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  1. LOL.. if i had an autograph by JESUS.. i wouldn't sell it for anything!
  2. if the universe IS infinite, then it is possible for an infinite number of identical earths with idental history.. but hey.. im pretty sure by the time one earth shows up with the same history along with a second earth.. the first earth would be gobbled up by a supernova or something .. unless all earths started at the SAME time .. and everything happened exactly the SAME.. omg, im scared by that thought.. !___________!
  3. i just read that it was hidden before because its at a 45 degree angle, so.. does this mean that people will start discovering more and more planets since they've never looked in this area before?
  4. Nisou

    True or False?

    1) False 2) False 3) False 4) True 5) False 6) False 7) True 8) True 9) True 10) True Am i close?
  5. This isnt a homework question, just something i was wondering while flipping through my chem textbook, i was looking at a chart and it shows the heating process of both pure methanol compared to 75% water and 25% methanol when pure methanol is heated, it just starts going up and a pretty uniform rate.. but when the mixture of water and methanol is heated, it goes up slowly for around 2.5 seconds.. and then starts going up much faster than pure methanol, why is this? is there a.. building-up-energy time or something when heating up mixtures, or is it only in this example? thanks in advance =)
  6. Hey, if you have the money, why not shoot your body into space when you die.. along with lots of other bodies? this way, your body is very well preserved, and has a 1 in 4 chance of aliens finding your body and making you alive again! (1 in 4 chance part was meant as a joke) so, you would either be found one day by something.. or end up burning in a star =), hmm.. what you think lol
  7. thank you so much, im looking at the first site right now, i guess ill live in those forums for a little =) thanks again
  8. so lets put the X.. and the Y.. and the .. @_@, perhaps there is a constant in your head somewhere that doesnt change? or does every part of the brain change? is there any part of "personality" or "you" that stays the same cuz u were born that way?
  9. so basically once you've lost your memory, you are basically dead eh?
  10. If you dont remember ever doing something that people said you did, then, are you the same person as the "person" that actually did the "thing"?? does every second of life determine who you are, if even 1 second was missed, would you be the same person? this is kinda psychological.. but im curious
  11. 1) Is angina a condition or a disease? 2) Why is it that energy produces bonds e.g. 2H2 + 02 = 2H20 while the same happens with breaking bonds? 3) Why can you not predict what happened 3mins before the beginning of the universe? 4) Are you trying to argue against the teacher? anyways, "How would you explain the quantum view of the universe to somebody who believes that every position of everything in the universe is predefined because you can workout the result of an event" (i believe in the predefinedness =)) 5) What is the point of the zeroth law of thermodynamics - If A=B And B=C then A must = C (uh, its common sense) 6)What are those 3D animated graphs of quantum mechanics that show like a sheet jumping up and down- what do they represent?? (i dont understand this cuz i dont do that stuff) 7) Why does N2 have an odd number of neutrons (O_O i dont know, but mr YT says its cuz its a molecule =)) 8) Why is NH3 Alkaline (im starting to feel stupid) 9) Is there any point in looking at stars through a small telescope/binocular, surely you will only see a point of light? (o_o you get to see it more clearly O_O) 10) When light hits an electron it jumps an electron orbit; how come all things lighted dont have that effect? (did i rephrase it correctly?) 11) Are there photons in elctromagnetic waves? (isnt gamma ray a photon thing =/) 12) What are photons pockets made of? I think they are made of photons 13) Did anybody else have the romantic idea of a candle-lit dinner? 14)What is the result of a reaction between CuSO4+ Sodium Bicarbinate= A gas and Green what?? (i think it results in a gas and more green gas) 15) Don't you put it in your mouth.. (dont you put it in your mouth) you could get sick! bleh.. very sick bleh!! (i loved this song =)) woot!! the power of my teenage mind i have rephrased for all you ppl cuz you guys helped me so much =)
  12. for me, when i read fast, nothing stays in my head.. read slow, everything does and i actually remember how the page looks like for some reason.. anyways, what i do when i REALLY have to get the reading done, is read in blocks, and put the words together in the back of my head while my eyes go forward to the next block of words, i normally do 6-7 words at a time
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