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  1. Did you get my private message? Please help me delete my account.

  2. Thanks. I've been busy being an entrepreneur to put it simply. Various jobs, self education and various business ventures have led me to my now present as the propietor of a business signs manufacturer located in Miami, FL. Besides my work life (which I enjoy as my hobby as well, the enthralls of capitalism and entrepreneurship are one of the most important underpinnings of my personal life) I've been very active in the house/techno music scene in Miami and well enjoying the life in Miami overall. How about yourself?
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a while for those who remember me from back in the day. 7 Years have passed and I just thought I'd swing by to see how things were doing. I'm going to see if I have enough time when not working to participate in some lively discussions. My main interests to be honest are economics and philosophy to be frank, so we'll se where this goes. (I'm a anarcho-capitalist/libertarian/voluntaryist of the Austrian Murray Rothbard type.) Salutations to blike, sayonara, capnref, ecoli, ydoaps and the all others I forget to mention. See ya' when I see ya!
  4. Very well said by this young man. I enjoyed this video.
  5. Hey! I am the hugest HL fan. Been playing since the first one came out. Anyhow, to your question. To have the console enabled, do the following. 1. Start up steam 2. Click on the my games tab. 3. Right click on half-life 2. 4. select properties 5. click launch options 6. enter the following without quotes "-console -dev" 7. Start hl-2! There you go!
  6. JPQuiceno

    Beam me up.

    Heh. Spare me the cliche. That's why we are so good at developing technologies, we try and try, and never give up until we actually see that its not worth at the time being.
  7. I was being metaphoric in my statement. I mean't that all those words that you said mostly had no real value, they were just their to stun the ignorant who don't know about science. Same thing with religion. Same thing with the scientist who said he found "The equation that proves all science wrong", which he hosts on a geocities account. /me laughs and walks away...
  8. Don't be silly, creating ideas like "Inverted light" in your head without explaining them to everyone else, but expecting them to understand it, is crazy talk!
  9. He tested many chemical and biological weapons on his people, he also set up a ANTI-HUMAN RIGHTS regime. Treating people like SHIT, killing women who looked at other men and etc, STUPID war crimes and crimes against humanity. Break his legs, arms, and nose, then tear them off, let him live, but cut off his genitals, THEN throw him into the lions den. /me is being nice to the animals this time.
  10. Hmmm... How about this? We do as the romans did. We throw him in a big leather bag, with a monkey, snake, and rat. Then tie the bag up, and throw him in the ocean. Fun!
  11. No way man, you've helped so much.... BTW, I wanted to discuss with you regarding if we should use the backups of the sites to get the rules and all the old important posts, or should we start it all over. I mean, we are getting a new skin, logo, and theme. So perhaps me and you replan the whole thing out? I think this would be best.
  12. Yup, I'm back! I quit my job at a body shop, now run my own Company called "Executive Computer Solutions", which I am having legally registred, and am going to college in a year and a half. I'm also looking to buy a dedicated server to get my IDF (http://www.internationaldiscussionforums.net) back up, which my great friend Cap'n Reffsmatt who has stuck by my side since the beginning is going to help me run. So let me get some money, and my sites should be back up! Just wanted to say hi to all you oldies and new people, I'm back!!
  13. heh, not to be rude, but do a search on this in the forums, more than 10000000 trillion threads on this.
  14. /me whistles along to the tune of the mood
  15. I'm 16, and love these forums! Welcome aboard! P.S: Don't tell anyone I told you, but, if you give Mokele some reptile food, he will turn a blind eye if you mess up. ;-0
  16. JPQuiceno

    New to forum

    Hello, and welcome to SFN. You are going to love it here! I hope you enjoy your stay. Just one not though, you might want to go ahead and actually introduce yourself in the official "Introduce Yourself" thread. Anyhow, I won't bother you anymore with semantics, just make sure you get me free energy!
  17. They are up! I'd like to thank all the guys in #IDF on blackcobalt IRC for helping with the categories and such, and for sticking by me when I needed them most. Cheers to IDF!
  18. I think this is why U.S.A dominates in military terms. Keep spending! I LOVE THE USA!
  19. Six feet under, Rome, Sopranos, ALL ROCK.
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