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  1. You can give up on making any real amount of mn with that method, at least with a 9 volt battery as a power supply. Step it up a notch. Use a wall wart or a computer supply, of course you still won't get anything worthwhile. I just reduce mno2 with al powder, ball mill the slag, then refine. Works well enough for me. It could be purer, but it's good enough for anything I need it for.
  2. "I wish I had enough money to buy a hippopotamus." "Why?" "I don't know why, I just want the money." I just want to do a few experiments off grid... Gosh. I have other means of doing this, I just figured I'd make some al2o3 in the process, and de-clutter the workshop/lab. Al2o3 can be ridiculously hard to find... So perhaps I shall ask: HOW CAN I MAKE AL2O3 WITHOUT AL POWDER?
  3. But I could use almost anything for that... And it won't consume the aluminium. I want to tap its chemical energy. I don't have or feel like making a heat collecer of any useful size. I do have a giant fresnel lens though, that could work.
  4. Aluminium batteries are quite practical on a large enough scale. Many chemicals can dissolve the oxide layer, and it's not even necessary. I really don't care about even 80% wasted energy, so long as I get some electricity and aluminium hydroxide that I can dehydrate to the oxide. That was a little vague... don't you think? I didn't pay for it, so I couldn't care less about how much electricity someone in China used to make it. Anyone know how I could trade my al for mg? What?
  5. Burning it would make heat and light, no electricity. It's in large chunks, not powder, so burning it is pretty much impossible for me to do.
  6. Well, I officially have more aluminum than I could ever hope to cast into parts... Any ideas on how to make electricity from it? Hydrated aluminum oxide would be my preferred byproduct. Thanks.
  7. Making caesium hydroxide? LOL Replenishing the water is no problem. The solution is ideally around 50%.
  8. Nice. That's pretty much the procedure I plan on following if I ever need a Mn electrode. Not that I think I will. XD
  9. Where I live, the day temperature is almost always in excess of 35c in the summer. Cooling without electricity isn't much of an option, although I guess I could come up with a few ways to do it. Any other thoughts John?I want to expose as much surface area of water as I can, and oxygenate the solution relatively quickly. It's the design of the container I want to discuss. Also, does anyone know if mercury can dissolve air? Doesn't seem to likely, but mercury would be much more ideal for my application. :facepalms: Seriously? I specifically said NO PEROXIDE. Nice link btw.
  10. Remember, no pumps or electricity. The oxygen dissolved is being depleted very quickly. I probably should have asked how I would go about dissolving O as quickly as I could. Time is the issue... as it is so often.
  11. Klaynos? Good things never happen when nerds and alcohol mix..."latex" is what tipped me off.
  12. Staff parties? I would love to see one of those. I was talking to hyper, not you phi. We're still on good terms, arent we?
  13. Really? I sent you the request, and I soon got an email saying you accepted. I could quote it if you told me how. John, what are you doing on this page? I can see your name. Photos? Of what? If the banana fits? What are you... Oh... OK. Are we friends or not?
  14. Sounds interesting, but no. This must sound completely outlandish, but the winner last year did almost exactly that!
  15. Would HF and ammonium chloride work? It would probably make some nasty fumes, but it seems like it should work. I still cringe every time I open that bottle.I was just about to point out what a runaway forum this has become, should we move it to the lounge? What company was it? I know someone who owns some sort of PCB etching place, I could probably get it through her. Why she chose this profession? No idea, but it is a convenietnt source for corrosive things, except sulphuric, she doesn't use that.
  16. There were some idiots on an anarchy forum who clearly had access to hydrofluoric, as well as ammonium chloride. Just saying...
  17. Swansont, this is really awkward, you have lost the tiny amount of respect I once had for you.Well, I checked my profile, and guess who accepted my friend request? No oral exam required... Yet.
  18. Personally, I just heat it up in a furnace, or if I'm short for time I blowtorch it until its red hot. The temporary glow is what tells me it is done.United nuclear is great, but I try to avoid ordering from there. I used to add sulphuric and distill, but that's dangerous, and I'm out of good sulphuric now.
  19. This is getting sort of creepy, so I think I'm going to find a different friend... A less creepy one.
  20. Well, I need to get some sleep. It's late here. We will continue this tommorow, whatever it is. Mkay?
  21. Alright phi, let's get this over with, what's her test.**** girls and their sororities, pressuring you to do things. You seriously hunt down people and examine them :shudders:, just so they can be friends with hyper?
  22. Good god... An oral exam?You know your not supposed to meet with strangers you find on the internet.Now what is your test? That's my potential friend you called a turnip, whoever it was.:shifty eyes:
  23. I think I'll pass on watching space invaders...Could her "test" really be that bad?
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