. It will evolve along with the rest of existence.
  14. Newbie alert! My real name is Stormi and I'm a 24 year old who's interested in ..... stuff.
  15. Science, horror, biography (depending), fiction, reference, prose, and poetry.
  16. There's another forum that is going insane over this article! Everyone's freaking out, talking about what they're going to do in the last 9 years of their lives. It's quite comical, actually.
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