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  1. I've always diluted to a safe concentration, added mno2, calculated how many times more gas than original h2o2, then compared it to a chart that relates % to gas count. I find it much easier than chemical titration.
  2. Anybody know how I could make at least 10 grams of stearic acid? Somewhere else on this forum it said you could cool vegetable oil and filter it out. Apparently, vegetable oil is 5-ish% stearic acid. Could I make it from vegetable oil? Help would be appreciated.In advance:No, I don't plan to make drugs, bombs, poison, or anything DEA controlled with it.I plan on making non-spiky ferrofluid with it. I'm a boss at making ferrofluid, so all of mine spikes excellently, but now I need some that doesn't. No, I can't use oleic acid for the ferrofluid. All my oleic fluids spike, no matter what I do. Apparently, stearic results in a slightly more viscous fluid. I also got a few mills of non spiky from it once, but now I'm out of stearic acid.
  3. I think I saw what you are talking about as well, but the bacquacil OXIDIZER is 27% h2o2, apparently with stabilizers. They also have algae removers and other pool chemicals, but I'm positive the oxidizer is h2o2. Said so right on the website. I'm sure there's another method to make the peroxide, they could never sell a product that would make peroxide that dangerous if someone accidentally dissolved it in water. Your method sounds like it could get <10%, but I'm looking for stronger. I thought it had something to do with a vacuum... Anyways, you have anything else about the bacquacil? Ummm... H2O2 and sodium carbonate? Care to explain how that question is useful?
  4. You, sound really pissed off. I'm going to start off by saying human cloning is just fiction with today's science. Your idea of nature sounds pretty messed up to me. I'll revise my statement to say that if something is naturally conceived and will develop into life on its own, it has the potential for life. Except maybe a pregnancy clinic, but people naturally masturbate. The clone wouldn't develop into sentient life if left to it's own anyways, it would require constant unnatural support, but I think the clone should get a chance to live, if it is more than just a couple cells in a petri dish. One could argue that this particular piece of DNA already exists in an organism, but that would result in some pretty angry identical twins. I would be okay with killing the clone, IF it was never intended to be grown into a sentient human, and IF it wasn't anywhere close to looking like a baby. A scientific experiment is simply different than a naturally conceived baby. Your cellular material would NOT develop into another sentient being if it was simply left as it was, and then to natural processes. Btw, I'm fine with sluts, as long as they use birth control properly and regularly. Ooh, I'm a puritant now? I can't remember the last time I heard that word. It's funny how nerds talk, when they're pissed off. But it's not funny how hurtful their insults are... :sobs: Don't be such a bully. I might have to hang myself because I'm so depressed now. Lol.
  5. I've heard of the freezing and heating methods before, but I can get VERY cheap percarbonate and would really like to try that method. Largely out of curiosity, but still. Concentrations that high are just too tempting... Once we made 85-ish percent with my highschool buds. I really wish I could remember how, as scary as it is. Do you have any info on the percarb method, ignoring wether or not there are better ways? I wasn't able to find anything. The bacquacil looked like very interesting stuff. A gallon of 27 for 15 dollars... Do you know anything else about it? Stabilizers, if any? Hazmat fees? What stores I could buy it at? Right now, it looks like my best option...
  6. Rape, incest, and potential harm to the mother or child are valid reasons. I agree PP almost always does contraceptives, but they do occasionally do an abortion for a reason I don't find valid. I think something has the potential for life, when IF LEFT TO NATURE, it would become a sentient human. An aborted fetus was not left to nature. An aborted fetus was ABORTED when it DID fit my description of having the potential for life, which is why I find it wrong. Agreed, no one plans abortion BEFORE a pregnancy. But they certainly might plan it AFTER the pregnancy has begun. If you let a jar of semen sit there for any length of time, will it become a sentient human being? If the answer is no, then I don't think it has the "potential for life". Likewise for an egg. Sex should be 99.999% as bad then, because all but two of what you call potential lives eventually die. Personally, I find masturbation disgusting, but who am I to tell people to stop? It doesn't harm anyone, so I'm okay with people doing it. Btw, I knew a lot of women who masturbated in high school. Planned parenthood is great, but they need to work on cutting down that "really tiny tiny tteeeeeeeeny tiny percent". It's sort of funny how you talk to me like I know nothing of the topic of procreation. I did take biology in school, although I have forgotten some of the more trivial facts about things the average person doesn't know exist. AMEN! If you don't use the f****** birth control correctly, you're going to get pregnant!!! I disagree that they are using it as primary BC, but it definitely is becoming a safety net for some people. What jeskill said is true in my opinion.
  7. I was talking about the other people's questions, not yours. Now if you'll excuse me, the meat is almost done.
  8. And it seems like the fifth time I've answered it... Rape, incest, potential physical harm to the mother or child, maybe a few others.Sorry, I'm currently short for time, so I'll have to answer the other questions later.
  9. People should be proactive about "birth control". I find it much better to avoid the pregnancy than to end it. If people used proper contraception, but it failed, I guess I'm okay with it. If they didn't, well, I would very much prefer it wasn't used. Unless they have a valid reason. Planned parenthood is a great program, but I believe their method of prevention should be contraceptives. Abortion shouldn't be "planned", or even considered as a viable alternative, until it is deemed absolutely necessary. Btw, I believe something to have the "potential for life" when it would, if left to it's natural course, become a human life.
  10. Even Mitt Romney thinks that abortions should be legal in the case of rape, incest, or the possibility of serious physical harm to the mother or child. Abortions should definitely be legal in those cases, and maybe a few others. I've already explained why people "want" to do what is "required", and I now see there will be no swaying of anyone's opinion. The point is, we don't really know anything for sure. We can only explain things with things we already know, and those things as well require explanation by things already known. How would you explain a meter? It will probably be based on units we can only define with other units. The one about god was purposely a circular argument, it was just a very simplified version of his explaining opinions with even MORE opinions. I understand, don't get me wrong, but I don't need to know anything more than the stick tells me. Perhaps you would like to try again.
  11. I've taken a few of those online tests, and I usually come up as believing in 80-90% of what the republicans do. If I couldn't be a republican, I would probably become a libertarian. They still believe more of what I do than the democrats. I have to say it looks like the rate started to spike right when he took office.
  12. I'm going to hope they have a better plan...You couldn't tell that was a joke? How could anyone be that ignorant? Especially someone who denounces religion in their signature. I definitely believe in evolution.That stat surprises me. Maybe the ones I talked to just felt pressured because they were surrounded by other Catholics. Huh.
  13. The purpose of a political party is to do what is in the best interest of it's country. Maybe they thought the liberal plan would interfere with their own...I'm sure some Catholics believe in evolution, just not the majority, by far. If you had ever read the bible, to know what you don't believe in, you would know that Genesis 1 says the moon was created and bright before the sun even existed. Without the sun's light, the moon wouldn't be bright. There wouldn't have been the gravity needed to form the Earth, so that it could in turn form the moon. It was a joke. I was being sarcastic and saying evolution was silly by comparing it to something incredibly silly, like the statements of Genesis 1. I think a doh emoticon is needed, no offense, of course.
  14. I really don't care how the meter was declared. The stick in my garage tells me more than good enough what it is. I didn't say that it was the definition of a meter, but the statements I made were true according to the definition. If women are going to get abortions, I would very much prefer them to do it safely. I'm still not quite sure what this big unanswered question is. A visual claim about women dying? That isn't lifting the fog...
  15. Officially, yes, they accept it, but none of them actually believe it. After all, evolution is almost as silly as the moon being bright before the sun existed. Right?
  16. I've already explained, people want to stay alive, and to stay alive, people will willingly do unpleasant things. Things you wouldn't want to do if you didn't receive the benefit of staying alive. We just have different ways of looking at things. This is not a response to a mod note, nor a message to the mod, but a comment. I'd like to point out the irony of how much prejudice I've seen here towards others and myself, or groups I am involved in, and with no mod comments. Okay... "How do we know God exists?" "The bible says so." "Well, how do we know the Bible is true?" "It's inspired by God, and anything inspired by Him must be righteous and true." (said hitlers supporters, btw) Okay... "Exactly how long is a meter?" "The distance light travels travels en vacuo in 1/299792458 of a second." "Well, exactly how much time is a second?" "The time it takes for light to travel en vacuo 299792458 meters." Okay...Nothing can really be defined. Only in relation can anything have understandable meaning.
  17. I personally think it is a good idea. I'm going to assume the republicans have a better idea. If there was anything behind that argument, it probably would be in an ad right now... But then, maybe not. What you said is logical, except for republicans trying to harm America. Teaching evolution to Catholics? That's near impossible to do.Rich people are sometimes crazy...He said he'd lower the debt, and decrease the unemployment rate, but he didn't. 5 trillion dollars and 3% disagree with you.People either didn't see him lie, or don't care. Or they like him better than Obama anyways. I'm not trying to distract the attention from it.I don't know why he did it...Rich people often get so egotistic they think they can say whatever they want. Still, most hold their tongues. The morphine was a joke, but sometimes I wondered if McCain was on it...
  18. I wonder where they are... Agreed, prohibition was stupid. My 98 year old great aunt told me all about prohibition. Her brother was a moonshiner, but then, who wasn't? I don't drink, so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other, but it was still incredibly stupid.
  19. The republicans didn't like his idea. Surely they must have liked the idea of job creation, just not the way he proposed they do it. If you don't like how Obama does things, no, it does not mean that, as long as you have a better idea. Thanks for the links.
  20. Seem, suppose, think, I have it... All these support that this is a matter of opinion. Your opinion is just that, and you don't need to ask me for approval. Likewise for myself. We share some ideas, others not. That's pretty much all there is to say. Can anyone here explain why it isn't okay to eat puppies? Without claiming they are sentient? Sentience is, once again, a matter of opinion in this case. No one can know for sure if puppies are sentient, except, of course, a sentient puppy.
  21. "...and no one can even suggesting to attempt to hint that you may be...""...I will keep repeat this fact..." This, is exactly the kind of gibberish that is confusing me.So would you tell me what the question is? You just keep assuming I know what you're talking about. Well, I don't. I honestly would like to answer your question. Would you please stop accusing me of argument-shifting? Why should I feel obliged to tell everyone what I want to do with iron iodide? If I don't, is that really reason enough to lock the thread? It sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about because I have no idea what we are talking about. Maybe I could sound more informed if I knew what the topic was...
  22. I was only half paying attention. Would you care to point out the other lies? Shouldn't he have predicted that congress would obstruct him?
  23. Yes, but it wouldn't have been my fault. What do you think made this the case for Obama?
  24. I understand your perspective, but I still think it's wrong. To come up with my previous answer, I had to look at things from your perspective to convince you I was right. It seems that I failed. My idea is backed by the logic of "people want to do what is in their best interest", but I failed to see any logic from your perspective. If you would point it out, in a non-opinionized way, I might be more ready to accept your ideas as a valid alternative to my own. Care to share?
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