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  1. This is no new thought it is there for thousands of years. People speculate and create theories around that. May be we dont have any model for universe that we can say is perfect till date. I hope it is not going to be discovered soon atleast. Mathematical models alone can not explain universe, there are thousands of probabilities about different models that can not be proved mathematically but seems perfect to common understanding. so...
  2. Photons do experience time as it passes but they can not express it (in mathematical manipulations) because they leave time behind before they can express it in a way that we can understand mathematically. [[ Mod note: Link to an email deleted. ]]
  3. No there is no link between two and I think experiments must not have conducted under controlled conditions or results are just manipulated.
  4. Thanks for this great video but still I think that there are few things that can not be explained using probability theory. coincidences are common but there are few that are very very rare and still they occur at frequent intervals than it should mathematically.
  5. Either is an age old concept and you are not telling anything different I hope. Nothing is empty except nothing.
  6. neither hybrid nor oil, wont buy at all.
  7. no positive response till now. dont you think that it is really very difficult to prove whatever wrong or right saddam did during past 20 years. even in case of hitler he was not given a chance to prove anything from his side. the judgement and a court-case in hitler's case was also nothing more than a drama. why should we repeat this drama again and again, most of the times US is more interested in such exercises, just to show the world it's muscle power. either we should hang him or free him, there is no other option. third option is almot impossible.
  8. As It Is Impossible To Prove Anythng We Should Just Free Saddam As It Is Meaning Less To Go For Legal Procedures Want To Know Your Opinion Reply To Thread. http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/12/05/saddam.hussein.trial/index.html http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/10/17/saddam.tribunal.explainer/ WAITING YOUR REPLY
  9. haiku is over i have to move now no life left in
  10. do hell with american government
  11. its very simple buddy you can never destroy any "information" so anything that goes into black hole comes out of it. it can not permanently be there in. it will take 100 billions years or more i dont know but it will come out of it. "YOU CAN NEVER DESTROY ANY INFORMATION" on the edge of event horizon you can not match the speed of light but after years of decay it is possible. if i believe other theory than it is possible that at the end there are only blackholes in the universe and than they pull each other and whole universe will again be point. and than again for a moment few nanoseconds all laws of physics vanish. And again a "BIGBANG" back to the square one.
  12. protons and electrons and if i believe quantum theory we are nothing more than waves.
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