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  1. If you promise to do something, and then you don't, then you are a liar. An optimistic prediction is not a promise. A promise is what he made.
  2. I knew you were lurking mooeypoo. I also knew that my umadbro would get you to start talking again. You amuse me. Most people would say that puppies are cute, not sentient. I don't find puppies to be sentient. Wish as you might, logic is not evidence. If you were raised in a society that used ground puppies as it's food source, you would find it highly logical, and morally correct. Logic and reason, or at least your ideas of logic and reason, seem to be very subject to cultural and personal bias. Why does intelligence make something above being eaten? That's not how nature works. Any natural species physically able to would gladly munch down a human baby or two, if it was hungry for meat. You've said that last part so many times, and in so many different contexts, that I now have no idea what you're talking about. Congrats. Phi, why did you close my thread about potassium iodide? Where to buy it, the topic, is completely open for discussion, but I'm not allowed to keep anything private? I would like it of you reopened the topic.
  3. My opinions aren't based on religious nonsense. They are based on what I find moral, and what I find reasonable. A situation isn't personal if it involves the life of another. Thank you for the appreciation. I finally have a "bad" reputation on this forum. It seems people are much more generous with their -1's than their +1's. I still find it unfair that there aren't any republicans here to back me up. It seems like I've made mooeypoo mad...
  4. I don't know why they do it so much, and I wouldn't, because I'm not that kind of republican.I really don't know why he did it, but regardless, he is still my preferred candidate. If you promise to do something in 4 years, but then you don't, then you are a liar. Isn't that obvious? He shouldn't have made promises if he didn't know for sure he could keep them. That is lying, and if you think it isn't, how is it better than lying?
  5. Well, birth control failure is one of the situations I'm not really sure of. Abortion is giving up a plan. I Still don't like it, but I guess it is better. If you couldn't give the child the quality of life it deserves, it should be done very early on, and with the intent of having another child when you are in a better opportunity to do so. Putting it up for adoption would be my preferred thing to do. Well, we clearly have different philosophies. I am a born pessimist. Pessimists are always being proven right, or being pleasantly surprised. Of course, I also have other philosophies.If you didn't "want" your colonoscopy, why did you have it done? Like it or not, you wanted a colonoscopy. Admittedly, that sounds messed up. So, Zapatos, I'm not naive? Gee, thanks, that comes as such a relief to me.
  6. You can have the most valid case in the world, but people might still not believe you. Right-wingers don't have to lie, but they do sometimes. Did Obama lower the deficit as he promised he would? Republicans don't have to lie, so their case can be valid. Did you see Romney pretty much shove his fist up Obama's *ss last night at the debate? And he only contradicted himself once... And he succeeded by telling the truth, if Obama's campaign promises weren't any indicator. Being completely open about it, yes, most all of the nut jobs are on the right, but that's what morphine does to people. Poor McCain, such a messed up old man.
  7. The parent tells the doctor because they know it is in the twins' best interest, and they want to do what is in their childrens' best interest. Yes, they would prefer one to be alive to the other. If they had no opinion on it, they would know it was in one's best interest, and they would want to do something to help that person. You knew your mother would suffer less, and you wanted her to suffer less.You punished your children because you knew they needed to learn they did something wrong, and you want your children to know right from wrong.Etc, etc.I must be thinking differently than you. People make tough choices not because they are fun, but because in the end, they know it is what is best. People want what is best, and they are often willing to do a little suffering to obtain it. Of course you didn't want your mother to die. But you knew it was best for her, as she would only die more painfully otherwise, and you definitely didn't want that. If given the choice, I would say I want to jump off a very tall building, as opposed to drowning. If I had to do one or the other, I would very willingly jump off, it would be much more comfortable.
  8. If there had been a real earthquake in my state in the last 500 years, yeah, I might worry. When I used to do this stuff, I would string them up high in a sturdy oak for safe storage. Nice copper wool wrapping, to stop those pesky squirrels. Stay away from my HMTD, stupid squirrels! I can only imagine what the neighbors think of me.
  9. Are you a republican, akh? :hopes desperately: Can't find any democratic granny porn references, sorry John. Guess you've won this round.
  10. Wow, that's just sad. Please, don't find this representative of the party as a whole. There will always be a few assholes out there willing to call their preferred candidate's opponents mother a porn star, but those are just assholes.
  11. You're going to need to be more specific if you actually want a response. Is bleach dangerous? Is 55% h2o2 dangerous? Are explosives dangerous? I've never made explosives with bleach. If, in a purely hypothetical scenario, I were to make the same type, I would use very pure KClO3.
  12. There is no "evidence" to support morality. It's just what feels right. Opinions are opinions. I could say "it is morally correct to put puppies in industrial blenders then drink the resultant juice while laughing", and you couldn't prove me wrong. Of course, some opinions sound more reasonable than others, but reason itself is a matter of opinion. I have no problem with abortion if the life of the mother is endangered by continuing the pregnancy. Because the woman has to go into the abortion clinic willingly, and people only do things willingly when they want to do them, the woman must want to have an abortion. If not she wouldn't be there. Surely the woman would know that it wouldn't be enjoyable, but she would think it was in her best interest, which is what made her willingly go to the clinic. The example you provided isn't really an opinion. Millions of Americans have indirectly conspired to murder Iraqi children, but not all have actually killed an Iraqi child. If you haven't killed, you aren't a murderer. Opinions, by definition can not be proven right or wrong. They can, however, be considered right or wrong in the opinions of most everybody. It is not a fact that nazi policy is wrong, it is just a very widespread opinion, and one I strongly agree with. I honestly don't think that opinions belong on a science forum. What we are discussing is not science. Unless this post gets much more interesting, I'll go back to the chemistry section. And to believe all this started from "you might have guessed I'm a republican".
  13. Remind me again, why would a woman have an abortion if it wasn't in her best interest? Remember, there really isn't any way to prove an ethical stance right or wrong. We can provide a compelling argument, but that is just about all. The "evidence" you were referring to can't prove my opinions about abortion's ethics to be right or wrong. I'm not afraid of being wrong. I preach because I am given so many opportunities to. If we had a factual conversation, which I am completely open to, then we couldn't get anywhere on a matter of opinion.
  14. I think most of me would boil or carbolyse. Well, if it stops you from using such terrible words, sure, we can get back on topic. Do you want to talk about Romney's windows or abortion? If the latter, please go to the thread hyper seperated from this one. Sure. So long as everyone else does too.
  15. I'll repeat myself; nonna yo bidness.Anyways, I guess I'll just order it off the Internet.
  16. Women don't want to have abortions, but they think it's in their best interest, so they do it. Not all abortion is "sinful". I'm not religious. There are morally wrong things, but no sins to me. I have seen the figures. If it was likely the woman would die, no, I wouldn't stop it. Most reasons for abortion are not medical. You know I don't think souls exist, right? I'm not a Christian. Or anything, really. An egg is different than a fertilized one. An unfertilized egg has no potential for life. Not for manslaughter. Too many people would end up in jail for the rest of their lives.
  17. Making charcoal? Would the average woman be interested in that? I wasn't referring to all of my posts, but I do occasionally post something 98% of women wouldn't be interested in. Do you seriously think I was implying that women can't be interested in science? Of course your statement is more accurate than the one I "seem" to be making. You got from me posting subjects only men could be interested in to me thinking women can't like science. I was not referring to all of my posts, or even the majority. Seriously? I could go on all day about how tall and blond I am, but that isn't at all relevant. Let's try to keep things relevant, mkay? Now that you know I'm blond, surely everyone must want to hate on me even more, right? Let's see some hate. If anyone here knows a republican on this forum, would you please invite them here? You can't get any good hate going without a few republicans to back me up... Democrats, of course, are also needed. But we have enough.
  18. I didn't use the conservative example as the main point, it just implied I have a 60-ish % chance of being a man. It would be ridiculous to assume all conservatives are men. It was not a blanket statement.
  19. Ooh, phi, you've reached 10,000 posts. Congrats. Well, the facts he gave were sort of random, and didn't really express one idea or another. The post is titled ethics of abortion, not factual and opinionless discussion of abortion. No one goes into the politics section not expecting bickering and strongly biased opinions. Nowadays, politics involve very few facts, so I find it fitting. Factual discussion about factual things, biased discussion of biased things.
  20. You know, when people are talking about something controversial, most people add their own strongly biased ideas. How about some strongly biased ideas? Facts are fun, but arguments more so. There is no one right or wrong answer.
  21. I have seen it on eBay, but eBay sellers sometimes "cut" their chemicals. Do you know where I could buy it at a physical store? I really do prefer it to the Internet. It once took 3 months for the post office to deliver my CS2, and not because of hazmat/customs. I already got the forms filled out. The post office here sucks. Thanks for your help, John.
  22. Well, I'm all out of KI after a recent nuclear war. Not seriously, I just used the last in an experiment. Does anyone know where I could get some more, and for a good price? I prefer to buy things at actual stores, but I'm willing enough to get it off the Internet. It doesn't have to be too pure, 98% would be very good. I've seen potassium bromide at pool stores, might they have it there? Any help would be very appreciated. And mods, yes, I know, anything involving iodine reeks of meth, but that's not what I'm trying to do. I'm making iron iodide for nonna yo bidness.
  23. Well, I find perchloric acid to be very fun stuff. I don't, however, have quite enough nerve to make chloric acid. Are you sure it's in the top 10? It is a superacid, but only just. I would think there are 10 stronger than it. When I want to make a ridiculous amount of chlorine, I just mix hydrochloric and pool chlorine (essentially strong bleach). Too bad it won't help him. You might also try kmno4 and pool chlorine, or just regular bleach. I prefer not to waste my kmno4, and hcl is cheaper, so I don't ever do this. Mno2 from batteries with hcl also works, but wear a face shield and gloves if you're going to open one. If I recall correctly, dissolving chlorine in water also makes hypochlorous acid. That could ne dangerous if you thought it was pure hcl. Mixing sulphuric and salt raises the question of removing the sodium sulphate from the hcl.
  24. Wow, where to start? I'm not kicking the hornets nest. The film looked funny to me. I'm not hateful towards Muslims. Well, maybe the radical ones, but not 99% of Muslims. Isn't it somewhere on the Internet? I do believe the people who made the film had every right to do so, but I don't think it was very respectful. I'm not here on the lounge to debate the legality of it, I already know the answer to that, I'm just casually asking where I can watch a movie. Care to provide an answer? Btw, the maker was on probation for check fraud, and he was allowed to post things on the Internet with his probation officer's permission. But he didn't get permission...
  25. I think that's a little unfair. I only took classical Latin, and you should know why. I would agree, if they were shorter words. It seems too much of a coincidence to me. Etemology is fun. Do you know the etymology of the word etymology? Too few people do...
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