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  1. Species grows well pretty much everywhere. I think that's part of why it had never been farmed(as far as we know). I would be concerned with manually harvesting the rhizome in warmer climates though.

    Have been different projects looking into it. As a way to make use of marshy areas, especially with modern harvesting methods, could work out.





  2. 2 hours ago, studiot said:

    My post about the BBC article and some of my other material has really been to highlight that most, if not all, of these matters have been tried before, some of them long ago.


    Yet no one seems to be prepared to analyse and learn from past experience.

    I feel the author's logic is somewhat faulty. They assume vehicles need to stay parked somewhere. Ideally they drop you off and leave the area instead.

    Take awhile to see a true smart setup(and longer for transport mode routing), but even something partial would be leaps and bounds ahead of what we have now. Much more efficient use of space, time and resources.

  3. 3 hours ago, CharonY said:

    There is another aspect to to the whole issue, with is urban planning in much of the US cities are built around cars, Canada tends to be a bit better, though weather in many parts (except for the coasts) have their own challenges. 

    Barcelona has started to build superblocks which reduces traffic and increases areas where walking and bicycling becomes more feasible.


    If planned strategically, public transit and and on-demand cars could become quite a bit more efficient.

    That's a big reason why I'm such a big supporter. With self driving vehicles we could better cities like Peterkin suggests and equally make public transit and the rest more workable.

    Could definitely do some interesting things with them. It could plan routes and arrive/depart exactly when it predicts you'll need it to.


  4. 12 minutes ago, exchemist said:

    Well exactly. Hence my suggestion of hailing driverless cars when you want them...................... 😄

    Yeah, would reduce numbers dramatically if most are in service.

    Would also allow Parking Garages to be so much better. We could reclaim so much land from driveways and parking lots.

  5. 10 hours ago, exchemist said:

    I assume that would be the value FOB.

    On a CIF basis the value would be considerably less. I wonder if it would even have any +ve value after shipment cost is factored in.   

    Keep thinking might work out if we do swaps. Maybe create a KE/PE Market.

  6. Thought this pretty cool creation someone posted over on the Space Subreddit.

    Previously I used this iconic image q4sjBDo.jpg and “unwrapped” the reflection of Buzz Aldrin’s visor to a 360° sphere. It allowed me to see from Buzz’s perspective, and I made a video of it that got to the front page. User u/flabberghastedeel replied to that post with this link https://tothemoon.ser.asu.edu/gallery/Apollo/11/Hasselblad 500EL Data Camera 70 mm#AS11-40-5903 to the Apollo photographs scanned at an ultra high resolution, and downloadable in RAW format. Using that higher quality photo, I created this AEj7db2.jpg unwrapped panoramic 360° image, which I opened in a free 360° viewer (I used PhotoSphere for iOS this time - there are a lot of free ones for both iPhone and Android. You can open it in Google Street View as well.) and recorded this video with it https://i.imgur.com/X87bTej.mp4 .

    In addition to the higher resolution of the film scan and the uncompressed file format, I sharpened and color corrected it in Photoshop rather than on my iPhone like the first one, which led to better results. The visors of the space suits are coated with gold, so I color corrected the gold out of it using the full photo as a color reference to the real word colors. I also added more room in the initial photo crop around the edges of the visor so that when it was unwrapped it would more accurately account for the space in the final 360° image that represents the inside of his helmet. Notice the pale blue dot. I’m glad people enjoyed the first one👍👍



  7. 14 hours ago, storyteller said:

    I think you are confusing the star’s core (or Sun’s core) with our Earth’s core.

     The Earth’s core is made of iron and nickel.

    Where as the Sun’s core is made mostly of hydrogen, with helium coming second as the most abundant element.

    Most of the Sun’s energy come from thermonuclear fusion that take within the Sun’s core, fusing hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei. This hydrogen to helium fusion is a form of Stellar Nucleosynthesis known as proton-proton chain reaction. There are many other forms of Stellar Nucleosynthesis, where more massive stars can result in fusion of elements heavier than helium (heavier elements like carbon, nitrogen oxygen, etc), but for the sake of convenience, I rather you just focused on Nucleosynthesis process that take place in the sun.

    Eventually, the Sun’s core will run out hydrogen nuclei to fuse, and according to astrophysicists’ predict it will occur 4 to 5 billion years from now. This will cause the Sun to change it structure, leading to the main sequence star evolving into red giant star. 

    I don’t see why anyone would be concerned about the sun turning into red giant star, since is so long into the future, and feeling the needs to stop it from occurring.

    Oceans boiling off is predicted in only 1 billion years and will probably be other 'early' impacts.

    Megaprojects to extend the sun's lifespan, colonize and/or evacuate everyone are likely to take considerable time themselves. Need to get started or time will get away from us.

  8. On 7/23/2021 at 7:44 AM, MarkE said:

    Could anyone here actually draw ✏️ the universe on a piece of paper?

    it must be possible, because we can also draw the Solar System, or the Local Group, so why not larger scales? So, is there anyone here who is able to make a rough sketch of how the entire universe would look like?


    Could represent Observable Universe like this. We are at some point on the blue line. Gray lines representing all other big gravitationally bound regions are curving away or separating from us(or from their perspective, we from them).

    What we see of this will depend on whatever light has presently been able to reach us and what there is to actually see.

    1. Conduct Tier-5 Surveillance to determine who is Administrator
    2. Direct operatives to capture Administrator along with hostages
    3. While holding Administrator gesture wildly at hostages while loudly speaking Klingon
    4. Finally, in perfect English, ask Administrator to open Command Prompt
    5. Repeat as needed. Note Administrator may grow wise to Tier-5 Surveillance and require higher Tiers moving forward.
  9. 5 hours ago, Peterkin said:

    Yes, many Americans are woefully ignorant about the rest of the world (etc.) and ready to believe any  pithy dismissal that comes around on their social media.

    And what with the jet stream getting messed up, Canada is particularly vulnerable to climate change, so, actually it's not much colder than most of the US. This is old news and no secret.

    But all that stuff about people "promising" to move here? Obvious hyperbole. It's not that easy to pick up your stuff and move to another country. It is another country - with a border that's still closed afaik, and no easy or instant entry for new immigrants who want to find accommodation and earn a living.

    Did happen when people were draft dodging back in the day. Would be hard for majority but some could definitely manage.


    On 7/1/2021 at 6:22 AM, ScienceNostalgia101 said:

    Do people actually have this caricatured version of Canada being incredibly cold, all the time, or is this just fallen back on as an excuse for making promises on which one didn't have a plan to follow through?

    Probably joking, though IMO most here would likely to imagine the Interior regions in Winter, when they think of 'Canadian temperatures'.

  10. 7 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    Tax law...?

    Hoping Biden's plan for global minimum gets enough backing. Be good to stop the shenanigans.


    On 7/21/2021 at 9:23 AM, StringJunky said:

    That probably explains it. Thanks.

    Welcome. Amazon's ecosystem is definitely bit weird when it comes to accounts.

  11. 4 hours ago, Intoscience said:

    You could go back into the past and have no direct impact on your own timeline which would have prevented you going back, so no issues there. It's rather the possibility that you might alter the past to change the future in a way that prevents you going back in the first place which is the problem. These are the paradoxes that would violate causality, so logically there should be some mechanism to prevent the paradoxes happening, or time travel into the past is just impossible.


    As far as  we know, Causality is limited to the speed of light. So might be able to avoid paradoxes in some cases.

  12. 15 hours ago, Intoscience said:

    AFAIK there is no mathematical reason why time travel into the past is not possible (someone may correct me on this).

    I think the issue is maybe more around the causality aspect. Essentially unless some rules are introduced, like splitting timelines, multiverses etc... then going back in time creates paradoxes, the "grandfather paradox" probably being the most popular one. Where time travelling into the past may allow effect to precede cause, which violates logic and the laws of nature.  e.g. You go back in time and kill your grandfather, which prevents you being born, which stops you going back in time to kill your grandfather...

    Obviously if time travel was possible then there would have to be some mechanism to prevent paradoxes happening, hence timeline splits, or multiverses,  or no matter how you attempt to change the past something happens to prevent it etc... 

    In some cases you might be able to hoodwink the Universe.

    Jump to the past far enough away and the butterfly effect can't spread back to create paradoxes/loops/etc.

    Inside event horizons should be somewhat sheltered regions too.

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