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Books and papers on the experimental support of Special Relativity

The victorious truther

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Lately I've been interested in investigating the more intricate parts of special relativity beyond what is readily apparent on wikipedia or physics 101 videos. So, besides mathematical treatments, I want to investigate the extensive experimental support that has been built up for special relativity over the 20th and 21st centuries.

I have had my eyes on Y.Z. Zhang's Special relativity and its experimental foundation seen here on amazon.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions on further choices (Books and Papers alike) or comments on the viability or quality of the book above?

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What better place to start then the two books from the man who did the original experiments?

The Mathematical Theory of Relativity

Space Time and Gravitation.

Both by Eddington

Cambridge University Press.

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34 minutes ago, Eise said:

I think the faq is a good start.

Yes, I have seen this site and this is where I did get the book idea from but was just wondering what other avenues I may go through. The list isn't necessarily isn't extensive to the nth degree I would assume but does contain a lot of valuable information. 

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There are only going to be a few direct tests, because once it's established, there isn't much interest in that sort of experiment, unless it's some new (i.e. publishable) result. What you will then get are experiments which rely on relativity, and could not work if it were false. Basically all frequency standard evaluations rely on relativity being correct, for example. They comprise many experiments over the last several decades.

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