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  1. it *should* be out autum 2006, well that's the last thing ms has said. BUT the majority of the interesting things which where to be part of longhorn (winfs etc...) have now been removed and put back for the version of windows after this. The two most interesting things in longhorn which are avalon and indigo are both being backported to windows XP.. So why upgrade?
  2. Klaynos


    It depends on what distrobution you decide to use tbh... some are great, some are not so great, depending what you want to do. The big thing that has already been said unless you want to pay for a windows emulator no more games (I duel boot for games)...
  3. I was thinking the same thing before getting to your post. If you just want to learn a language for the hell of it, java is harder than some BUT will teach you very strict programing methods which are good for the less strict languages...
  4. Results 1 - 10 of about 65,000 for ghosts "do not exist". That seems like compelling evidence to ME! Let us belive you for a moment, the things which you have taken photos of, did you see them with your own eyes or only on the camara/processed photos?
  5. Firstly, for something to be studied by science it has to be reproduceable. So the event you first talk about CANNOT be studied and no good theory can be dejuced from the evidence provide (or lack of it). Secondly with your own pictures you mention the flash for one of them, was the flash turned on for all the pictures? As this could conceivably create a result such as this. Now on to some spuriouse noncense as some time of explination for some of this kind of weird stuff. I have see proper research groups conduct research into "supernatureral" events, they where investigating sensations of ghosts and vision in some tunnels several hundred years old in England (the people involved did not know the stories etc...). There was a significant corolation beween the events that occured and the stories, including details as close as a girl of around 11 years old. There was also a significant corolation between the locations and times of these events with weird and suttle changes in the earths gravitaional field (a weird one i thought), and drafts, very low wind currents. Although this was probably around 10 years ago I last heard anything about this so I may be recalling things wrong and of course it may well have been complete rubbish which is highly likely although there was some quite well know scientists involved. So in conclution then, I don't belive that this is anything real it's just coincidence. And btw just because a teacher or group of teachers say something doesn't mean it's true.
  6. From my personal experiance practice LOTS of integration esspecially of trig functions, and integrating by parts etc...
  7. Klaynos


    Just on a little side note when talking about vectors the true equation is: [math]\bold {F} = \bold {B} \times I \bold {l}[/math] When B is always perpendicular to l then: F=BIl is true.
  8. So, forgive me if I've got you wrong, but you are trying to form a new coordinate set instead of the standard cartessian x,y,z set? Surely this is trying to generare (3+n)Dimention shapes in 3D space which is very very difficult at the best of times? Have you ever looked at polar coordinate sets? [math](\rho,\theta,\phi)[/math] etc...
  9. Radio waves are a type of EM radiation, which I think I remember being effected by gravity (light bending around stars and things)... So yes.
  10. If you want a learning experiance don't go for something like slackware, fedora, mandriva or linspire as they are supposed to be quite simple as well, if you've got lots of time gentoo is supposed to be fun, debian is a solid server os, I'd also say have a go at bsd if you want to have an experiance, never used it myself though. After using ubuntu you might want to try using a differnt package sytem instead of debs.
  11. As far as I know you do not have to register it anywhere, it's just an agreement between yourself and the people using the software.
  12. Two objects of identicle dimentions of different densities are effected in an identifle way by air resistance, but due to different densities have a different mass, and hit the ground at the same time. Unless there is some weird gravitaional anomaly which is effecting one of the, which is highly unlikely. I belive this is called the universality of free fall... Although I'm not entirely sure.
  13. Klaynos

    Hex Pi?

    It's because I've learnt it from a computing perspective, by bit I mean digit, an individule 0 or 1.
  14. Klaynos

    Hex Pi?

    As I understood it binary bits represent the following: ... 16 8 4 2 1 . 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 ... so 00010.0100 Would be 2.25 Depending on the type of binary bit for example a 10 bit mantissa and 4 bit exponant in 2's comp designates which bits are before or after the decimal place, and the values which they take. I also belive it is possible to expland this system to hex although I can't really rember so it'd be something like: ...256 16 1 . 1/16 1/256...
  15. Depending how seriouse you are, the way to get the best effects is to model objects and render them in 3d applications and add them to your move frame by frame. (The last scoobe doo film was done using 3d models for all the special effects using free opensource software running on linux)
  16. I second this when on linux I use xchat and if I wasn't so lazy would use it on windows too, on windows I use hydraIRC though which works...
  17. Thanks Johnny5...
  18. Thanks. That would be normal dispersion, there are 3 types: Normal: when vg < vp None: when vg = vp Anomalous: when vg > vp It is this third for which I have no examples, and was searching for some, wikipedia appears to be little help...
  19. Just for physical examples of anomalous dispersion...
  20. Just a quick question came up today in some revision had a quick google and found a couple of things but was wondering if anyone here could give me some... Examples of anomalous dispersion, when said in relation to phase and group velocities of wavlettes and wave packets...
  21. Just a quick note weight is measured in units of Newtons, not grams, this is a unit of mass.
  22. It is possible to pull data off a hard drive even after these "delete stuff for real" tools have been used sometimes due to the way modern disks work by copying data from areas with bad sectors to clean areas it leaves behind and ignores the old data... Is that the kind of thing you mean?
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