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  1. I got 5 of those, darn that tricky "of"
  2. Yea, I saw an article on this a while back... http://www.popsci.com/popsci/aviation/article/0,20967,473272-1,00.html good stuff...just wear earplugs
  3. Why stop at government to citizens? If you want to upscale it the same situation could be drawn from two warring countries and their subsidiaries, and a whole bunch of new factors enters the equation: Strategy, Military Status, Citezen population, etc. I'll admit there would be still some complications in converting the problem from one scale to another and factoring in all the new twists. I mean, seeing as how each problem only gets bigger as you work your way up the scale.
  4. Maybe its just that some people are trying to pull out of a free trade agreement because of being too proud of their country's individual history. In any case, a country cannot restrict entertainment laws because they feel it threatens national Identity, the entertainment industry is too expansive to keep seperated. That's like putting the ban on file sharing or bootleg DVDs, just on a national level.
  5. I think National Identity is a point of view. There are so many aspects of your average country that just about everyone has a different view of it. So if a powerful person were to think "hmm, my country is defined by our markets and unique products" they would, if to preserve Nat. Id., probably constrict market trade to keep them from importing or exporting too much.
  6. Keeping national Identity is a very important balance, because on the one hand the economy of most countries balances with immigration, foreign trade, etc. in the mix. However, a country needs to establish the national identity so that it can be looked at as a true and different country instead of a minor backwater nation run by foreign influence. A very delicate balance must be obtained between the economy and the nation standing out.
  7. The fact that there is only one object makes the discussion of whether or not gravity exists moot. Gravity is caused, simply, by mass. If there is mass, there is Gravity. There just isn't anything for it to effect!
  8. I'm gonna have to say the next number is six, and I reason it this way...the difference in the two numbers is the next number, only excepting that -1 to 0 is no a change of zero. So I'm probly wrong, but that's my guess.
  9. Going back, how's this? The following night 2 men check back in for 15 dollars each. the same situation happens and the bellhop thinks "well, they can't divide 5 dollars between 2 people, so he keeps 3. The men each get a dollar back, so they paid 14 dollars each. 14x2=28+3=31. that's your extra dollar!!!>)
  10. Probably a stupid question...Say a person were on a platform freefalling toward the ground at a high speed. If, at the exact instant before impact, that person were to either push directly opposite the downward force (jumping up) or leapt sideways, would it kill enough speed to keep them alive?
  11. I believe that Stem cell research has a line across it designating what is or isn't moral. I firmly believe that to completely clone a person is not moral. However, if the embryo from which the cells are taken reaches the point where it develops a certain kind of cell (bone/tissue/muscle) instead of multi-use ones, it should be considered to be a living organism from whom it is immoral to copy cells. Just a suggestion.
  12. Why does rotation of a body create gravity(like in space, I mean)?
  13. "An eye in a blue face saw an eye in a green face, and said 'that eye is like to this eye, but in low place not in high place.'" A: Sun on the Daisies
  14. Then it would not be an eye in a GREEN face...
  15. Kingpin1989


    I am very sorry, but I must speak my mind. I am a supporter of President Bush and I would like to say a bit. Many Kerry supporters have argued that we as America have lost more jobs in the term of Bush than in any other presidency. Well, you have to consider the fact that the Bush administration had to deal with 9/11, and that absolutely CRUSHED the stock market and the general economy plunged, therefore due to the business cycle the major corperations started to lay people off. They have to be careful in business, otherwise they end up on the street. So the economy (which was already dropping during Clinton's idiocy) took an even deeper plunge.
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