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  1. http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCards Have a look there have a look for the card and the arcitecture which it is. If it isn't there you mayneed to either download a new madwifi driver if one exists for it, or us ndiswrapper and use a windows driver. If it is listed and doesn't work open up a terminally and type: iwconfig ADAPTERNAME channel WIFICHANELLUSED Replacing adaptername and wifichanellused with the channel used, then type: ifconfig ADAPERNAME up and iwlist ADAPTERNAME scan It should give you a list of all the wifi networks that are inrangeI recently set up wifi on my ubuntu desktop (a dlink dwl-g520) with a atheros chipset. after working out it was the wrong channel it worked fine. If it picks up the adapter then my guess is it isn't configured properly and the channel is the most likely culpret. If you want to asking me anything pop onto IRC
  2. I belive you need to use teh Bio-savat (spelling is very wrong) to work out the B field from the cylinder which would then simply sum with the other uniform field.
  3. Oh! I remember that experiment wrote my end of module report on that one heeh There are formulae which can tell you the induced current created in coil of wire, this requires you to know the B field of the magnet which you are putting through it. Unfortunatly someone has "organised" my EM notes so I might not be able to give you the full picture... You'll be wanting to use Faraday-lenz Law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday%27s_law_of_induction http://en.wikipedia.org/math/6f958596c8e25f96f7d429f8937fcc65.png is the specific formulae which you will find useful where V is the induced EMF on the coil, N is the number of coils and dphi/dt is the rate of change of flux.
  4. Nuclear energies are relativly small, if memory seves me right a fusion decay is normally in the region of 10MeV On the particle accelerator note, my thoughts about one "half the size of the solar system" is, where are we going to get the resources from to build it?
  5. It depends on how well the superconductor reacts to the drop in temperature, which I belive changes between differnt types so for differnt superconductors the resistance to it's electron being induced into a current will be different and therefore the B fields induced by the flowing current will be different, if you can work out the resistance for different temperatures and use differnt liqufied gases and mixes of them to get different superconductors to the same resistance then the height would be the same. Or at least that is my interpritation of my sketcy understanding of it
  6. That is also my knowledge. And the speaker idea using stars instead, we'd have to get probes out to starts to search where we calculate the interfearence patterns should be, and also forgive me if my memory serves me incorectly but don't the sources have to be coherent?
  7. ok well newtons laws tell us that: F=ma you state that you have an acceleration of 5m/s-2, and a mass of 10000 kilogram (assuming you ment a metric ton?) This will provide you with the breaking force. As for breaking efficiency I'm afraid it was a long time ago I did that so cannot remember.
  8. Yep people are still studying it, why because it is very interesting, and can lead to real world solutions to problems such as quantum encryption and entanglement.
  9. And as we don't know how to shield them (if it is even possible), we can't do this experiment.
  10. If you know the energy levels of the electrons you can use: E=hf Where E is the energy of the photon (the energy "leap" of the electron"), h is Planks constant, and f is the frequency of the photon produced.
  11. My problem is I have range for analogue values, and I know the speration voltage for the voltage levels, but then I get asked about max and min rounding errors and I have no idea how to calculate it. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. There was a girl in my a-level phyics class who is currently on a year out before doing a physics degree, she had retaken GCSE physics 3 times, and when I knew her it was her 4th resit of the a-level, which she had never passed :'(
  13. there are LOTS of modulouses that you could find experimentally: youngs bulk shear poisson. Also you could always have a look at the termal properties of it, it's probabably experimentally possible to find some of the thermodynamic parameters for it.
  14. Klaynos


    how about 384MB he could be refereing to that?
  15. Not by a long way in my experiance, my brothers just bought the non sli version of that card, which is identicle other than sli, and it does not have on board graphics (I just checked the back of it for the port), also I can't find any mention of it on gigabytes website, so I asume that it doesn't have it. On board graphics is normally suitable for machines as long as you don't want a games machine, if you do want a games machien then some games will work, but not all. It is suitable for most people who just want a machine for typing letters though.
  16. I would say quantum is harder for most people to visulise, and therefore harder for most to understand.
  17. have you tried booting from the windows xp disk and attempting to reformat/reinstall that way?
  18. As far as I know that motherboard does not have an onboard graphics adaptor.
  19. not ashamed but I have a hard enough time as it is without having to explain a towel to the the know-less-men
  20. I think it opens friday here too... although can't really remember... and as stated: <Klaynos> urr I wasn't planning on taking my towel, need to try and appear as non-geeky as possible the books are top of my next to start reading (again, got them for xmas read them immediately been too busy to read again )
  21. a good url for you is http://www.distrowatch.com Lots of linux distros are listed there. When you are looking at a specific distribution, there is table of the different versions currently released. If you look for: Processor Architecture If PPC (PowerPC) is listed then that means that there is a mac version avaliable as they run PPC processors. Most if they support PPC will also have documentation about how to install etc... Good luck, I'm planning on installying ubuntu linux tomorow or the day after on a i386. I would probably suggest that before you adopt an os try out the live cd, alot of distros do these, they are cd's which you boot streight into an installed os, no need to install it on your hard disk.
  22. have you tried cleaning the computer, it can make a big difference to how warm computers get.. Untill the computer melts... You'll probably also find that it just ends up keeping the room cool for a little while then the heat transpher out of the box will exceep the rate at which it's moving it back in and you'll be back where you started...
  23. By that same sentimant the moon should fall into the earth, centripetal forces etc... Angular momentum... but,,, The classical model DOES fail, we predicting things using the classical model, go and do an experiment to prove or disprove what we predict it disproves it. We look confussed for a while, some bright spark comes along and thinks up quanutm theory, we predict, we test IT WORKS!!!!! Classical theory is not complete. It belives electrons are particles, which is wrong, and can be proved wrong. I can't actually remember much more about the bohr model or why it's wrong...
  24. Some little formulae that I know from memory... (m and M are masses, F is the force applied on m due to gravity.) g (acceleration due to gravity) = F/m g=-GM/r^2 so: F/m = -GM/r^2 F = -GMm/r^2 The force is related to the mass of both objects.
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