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You may be an extremist if...


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...You think that environmental concerns are always bad for the economy.

Do I see the sparkle of an up and coming environmentalist? :P



[insane Environmentalist Mode = On]


All the food I buy comes from organic local providers rather than large corporations. That means, when I buy my food, all the money I spend goes straight to my local providers and reinvested into my surrounding community - that is good for my community, and good for the environment. (If you buy from Walmart, all the money you spend is hemmorraging out of your community and into the hands of execs you'll never see or meet, and thats bad for your local economy.)


Also, if the government would stop giving huge agricultural subsidies to developed nations, then organic growers and farmers in third-world nations will have a fighting chance to compete against these large corporations. That would do so much good for free market capitalism (fiscal conservatives would like that), it gives a chance for all the third-world nations to develop a robust first-world economy, and more organic growers in the mainstream means fewer destructive pesticides and steroids in our food and in the environment (insane environmentalists would like that :) ).


Yay capitalism! Yay environment!


[/insane Environmentalist Mode = Off]

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- you reduce every argument down to someone criticizing you

- you assume that any criticism is an attack on your beliefs

- your response to an attack on your beliefs is to blow your attacker up


Thats a very good way of explaining extremist terrorism.

But I feel that even small things like just doing something, or believing something because you belive thats the only way is the most basic form of extremeism.


Even the fact that most people today believe that their way

(This does not only apply faith or political outlook) is the right way and nothing else goes is a form of extremism.


So it would be unfair on some level to club extremists with terrorists in all forms.

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So it would be unfair on some level to club extremists with terrorists

Not so much unfair as difficult, do you have any idea how much the average terrorist weighs? It's hard enough to pick one up, let alone club someone with one.

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- You think the government not passing religious laws on your behalf is persecution.

- You label all judges who make rulings you dont like "activist judges".

- You write a book called "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" to the bewilderment of Christians who represent 85% of all liberals.

- You think we should combat terrorism by suicide bombing muslim churches.

- You think Osama would vote Democrat.

- God hates all the things you hate.

- You think the war in Iraq is a holy war.

- You think Michael Moore should be president.

- You believe gay marriage is a bigger threat than terrorism

- You think 9/11 was carried out by the US government

- You think the Nazis were liberal.

- You dont care who wins or loses, you just want a good war

- You hug your kids with nuclear arms.

- You think its ok to kill animals (and sometimes people) because your god wants you to, but point out how wicked and evil muslims are for killing infidels even though their god wants them to.

- You criticize atheists for being moral relativists, without wondering for a second why your own "absolute" morals mirror the values and mores of your particular culture.

- You think Ayn Rand is really bright and insightful.

- You call yourself a libertarian because you read Atlas Shrugged (twice!), but you've never even heard of Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia.

- You dont flinch for a second when politicians are exploiting your religion and national disasters for their own political gain, unless those politicians are the opposing political party.

- You blame all the pitfalls of the Bush administration on Clinton.

- You believe every life has an intrinsic value and should be protected at all costs... but criticize welfare, public health care, government sponsored food, and section 8 housing as evil government handouts.

- You think the government should compell women to give birth against their will in order to save a life, but laugh at the idea of government compelling people to donate blood and organs against their will to save lives.

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You don't see the hypocrasy in justifying the murder of civilians in the name of peace.

You think that people will fall for you sudden need to get nuclear 'power plants' even though country produces plenty of oil.

You don't realize that all the people that are protesting at that abortion clinic with you are male.

You sympathize with people who murder innocent civilians, because they are obviously oppressed.

You try to protect mother earth by blowing up buildings.

You see high school shootings as a good way of dealing with moral decadence.

You scoff at people who have not been touched by His Noodly Appendage.

You try to protect our 2,500 mile boarder with 400 yards of fencing from dangerous illegals.

Either you or you somebody you consider a leader has a beard. (hippes and the religious)

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If you believe murder is the worst possible crime so you sentence them to death.


If you believe chemistry shouldn’t be taught because that’s how meth is made.


If you now or have ever had a mullet or Mohawk.


If you broke your TV by throwing you remote at it when the Red Skins lost(my friend did this).


If you think a John Dear tractor is a collectable.


If you think people who buy ammonia nitrate, or saltpeter for there plants/science experiments are terrorists.


If you think Larry Kudlow gives good evidence for his beliefs.

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* If you believe the world would be a much better place if world leaders read your posts.


* If you are sure you've never lost an online debate, but the ones you didn't win were due to everyone else's defecit of intelligence or surplus of immaturity.


* If you believe that the main reason your own views are not mainstream is due to the poor state of the contemporary education system and/or failings of human nature.


* If you've cited Godwin's Law in a forum on a site dedicated to survivors of the Holocaust.


* If you've ever cited scripture to refute scientific evidence


* If you've ever cited scientific evidence to refute scripture


* If you ever thought posting either of the above two would be viewed by other forum members as a compelling and intelligent rebuttal.


* If you view sharing your views and ideas in a debate forum primarily as a way to educate others about The Right Way To Think.


* If you contend that you are in the center but that its humanity's fault that 99% of them all reside directly to your right/left.


* You regularly enjoy saying public figures who are known for being extreme left/right are actually too far right/left.


* You've noticed a client/customer become uncomfortable when you start a potitical conversation but you keep talking anyway.


* You assess another's integrity first by what political leanings they have.


* You know your employees only parot your political views because they fear for their job but you like the conversations anyway.

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When talking to a fully veiled Moslem woman, you put a sack over you head to show equality.


(I can think of more than a few non-moslem women who should, at least in public, be fully veiled to avoid frightening children and horses).

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You may be an Extreme Chemist if...


1 you wash your hands Before you go to the toilet.

2 you think fresh air smells bad.

3 Unexpected explosions don`t bother you.

4 saying H3NCONH2-H2NCONH3 is funny. (DiUrea)

5 Anal Chem doesn`t make you think of dirty porn vids. (Analytical Chem)

6 you feel rejected when a member of the opposite sex tells you "hexanitrosobenzene" (it`s (NO) in all postions).

7 you want to combine most politicians with O2 to make a few OxyMorons.

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