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  1. but how do u know that plants dont have pain maybe not a thought processed pain but for example the shock of losing leaves, limbs, fruit etc causing them to cease living. what says both plants or animals shouldnt be eaten? How is it not natural to eat animals? or a bad thing?
  2. that they are not doing the same as meat eaters and killing a life? Who says the corn wants to be cultivated in a square field? Then reaped to be cut down and eaten? Why can't its seed be left to create more corn? Who says the the carrot wants its food reserve to be traken from it for its leaves to wither and die? Yes there are cruel means of killing animals used and they SHOULDN'T torture them to kill them or house them in bad conditions.....but also plants are living things too and when you cut them they bleed-maybe not blood but their equivalent of a circulatory system fluid. So in the end who really cares more about nature and loves plants/animals? neither of us carnivores or herbivores alike; we eat to survive and like lions who rip the flesh of the antelope or such other animals and even occasionally graze on some grass we kill other LIVING THINGS to gain nutrition. Lets just try and do it without torture but to claim your vegetarian/vegan because eating animals is bad is down right hypocritical-poor plants devoured everyday also like animals all the same. I appreciate all that I eat everyday whether from animal or plant life but I still have canines for a reason and one stomach not two. Just a thought not the gospel truth.
  3. Teri

    Abortion Survey...

    Wow, the debate is really good...somewhat strayed from the original question but I understand and appreciate people's views...just so that u guys kno its just a question at the moment i'm probably---prochoice although personally for myself my choice would be anti-abortion. However, I chose this very sensitive topic because i wanted to kno whether people take into consideration the psychological issues from something as unfortunate as rape. Especially from those who are anti-abortion because its pretty obvious a pro-choice person may just say sure go ahead have an abortion. But an anti-abortion person may change there mind due to the circumstance (or maybe not). Either way I believe the situation brings psychological damage no matter how you look at it: rape victim will be distaught from the rape; living through carrying her attackers child (a constant reminder); if she chooses to abort the trauma from that physically and emotionally; the pain of giving away her child if adoption is chosen; or the pain of never really knowing what kind of life the child could have had with her; Most importantly too the child's life taken away and any pain associated with that; the pain n adopted child will envitably feel through lack of knowing their true roots and the pain of knowing you were not wanted/planned or your father was a rapist. All very deep issues, I just pray no one has to go through this, but if they do that the choice they make gives them peace at its best (if possible). Thanks....and the talk goes on!
  4. Teri

    Abortion Survey...

    I'm doing a survey on public opinion on Abortion the specific question is: For those persons that disagree with abortion would you change your mind based upon the following situation question: Can you consider rape victims abortions justifiable based upon lack of consented intent to become pregnant? Thanks for any responses I get please state whether your male or female by typing (m) or (f) next to your response and if I'm lucky enough your age too thanks a million. I hope to get at least 100 responses through online responses and in person responses. Teri
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