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  1. Hypervalentiodine won't stop with her bigotry and false accusations of misogynism, so I've unfriended her. Just thought I'd say. Check the thread "relationship help", and take my side, if you would. Anyone interested in being a "replacement friend?" Help a brother out and give me a PM. But hyper would call me a misogynist for not using a gender-neutral expression, so...

  2. "Your advice is then off topic for this thread, since the OP is quite obviously looking for something beyond getting laid." Fair enough, although you can never be sure what it means when a guy "really likes" a girl. Men are very shallow. More often than not, it means he'd like to get laid by her, at least from what I've seen. I say we ask him, to clarify. "Why exactly should a woman have to show that she wants to be treated with respect to get some?" She shouldn't, but if she wants to be treated with respect, she definitely shouldn't show the inverse."Oh, I'm straight alright, much to mooeypoo's displeasure." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, is mooeypoo seriously a lesbian? That would explain why she's sooooo...... You know. And her username. And she's into you? "Nice strawman, though. I don't believe I said or even implied anything close to being fantastic at picking up women." This will surely piss you off, but if you know you can't contribute, why are you on this thread? My "strawman" was to point this out to you. My guess was to lurk until someone said something you could knot into "offensive" and get your kicks for the day by attacking them. Atripolitan raised the same "offensive" point I did, quite a while before I did, yet you choose to go after me. Interesting.
  3. So you can see why I was confused with his talk of lignins, which, as far as I'm aware, have nearly nothing to do with wood pyrolysis? And why I might have became frustrated? And, btw, did you hear him essentially say that I'm too stupid to understand his silly paint flow charts?!? I for one will apologize. I am sorry for dissing your sentence structure. This: http://www.ehow.com/how_7762993_make-wood-alcohol-through-distillation.html method never occurred to me, although it seems like it should work. Essentially soak the cellulose in hot water to make it decompose into methanol and "some other shit", for lack of knowledge.
  4. Agreed, it's "misogynistic" and demeaning, but heck, it worked for me 95% of the time. But then, it wasn't a relationship I was looking for, if you know what I mean... They thought I was looking for a relationship, although I made it clear I wasn't. If women want to be treated with respect, they need to show us they want it, and that they don't want to be told what to do. They didn't, I did what worked. What's wrong with doing what works? Btw, if you are so good at picking up women (at least in theory, I'll assume you're straight), why don't you give the kid some advice? Do you have the right to challenge my solution before you've even attempted to offer a better one? ...this should be good...
  5. I started learning English at age 4, according to my mother. Up until then it was just German. Not quite as native as you would have thought, eh? The only reason I commented was because I honestly couldn't understand what he was trying to say.
  6. What wonderful sentence structure you have there. Lol
  7. Not to be prejudiced, of course, I was just saying what worked for me. If tattooing a swastika on my forehead helped (no, I never tried that), then it probably would have been in my post. Anyways, I just meant on dates and stuff. EX. "We are going to the movies tonight, at 8." Bad ex. "You are a stupid woman and you will do what I say. Go wash the dishes/raise children." Sorry if I offended you. I guess I assumed only men would be posting on this thread, and up until now it has been true.
  8. Well, the first thing you need to do is find out if she has a boyfriend. If not, ask yourself (sorry, but you do need to) "Am I looking for a quickie in the school bathroom, or do I seriously like this girl?" If the prior, proceed as any stud would. If the latter, you're going to need to be more careful. Remember: girls like to be shown off, girls like to be complimented, girls like shows of your sincerity, girls like passion, and girls like to be told what to do. You might not believe the last one, but it's true. It takes some experience, so you might not want to try it on a girl you *really* like the first time. Anyways, just how geeky *are* you? If she's at all popular, and not just as insecure as you are, you don't have a very good chance. Work on making yourself seem less nerdy, tell yourself that you're just like any other kid, and act accordingly. Make friends with some of the "cool" kids, if you can. PRACTICE with other girls. Spend an hour a day at the gym instead of playing minecraft on the desktop. Girls will notice. Try to avoid "uncool" kids while she is within sight. Swap out some of those words the average person doesn't understand for profanities, obscenities, and slang terms. Once you think you've got the hang of it, just ASK HER OUT. The worst she can do is say no. Besides, there are probably plenty of girls in your school who are just as attractive, if you fail with this one.I was honor roll straight through high school, but the girls were all over me. Apparently, they found "captain of the tennis team" sexy. Strange, isn't it? If you don't ask her out within a month, you probably never will, so ask me questions and DO WHAT I SAID. Sorry to ramble- chilled (Who, btw, got laid in college more times than he could keep track of. Inappropriate, I know.)
  9. I've made it a few times, doesn't seem to be a problem for me in terms of yield.
  10. A guy can hope, can't he? It's easy enough to get iridium past the border, no regulations on it. I've bought radioactive things from united nuclear, just had to fill out some forms.
  11. 20 grams of radium would be a perfect heat source. Other ideas are hydrogen, methanol, lithium, magnesium ribbon, or plain wax. Use a roughly dome shaped balloon. Use a really thin, grocery bag-like plastic. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Mini-Flyable-Hot-Air-Balloon-with-Candles
  12. How much would you sell the uranium for, and how much does it weigh? Do you have a CPM reading? Is it enriched, depleted, or natural? I might be interested. Good luck getting it past customs though. I only have granular/coarse powder of it, and I'm afraid to melt the stuff. Uranium oxide in the air definitely wouldn't be healthy for the environment. Do you have any rubidium? Iridium? Might want those as well, depending on how much you have.
  13. Have any sodium metal? Otherwise, just do the same for (almost) anything: mix it with magnesium and light it on fire.
  14. So it is water soluble... I guess I suspected that, but the article made me wonder. I thought it would do something like al2o3 does for aluminium. So the stuff isn't soluble in nitric acid? That much at least would have to be true, unless the article I read (confirmed by the family ww2 geek and veteran) is bull. I guess I'll experiment more with different concentrations with nitric, see if that works. If it doesn't, I really don't want to, but I guess I'll give it a quick soak in nickel chloride. Btw, the first test in HF (screwing with hf past midnight, lol) left a gray-black coating, the first test with nitric and HF left a brown-ish layer on the outside, it rubbed off with difficulty, but did NOT dissolve in water. Maybe something other than fef2 is forming... Some no3 complex with fluorine in it? Doesn't seem very likely though.
  15. Five seconds' worth of google searching yielded this http://backyardmetalcasting.com/oilburners09.html link. I did have that lithium melted, I swear it! It just exploded before it could solidify. Lolz
  16. The other day I was reading about the German v2's. They added a tiny amount of hydrofluoric acid to the nitric acid to prevent the steel container from being attacked. One of my hobbies is blade forging. A big problem for me is corrosion. Stainless steel results in inferior blades, and you can hardly chrome a sword. I was wondering if I could apply this fluoride protection to my knives/swords. An iron fluoride layer sounds like it would make 'em just about invincible. Could it work? What concentration of acid should be used? Will it just passivate the iron, or will it eventually dissolve all the way through (stupid question). Will the protection be permanent? (practically speaking, last at least 30 years) Notes: for John especiallyI got my hydrofluoric as rust removerNone of you will dissuade me from handling HF, at 5%, I can handle it.If nobody provides info, I'll experiment on my own, so you might as well tell what you know, if you are afraid for my safety.Please don't try to recommend another method, if this one works I'm using it. I'm not here for a safety lecture. That being said, I'm sure all of you will be very helpful, and there won't be any problems. Thanks in advance.
  17. You guys think aluminium is hard to melt! I've made magnalium in my "ghetto foundry". My secret? Put a lid on the crucible. Herp derp. I have ruined a few ghetto foundries over the years, when the lid has fallen off, before I added the aluminium to the molten magnesium. That stuff BURNS. Anyways, just wanted to say that I've melted most everything. Lead, silver, gold, aluminium, iron/steel, bronze, brass, pewter, copper, tin, bismuth, manganese, zinc, and probably a few others. Once I tried lithium, but that didn't turn out so well... :cringes: If you have a question about casting, ask me, or google backyardmetalcasting. Sorry, I'm too lazy to post a link. Don't use charcoal as fuel, make yourself an injector style waste veggi/ motor oil burner. Propane is good too, although not very cheap. I couldn't quite get steel with charcoal, but my wvo burner does it easy. Try using "the brute" from backyardmetalcasting. It's what I got my first iron melt from. Now I've made a more sophisticated burner, but the brute is simple and very effective. Sorry to ramble, sorry to brag, but I am good at melting things...
  18. Hmm... How are you getting the alcohol, fermentation or distillation? For fermentation, you would probably want to use fresh cut, as the juices would help fermentation along. For distillation, fresh wood is brutally inefficient, as you have to boil all of that water off for no reason. Use seasoned/dead stuff for distillation. Hardwoods like oak work better than soft ones (willow), just FYI. Also FYI, you do know that the stuff you get won't be pure? Good luck.
  19. Move to Phoenix. Lol. If naoh is exposed to humid air, it's gonna absorb water. End of story. As far as I'm aware, all you can do is dry the air, limit exposure to air, remove the air, or find something more hygroscopic than the naoh, which won't be too easy... That's why I keep half a pound of KO handy. It's fun stuff. You could try sulphuric, but it's not a good idea to be near when a good amount of it mixes with naoh... Try whatever works for you. Be safe.
  20. The only proof I need is what I saw. And what I saw was a chunk of calcium. Try it yourself, but I have better things to do than explain myself to doubters. Until you've tried it (and even then you can't be sure), you can't say anything against it. Btw, I dissolved it all in hcl, 'member?
  21. It's okay, I got the gist of it. I thought I saw 30 somewhere, but I'll believe you.
  22. If an animal product would be thrown away if not used for a non-food purpose, I will gladly use it. Better than it going to waste. Again, just about any yield is acceptable to me, because I have so much oil. (2 plastic 55 gallom drums full right now, plus some extra) But its all vegi. Well, I'm no organic chemist, but it seems like stearic acid would be the easiest to make, as I've heard it can be made from vegi oil. Plus I know for sure it works for my application. If you know of anything better, suggestions would be appreciated. So, you know anything about getting it from vegi oil?
  23. Well, I don't know where to buy it, and even if I did, I wouldn't, I'm a bit of a DIY freak... I want the stuff for ferrofluid lube. Okay, the way you said it just made it sound like a not-so-significant difference to me. Sorry. Anyways, I have a few reasons why I don't want to use "animal oil". To start, I honestly don't think I have enough animal oil to make the amount of stearic I need. If, in the future, I needed more, it would be nice to use vegi oil, as I have a near endless supply of it. (therefore any reasonable yield is acceptable to me) I get vegi oil for free, and cheaper is better. It's a way to recycle the oil as well, as otherwise it would be discarded, and screw the environment. Finally, using animal oil is *sort of* against my personal philosophy. I make an effort to use animals and their direct byproducts only as food, or when absolutely necessary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those treehugger vegans, I just try to live with the land whenever I can. With that being said, would you care to provide some more details, for either oil?(vegetable oil is still my preference, but beggars can't be choosers) Help would be appreciated.
  24. So, dissolve a bar of soap in water, add dilute h2so4, then crystallize?If you only get slightly more from animal fat, I would prefer to use vegi oil. I get bucket loads of the stuff for free. Could you please provide some specifics about how I could make it from vegi oil? Thanks for the help.
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