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  1. I know that seems suspicious but honestly that has to be coincidental. I think some people get so consumed in movies and books, etc. and then believe every far fetched thing that could happen.
  2. I have not noticed the warmth this winter at all. I have had more snow and freezing temperatures this year then I can remember. My school has missed 5 days. 3 of snow and 2 due to the wind chill being so low. Although it was weird that one day this week it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit and then the next day 73 degrees Fahrenheit, but that was only a few days. The weather is crazy sometimes.
  3. I know numerous of people that watched this video called loose change and they devoutly believe that The President bombed the trade center towers and the pentagon and that there were no planes to begin with. Kind of crazy when hundreds of people stood and saw the planes hit the buildings! http://www.loosechange911.com
  4. WOW.....people will believe almost anything these days!!!
  5. If it's so wrong for humans to kill and eat animals, then why is it not wrong for animals to eat other animals. If it's so wrong then why aren't we stopping animals from eating other animals by separating them or whatnot. Some people might say "well that's just nature, that's how animals are." If that's so, then my eating a hamburger should be considered nature......Just an idea.
  6. I am, how? If I am a born-again christian, soon to be filled with the holy ghost, how am I gonna go to hell by fallowing Jesus. And plus I'm aginst sinful things such as homosexuality.
  7. Well, as a christian, I put all my beliefs on the bible. Therefor, when I am gonna debate on something, I will put my religious beliefs towards that, becasue that is how I live.
  8. um......ok you scare me, who is James.....Fred.........!
  9. I will say that my comment about feeding my eyes to rats was a little creepy, but hey, it was to the point.
  10. yes, but it's not like we aint got no room to burry people
  11. The bible talks about how homosexuality will come to pass, saying that men will be lovers of men and weman will be lovers of weman. The bible says it's wrong. The bible says that a man shall not lie down with a man and a women shall not lie down with a women. It is wrong. A person is not born this way. It is just how they coose to live. I am strongly aginst it. I wish they would bann it from being on t.v. and everywhere else in the media.It seems that every single t.v. show has to have someone gay on it. It's sad how people are this way and how they choose to be this way. If God wanted it to be this way, he would have created Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve.
  12. I will say he was a bit hard to understand, but I think he was there to add some humor to the story.
  13. Well, it's not spoken as a dominate lanuage in any country. It was created by someone who must have been really board. It's not reconized as a real lanuage, such as spanish, french. If you want to, I guess you could call it a branch off of english. Igpay-atinlay isway unfay!
  14. When I'm dead, people can do what every they want to my body. I aint there. I'm off in heaven. They can rip out my eyes and feed them to rats. I don't care. But I don't see the point of throwing them into space. It's not like we are running out of places to burry people.
  15. That is true, television isn't always truthful, but when they did this documentarty, they had interviewd scientist and doctors on this matter, which I would home would be telling the truth. That is why I sordda believe this. If you think about it, you always hear if you crack your knuckles, they would get larger. I crack my knuckels numerous times a day and they aint got bigger.
  16. There was a documentary on 20/20 or one of thoes shows about myths, lies, and flat out stupidity. They had a thing on nuckle cracking. They said that it is not harmful and does not cause artharitis, or make them larger. They said that air pockets get into your joints is all of your body from sometimes not moving them. When you "pop" them, your releasing the air.Thats why if you watch t.v. for a long time and then move, you knees sometimes pop, there was air pockets in there from not moving.
  17. I speak pig-latin, even though it aint a real lanuage.lol Igpay-atinlay isway unfay!
  18. I personally aint sure about there being an Atlantis. You would think that scientist today could somehow have technology to find it.
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