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  1. 3 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    There's no earthly reason why they would leave if they don't want to.
    Our govt has a massive majority. We are stuck with the Tories for years. And it's hardly as if any of them is any better than Boris or Priti.


    I'm thinking new faces alone would help reset UK's international relations, even if they are otherwise unremarkable. Hoping Boris ends up as their next sacrificial PM when things go sideways and Priti goes with.

    Imagine Boris vs anyone else asking for Biden's help on something like undoing the Scotch tariff, for example.


  2. 2 hours ago, meehow said:

    I have an air filtering questions.
    Due to a heavy pollution caused by neighbors burning plastics, polystyrene and rubber the air inside the house is not breathable.
    Long story short: this problem is ongoing and will not stop.
    I purchased the WINIX ZERO Air Purifier with 4 Stage Filtration
    It consists of 1. fine mesh 2.hepa filter 3.carbon fibre filter 4.Plasma Wave technology, which creates Hydroxyls.
    The device helps but is not efficient / not quick enough at removing the harmful smoke.
    I can't afford an industrial filtration system of higher efficiency.

    DIY is an option.

    I plan on 3 stages: hepa, activated carbon granules chamber, water.
    For this, I will use a system of air ducts, fans, air pumps, large water tank.
    No more opening windows.
    Air will be collected from outside and entirely filtered before releasing into the house.
    Requirement is ~20 liters of filtered air per minute to provide enough breathable air for 2 personas and 4 cats :-).

    The question is:
    In what order should I install the stages?
    I am thinking: water first to trap most solid particles (so it prolongs hepa life), then hepa to trap remains, finally carbon to trap VOCS.
    Please advice.
    Any other ideas?

    Yeah that sounds like it should work , noting you'd want to  make sure the smoke from regenerating the activated carbon goes outside.

    Are there any laws  that could be enforced regarding the burning of trash?

  3. 6 hours ago, J.C.MacSwell said:

    On a more serious note, anyone else been impressed by how Biden has handled himself as President elect so far?

    Yeah, he's been kicking butt. Definitely what the country needs and the world wants to see right now.

  4. 1 hour ago, J.C.MacSwell said:

    Agree with Puerto Rico, but surely you aren't suggesting Statehood for American Samoa (better treatment and some provision for voting rights aside)?

    Would personally favor establishing a new official Microstate category(they can vote to become), still with representation, unless interested in joining with other Pacific Territories.

    D.C. would be similarly problematic as a State with its own unique issues.

  5. 3 hours ago, Erina said:

    I found an American study online which shows the following :

    "The FL, traditionally used in growth rooms, led to higher growth rates and deposition of S and G lignins, greater cellulose content, and higher expression of cellulose-synthase 4 (BbCESA4) and cellulose-synthase 7 (BdCESA7) genes."

    ref: https://pubag.nal.usda.gov/catalog/5909483

    Only thing is they have to use sugar to make cellulose. Has to be some kind of tradeoff going on.

  6. 18 hours ago, iNow said:

    You’re clearly a better man than I. 

    I tend to agree. American Samoa comes to mind, too 

    Think I've just lived too long seeing the problems territory status causes for everyone. With representation they could receive the effective investment they need and more broadly better recognition for Latin Americans in general.

    Whole of the Caribbean could be turned into a major growth region on our doorstep with only a smidge of effort.

    ...and yeah American Samoa is another one...  I shake my head at the insanity of what amounts to decades long inaction.

  7. 1 hour ago, iNow said:

    First step in a long process. Puerto Rico basically agreed to petition congress to consider admitting them as the 51st state. Now congress has to actually do something with it and president needs to sign. House will be on board. President Biden will be on board. GOP led senate will block it. A good step though 

    I remain hopeful Republicans might someday realize many Puerto Ricans are socially conservative.

    Would love if we could end up having no Territories in the whole country.

  8. 15 hours ago, Erina said:

    It's a mixture of the two, Wikipedia lists oxygen as a main catalyst requirement for growth, but in the sun had me worried.

    Do you know if an artificial light source such as LED light would have a similarly positive effect, and if there is a wavelength of which would not damage the bacteria, but still allow growth ?

    I don't know of any lighting used in industrial vinegar production. Might still make for some interesting experiments  if you want to give it a shot.

  9. The mother is mostly cellulose and UV radiation seems to increase cellulose production. Wouldn't necessarily be good for the bacteria themselves though.

    From what I've read, companies normally increase oxygen availability to improve production rates.

  10. 23 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    Well... was it very expensive?

    Could you anneal some and find out if that makes a difference?

    The piece I have was twenty dollars, but could probably find it cheaper buying in bulk and use less of it.

    Not sure what I can achieve in the way of temperatures, but I'll give that a try for a piece.


    11 hours ago, Bufofrog said:

    Is the metal still ductile or is it brittle, since there are no crystal grains?

    I'd say brittle. Really noticeable where it has been cut or is tearing. Half wondering if it can be shattered.

  11. 7 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    I listened to a strip of metal. It wasn't noisy.


    Would you like to rephrase your question with less emphasis on the assumption that we can read minds?

     Hard to describe exactly but if you hold it in your hand and give it a quick shake, noise results. Was wondering if it might have some use as a noise maker.

    Made a quick video.





  12. 18 minutes ago, MigL said:

    There are two types of fluid flows in aero/hydrodynamics, compressible and incompressible.
    They can both be modelled by little springs between each fluid particle; when you push against one particle, it pushes against the next via the little interconnecting springs, and the fluid, in effect, compresses.
    If you push too fast, the little springs reach maximum compression, and the particles begin to 'pile up' into a bow wave.
    For air, this happens at Mach 1, and the air effectively becomes incompressible.

    Water is nearly incompressible from the get-go ( also, liquids and solids have transverse 'sound' waves as well as longitudinal ). That's why you see a bow wave on a boat doing 10 mph. That wave is the 'shock' of the particles bunching up because they can't move out of the way fast enough.
    Another ( huge ) problem would be cavitation. This is usually seen in pumps/propellers where the fluid can't flow fast enough into the area behind the pump/propeller blades, creating a low pressure area ( or even vacuum ) which tends to destroy equipment.
    For a plane the shock is the separation where supersonic air is drastically decelerated to subsonic ( inside the shock cone ), and it carries a lot of momentum/energy which is dissipated in the 'sonic boom'.
    If the 'sub' was at a shallow depth, with the surface close by, the spray pattern of the water shock into the air would be extremely interesting. to say the least.

    So the shock wave of travelling through water would be no different than through an incompressible fluid such as supersonic air, except for the cavitation problem, which I didn't consider on Sunday ( and which may make this idea a non-starter ).

    Be noisy if nothing else.  Maybe if the water was kept  away from the hull itself though you could avoid the worst of it.

    In theory if we forego keeping the interior at atmospheric pressure could streamline the hull. If crewed, atmospheric composition and depth changing would have to be taken into consideration though.

  13. Bought a strip off eBay. Trying to figure out if it being noisier than similar strips of metal is just my imagination or not. Any help or thoughts on the subject is appreciated.

  14. Going based off the table in the numerical values section; one is v/c and the other the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of the lorentz factor.

    v is always less than c, so for v/c you end up with: 0 ≤ β < 1

    Now for the reciprocal of the lorentz factor you're doing the equivalent of finding the length of one side of a square with an area equal to the shaded section below.

    Sqrt(1^2 - β^2)


  15. 1 hour ago, zak100 said:

    (bba U aab)*= bba, aab, aab, bba ... or empty

    Can't  we not have bbabbaabaab in the above regular expression?

    (bba)* U (aab)* = bba, bbabba, bbabbabba, empty, aab, aabaab

    Please tell me is my answer correct?




    I want to say it should be:

    (bba)* ∩ (aab)*

    Just to be clear I'm assuming by 'U' you mean Union and by '*' negation.



  16. 2 hours ago, Charles 3781 said:

    Either way, the Moon's energy "expenditure" would seem to be the same. So the Moon  would keep orbiting the Earth at the same distance and speed.  

    The turbines on Earth, couldn't affect the Moon, could they?


    Well, very slowly now mind you, the Moon is gradually moving away and the length of Earth's day increasing. If the Sun wasn't going to expand first, the Earth would end up being tidally locked to the Moon, with the Moon permanently in one spot of the world's sky.

    Relative to the large amount of energy available and already being spent creating a traveling bulge, the impact of conventional tidal power will be pretty minuscule.


    Should note that there are solar tides as well.



  17. 4 hours ago, molbol2000 said:

    There is a contradiction here. If the mitochondria is energy efficient, then the aerobic regimen should provide maximum power. However, high-intensity exercise provided by an anaerobic regimen based on the Cori cycle

    I think the problem is the availability of oxygen though they do make much more ATP.


    This link talks about it in good detail:


  18. 13 hours ago, iNow said:

    You need to ride an elevator to go get some crackers in the covered shopping area before you can reply? You must be hangry. 

    Very hangry. Although I'm being transported by a friend to buy small round cakes of leavened bread from a place where games can be played.



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