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  1. New hotmail accounts don't have the ability to use the HTTPMail functionality of OE, can't remember why MS decided to do that, but they have...
  2. 1) If you have a fully conducting sphere of charge -2q, on it's own not touching anything else, and another fully conducting sphere charge 0, which is identicle to the first, and you connect them together with a wire which is infinitly conductive, and small enough so that it is irrelevent in calculations, the charge over the whole system is -2q if you disconnect the wire then each sphere has charge -q on them. This is because there is no where else for the charges to go, the potential at the surface of both spheres has to be the same, and as they are identicle then the charge contained has to be the same... 2) I can't actually remember it's something to do with as their are more free electrons on the conductor they will flow back there every time it is rubed against the insulator, so a VERY small charge is built up on the insulator it is just insignificant...
  3. My advice, install linux, will make setting up a little server much more useable. Win xp doesn't really like running headless (no monitor, and not sure if it'll run at all without a graphics card? not something I've tried), or running as a server (esspecailly home) if you do really want to use xp, you can set up file shares etc... not sure if you can open them to the internet or just to your local network, but that is much more annoying in xp home/98. What I would do is put linux on the machine, install an FTP daemon, (or just set up one installed with the distro base install depending on the distro), that would allow for security and easily accessable from remote locations. (Internet explorer can act as an ftp client to connect and download etc...) But becareful because some ISP's really don't like you doing that kind of thing. It is also possible to set up ftp daemons on windows, but I wouldn't recomend it.
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    GCSEs: My high school, had around 400 people/year there where around 5 invidulators (not teachers) in each exam, and a few teachers, and also for some exams there where people from the exam board making sure the school where running it all correctly. Alevel: about the same number of invidulators but all of them where external people...
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    I start a week on monday, also in no perticular order: Thermal Physics (laws thermodynamics and some statistical physics) Waves and Oscillators (wave motion, forced harmonic motion, shm etc...) Electomagnetisim I (guases law, amperes law, and the bio-savat law, and a few other things which I can't remember at present) Maths II (complex numbers, matrices, coordinate types, div, grad, curl, line integrals, surface integrals, volume integrals, fourier analysis, fourier transforms, dirac delta, Stokes's theorem and the divergence theorem) All good fun
  6. Your majour concern here will be power consumption and heat disapation, I would strongly advise not using a desktop (or probably even a laptop depending on size) processor in this, also have you considered which os you are going to run?
  7. I'm just going to point out to you that IBM helps develop the linux kernel, and put their own research into it. "Linux is hacked up constantly" if you mean maintained and altered, then yes it is, if you mean bodged with little patches to solve funny security holes in perviouse hacks then I ask if you've fun windows update recently.... The "linux method" takes into account the needs of the people who actively develop it if you want it to solve a specific problem download the code and edit it yourself, if you thinks others will like it give it back to the community. "Anyways I read that IBM's VM can host hundreds of linux operating systems as "guests" therefore simulating hundreds of servers." <--- I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, you can run virtual machines ontop of existing operating systems if that is the case then have a look at something like VMware. If you mean having lots of people connected at once, then linux and even windows server can handle that, (take a look at x server) And as Silencer said try using a mainframe for desktop usage... And on another note have a look at Solaris, it's a UNIX system, and has therefore been in development since around 1965, is that more or less "perfect" than IBM's equivalents?
  8. Well F=sum of all the forces = ma + mgSinTheta ma = 6000 as you got Theta = the angle between the incline and the ground (arctan(1/10)) mg = force due to gravity. I got an answer of 7171N which is wrong according to your given answer so I'd probably assume I'm getting something wrong or missing something.
  9. Differnt OS's are good for different things, IBM's os's are not great desktop os's, and incidently are nearly all if not completly all UNIX systems. There are lots of programs that wont load on limited ram systems, we've got a UG suite of mac's, and it's very very easy to be using matlab (a matrics maths program) and have memory errors with just a few hundred elements. http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/z890/glance.html Thats the cheapest server that IBM sell for their z/OS to run on, it has gigabytes of RAM
  10. Access is the evil spawn of saten, I've never liked the way it handels sql, or the sql it outputs itself
  11. My old college scraped general studies before I started they reconed they could make more money from Key skills, at least some unis accept GS a-level, key skills is a joke... Anyway getting to my point, when I started at the college our "school of science and mathematics" had a physics department containing, 1 administrator, 3 full time lectuers, 1 part time lecturer, 1 technition. The year before it had 5 full time lecturers, the number of students taking physics had stayed the same, there had been no recruitement effort or even a suggestion that there would be any more staff recruited, halfway through my first year the part time one quit, 1 of the full times quit and another of the full time's wen on long term sickness (she had a terminal illness ). So our 1 lecturer had to cover 2 to 3 lectures every single slot, there was no cover hired, or any suggestion that any would be hired untill the beginning of the next year (I know of at least 2 people who contacted the college and offered their services, both with teaching qualifications and with doctorets in phyiscs, one of which had just retired as a physics prof), the college would not even look at their CV's or talk to them about it. So having very little teach about 1/3 of the class passed the first year the beginning of the next year, and the above mentioned retired uni prof was hired as a part time cover lecture (he was doing 2 afternoons a week), at this point the one remaining physics lectuer was signed off will long term sickness, and never returned, this was at the beginning of my second year, within a few weeks, there was nothing done until after xmas when they got another cover lecture to cover for about 3 days a week (making a total of 4 days of lecturers being in the department). I fortunatly passed my a-level but I know many people who failed it due to lack of teaching :'(
  12. well you'll need to work out the angle between the ground and the incline, using trig. Then if we consider that gravity is pullin down on the car with a force = Mg, and part of this force is in the direction of travel, we can use the angle above to work out how much of this force is in the direction of motion, you'll find if you draw it out that the angle between the Reactant force on the car, and the direction of the force due to gravity is the same as the one between the incline and the ground, so that can tell us that the part of the force in the direction of motion of the car is MgSin(Angle), so the breaking force will also have to compensate for this. Sorry I'm not being too clear, don't want to do the whole question for you, and I'm quite tired
  13. For PDA's you'll want to look at people like ARM, but they arn't cheap, not even sure if you can buy them on their own...
  14. If I have the choice of whether to get a ps2 game or a PC game even when I was a windows only user I always went for the ps2 one, it's just so much easier...
  15. Longhorn has had anything interesting either removed or it will be back ported to xp (Avalon backported, winfs removed), it's another case of MS saying "we're going to fix windows this time and bring you something completely new", and then just releasing something very similar with a new shiny cover, I'm not anticipating it, it is a a long time comming too, XP will be an old os when it is released.
  16. Taken from: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/relationship/document_view
  17. You didn't think to inverveen for what he likes to describe as his "sanity" Seriousely though dave you really need to practice on the other games and get to be good all rounder
  18. I duel boot, you need to create partitians on your hard disk (or use a second disk which is what I do) one for your windows install, and one for your linux install. It's a bit more complicated than installing a single os but still quite simple, search google for how to's on linux windows duel booting.
  19. qCAD: http://www.ribbonsoft.com/qcad.html What I use for CAD work. I like ubuntu, made a decision to install it instead of Fedora Core, decided I prefered the update cycle to fedora.
  20. Some games will run without it (UT2004 forexample should play, never tried though)
  21. Hi, in the UK everyone at highschool is required to take both science and maths untill the end of high school, but they are also required to take English, RE (to a lesser extent), a modern foreighn language and some humanity subject and some others which I can't remember, I feel the key to a good high school education (that's up to the age of 16 over here) is a broad education, covering lots of differnt aspects, specilising on one thing can make people who are not so good at that one thing feel very depressed and put them off of school altogether.
  22. conservation of angular momentum is the law which is used.
  23. I would also recommend http://www.distrowatch.com for looking at differnt distrobutions.
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