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  1. Ah. I'm going to bed. Tired to type.
  2. Which of your questions did I not answer? By "want", I meant that they think it would be in their best interest, and decide to do it. Who would actually "want" that? I'm so tired, I accidentally slipped back into my native language for a second. I really should get to bed. Somehow, I know it won't happen.
  3. Like perchlorate, but with manganese, I know about that stuff. I meant to ask if pomegranates had anything to do with permanganates.
  4. Rape, of course, is non consensual. "Not at all" is consensual. There's nothing in between.Nowadays, on the rare occasion I stray into the city, I can hardly go anywhere without being attacked by young women and prostitutes, but this might just be because I am so gorgeous. I don't take advantage of them. I specifically avoid bars, but then, I don't drink anyways. The younger generation is different than my own. Maybe I am just thinking about the people in my area, but I found my post to be accurate. My question for you; Why don't you think I respect women? People shouldn't be allowed to have abortions just because they want to. You need to have a valid reason, such as rape. It's not irrelevant. Every life or life to be matters.
  5. We have different ideas about what life is. Life starts at conception, that is my belief. I don't believe any stage of fetus could be called a cyst. Life is life. I don't believe illegitimate rape exists. You were raped legitimately or not at all. A very small, yet existent one.
  6. I know that women do not want to have abortions. I do not post strawmans. I know what happens in an abortion. Some women, however, refuse to be responsible with their bodies, then do not want to pay the price later, at the expense of another's life.
  7. Legitimate rape is the one time I find abortion acceptable. One incredibly ignorant person said that. Definitely the worst my party has to offer.
  8. Prior preparation prevents poor performance. - my motto
  9. I'm very supportive of woman's rights, and I'm okay with birth control. I do not think that abortion is a valid means of birth control. People justify abortion by saying fetuses aren't human. Well, Hitler justified the killing of millions of innocent people by calling them less than human. What makes abortion better than that? I'm not saying girls can't be interested in chemistry. Far from it. Is making charcoal, in your opinion, a post a man or a woman would most likely have started? I couldn't tell you how a girl talks, unless it's one of the younger generation that says "like" after every other word. But I can definitely tell. I knew hyper was a girl, before someone told me.
  10. Oookay... Okay, the conservative part was a bit insensitive. But the fact is, women are less likely to be conservative than men. I do respect women, you know. I don't turn them into sexual objects, or base my opinions of them based on appearance, like so many men do. I really do think we need to clear up this issue of my gender with phi, I won't say anything like that again. Sorry.(edit: was the -1 really necessary?)
  11. That was a quote from an old movie. No one responded, so I thought you all got a good laugh at it. Seriously though, you thought I was a GIRL all this time? I'm a conservative, post subjects only men could possibly be interested in, and definitely don't talk like a girl. Frankly, I'm offended.
  12. Phi, isn't it immature to call people she's? Or are you talking about someone else? I am a HE. I know he isn't a mod, I just suspected that he was conspiring with mods to confuse me. Maybe you're the one who's confused. I'm perfectly capable of reading intellectual things, I just think the guide used an awful lot of words to say not much at all. Short, and to the point is my style. I've never heard of bb code before, is the only difference what you said?
  13. Thanks. I didn't think HTML worked on this site. No offense, but that tutorial is one of the most boring things I've ever read. Huh? You're not a democrat?
  14. You're on my team? Could you try to make some sense? Is there some pact between all the mods to try and confuse me?
  15. I'm afraid I've lost you. Sorry. Fact: more Americans are unemployed now than 4 years ago.
  16. Is your avatar Jesus? How was I tempting you? Right wing republican just isn't something you hear every day. How long have you been a conservative? I'm still pretty young, so I wouldn't doubt what you said.
  17. If you get off the plane, you can avoid this entirely. Don't most airplane fires occur during refueling? I really don't care if we get off topic or not. The original topic had just about as much said about it as could be.
  18. In proportion to WHAT would WHAT be promulgated. Can't remember the last time I heard that word... So your saying it's a coincidence?
  19. What address do you want us to send Obama back to?
  20. Does anyone know where I could watch "the innocence of Muslims"? The trailer was hilariously funny. Has it even came out for public viewing yet?
  21. A right wing conservative? I asked earlier if we could get back on topic, but it appears that people find it more entertaining when I am getting attacked by a horde of democrats. I'd like to see how one of you fares on a largely republican site, for instance, one discussing only religion.
  22. I just wanted to ask anyone if they think the word pomegranate looks suspiciously similar to permanganate. when rearranged, they look like: PERMANGANATE PERMANGA O TE Pomegranate is just missing NA and has an extra O. Is this more than just a coincidence? Is it because they are both purple and messy? Was the permanganate ion first found in pomegranates? Is there any permanganate in pomegranates? Or is it just a coincidence?
  23. The country needs a bankruptcy attorney? You mean, because of the national debt? It seems like you took the pun differently than I intended. Obama said that we're better off now than we were 4 years ago, and I disagree. Less people have jobs than ever. I was trying to imply that bankruptcy attorneys are getting a lot of work, because we're worse off than we were 4 years ago. I'm humourously disagreeing with potus. Would you care to explain your take on it? People of different generations tend to have different outlooks on humour.
  24. Says all of what? A little more detail would be appreciated.
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