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  1. And what if the fire melts the mask? The masks are in case the cabin depressurizes. Not to protect from fires. If there was a fire, you would need to get out. If there was a fire while you were flying, you would be screwed if you couldn't put it out. Unless you landed on time, but that isn't too likely. Or you jumped out with a parachute, but I don't think that would be an option for a passenger plane.
  2. I don't have a physical job, admittedly. But where's the shame in that? Nowadays, very few Americans have physical jobs. The key words in your post are "that I was raised around". All of my family came from such a background, starting as poor farmers, and gradually increasing their children's quality of life, education, and job. Now, after this hard work has paid off, I have been given a life full of opportunities, and a college education. One day, I will pass on an even better life to my offspring, and they shall have a higher quality of life than I did. My family as well has had it's hardships. I respect you, for knowing the troubles of life. In essence, we are the same. Your chain of events just hasn't progressed as far as my own. I knew low income work, btw, before I went to college. I had to work quite a bit for what I have. I'll leave that to the engineers. I don't think mitt's was a good idea, I'm just trying to point out that, with modification, it isn't completely retarded. To let in oxygen of course. Lol
  3. Ph isn't always what makes something corrosive. But corrosive things often have an extreme ph. Why does aqua regia, but not perchloric acid dissolve gold? Perchloric is the stronger acid. I find it difficult to believe something organic with a ph of 4 could ionize gold. But I would like to be proven wrong. The toxicity is pretty much a mystery to me. If you knew what the other component of the ionic substance was, it would make this a much easier problem to solve. Unless you think you have pure gold ions. lol
  4. Again, they should only open at a safe pressure level, and when the plane isn't in flight. Don't be mean phi. That's the first time I've been quoted on this forum... And it wasn't even meaningful. I'll give you a plus one.
  5. Slaves are not bastards! Slaves are people who were taken advantage of, sold by their own people. I don't think you fully understand what I meant. I agree with you about the poor republicans, it is certainly not always in their best interest. But I won't refuse any support for my political views. Our ideas about politics are just about as different as they can get, unless one of us becomes a communist. There will be no swaying either of us to the other's views. I suggest we just do what Americans have always done (or are supposed to do), accept each others ideas and respect each other as Americans. Can we get back on topic? About the windows? I have been in the workforce for quite a while, and have worked hard all my life. Many Americans work very hard, but some don't. The thing is, Chinese people are raised to work even harder, and for much less money. I agree, it's stupid to give businesses our taxes to spend overseas.
  6. Gold ions? I dunno... Doesn't sound to likely. You'd need something pretty reactive to go about getting gold ions...
  7. The problem is, American workers expect to be paid much more than the man in hong kong, yet the American doesn't work as hard. See the problem? We need to teach our children to be hard, productive workers, and then maybe the millionaires will have reason to hire them. If you were a millionaire, I can almost guarantee you would hire the Chinese guy. This is a huge problem, admittedly, but we aren't doing anything to resolve it.
  8. Millionaires pay for their share of the infrastructure with taxes. They pay for more than their fair share with taxes. They just know how to get what they pay for. Millionaires probably payed for hundreds of times more of the road they ship their products on than the average citizen. Since everyone contributed (except the 47%), everyone gets to use it as much as they want. Even the 47%. To use infrastructure is a very basic right. What would America be without it?
  9. People do what works for a specific purpose. It doesn't matter if it isn't commonly done.
  10. That's why you would put a small latch on the bottom. A window that swung inwards would be very hard to open, and it would give the people inside less space to escape any hypothetical danger. The doors swing out on emergency exits in school buses. There has to be a reason they chose to make them swing out. You didn't build that doesn't make Obama an idiot? I don't vote for republicans just because they are republicans, but because they express my views the best. I would gladly deviate from the platform, if someone was a better candidate in my eyes. For example, in 2008, I voted for a 3rd party candidate. Obama does not express my views, and McCain was a nut. If he won, we would be at war with Vietnam again. I do think windows on a plane would be a great idea. So long as they only open above a safe pressure level, and while the plane isn't moving. Plus some other safety features.
  11. I'm right on the center of the platform. I enjoy thrashing Obama. I want the affordable healthcare act repealed. Pro life, pro gun, pro business. Stronger immigration and voter laws. I know what the meaning of marriage is. You name it. I'm just one of few republicans who knows quackery when they see it. "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but illusion of knowledge (ie the catholic church)." Can you seriously expect any sane person to believe the earth is only 5000 years old, when carbon dating, continental drift, dinosaurs (apparently Noah forgot them), and evolution, all of which are highly proven things, tell us otherwise? I have seen evolution go on in a kennel, my garden even. Disprove that. Can you expect us to believe it when you say that everything scientists say is one big lie, sent from satan, when everything from the projector on your church wall to the polyester of your shirt was designed by one? Can you expect us to read a book so riddled with inconsistencies it's apparent even to my 15 year old nephew, then expect us to find rationale in your saying "it's not meant to be read as a novel"? The meaning of the bible is only truly found when one reads it for what it is, a work of fiction, and cover to cover. I don't deny the possibility of a god existing, only that the one/s described by current religions seem highly unlikely, and their holy books severely flawed. Perhaps you could become a deist, like myself. You can say you believe in god. You can fit in with Christians, while avoiding the bad things that come with lack of acceptance. Deists believe an intelligent creator started everything, then left it alone. Or, alternatively, this creator planned everything perfectly, and the universe is following this deity's plan as we speak. Even this, I don't believe in as sincerely as I could.
  12. Really? Positive pressure on the inside, near vacuum on the outside. Isn't it common sense that the window would very willingly swing into the low pressure zone? I find myself unable to believe mitt could say something as stupid as this. Almost as bad as bitter people clinging to guns and religion. You might have guessed I'm a republican. We have to give him some credit. A good 95% of the people out there would have believed him, if relatively knowledgable people like ourselves weren't out here to criticize him. But these ARE the things you expect the president to know.
  13. Okay then. This is relevant how? A little more detail would be appreciated.

  14. I've only seen boiling mercury once, and even now, it makes me nervous just thinking about it.Yes, you CAN make sodium! I've done it myself. I would know.
  15. Again, sorry. I've noticed that at that temp, at least 50% of it decomps. in the time it takes to do any useful concentrating. I miss when 55% was EASILY available, before 9/11. Damn terrorists. Now I can hardly buy anything more dangerous than bleach, without being put on a watch list. Ironically enough, it is very easy to make explosives from bleach... Maybe it'll become the new ammonium nitrate, ridiculously regulated.
  16. College... So fun, so dangerous. Fun is directly proportional to danger, ya know?
  17. If you're not too afraid, add in 30% hydrogen peroxide until you get a 4:1 hcl to h2o2 ratio. This is MUCH more corrosive, the hcl will dissolve any oxides that might be formed. I got a big piece of SS to dissolve in less than 10 minutes. Piraña bath is much more effective, if you like metal sulphates. It's the same, at least conceptually, but much more dangerous. Stay safe.
  18. I urgently need 20+ grams of urea nitrate, at least 90% pure. Could someone please post links to a few types of fertilizer that meet these specs.? Any help would be VERY much appreciated. I live in southeast US, sorry uk people, but this isn't really for you. If you think you have any info though, by all means, I'll take it.
  19. I don't know of any toxin that could induce arthritis like symptoms, except maybe HF. But there would be more noticeable things before what you described. Go to a doctor. If you have any evidence whatsoever, go to the police. I really have to say that you are probably just getting paranoid, and nothing happened. It's either nothing, or you actually have arthritis,
  20. To make caf2, get yourself a hunk of limestone, and a certain type of rust stain remover. Dissolve with excess carbonate, filter, then boil down. The stuff has a tiny bit of srf2, but they work the same for flux purposes, and it really is a negligible amount. Oh, don't breath the fumes. But you knew that, didn't you? Sorry I refuse to tell where I get my iridium, but I need every last bit of it. I'm not entirely sure I feel comfortable talking about thermite with a college student. Btw, now that we have spent so much time rambling together, I feel obliged to make ye a formal friend request. I'll add you if you add me. Mkay?
  21. I'm afraid it will decomp. on me. Bad experience with 55% once... No one was hurt, lucky thing. I don't know why it took me so long to realize you had replied.
  22. Well, personally, I ampoule all my alkalis and alkalines, as well as my uranium and other reactive stuff. My glassblowing skills are quite good. And I have lots of test tubes... I always flush my tubes with neon first, I had an incident with a rather thin walled tube where all the air inside was consumed, a near vacuum was created, and the thing burst. Neon stops that problem. Argon and helium are also fine. Lighter than air gases create an entirely new problem, however (flying containers of liquid caesium, lol). I hate having that greasy juice all over my good metal, and it's hard to get it off without exposing to air or water. Acetone works okay for cleaning, but then you have to get the acetone off. Of course you can safely store it in a small mineral oil jar! Really, why not? Remember, eventually air can and will diffuse into the oil, causing corrosion to the metal. This is more of a problem for the extremely active elements, such as caesium and rubidium. Even then it would take years to be noticeable. An inert gas is the best way to go. Go ahead though, use your mineral oil. It'll work more than good enough. Just remember to keep the lid airtight, or make a double airlock of sorts. I'm sad, I ran out of rubidium I get my au from thrift shops. I just dissolve and refine. I managed to get 50 grams after refining for about as many dollars.
  23. I would tell you where I get my iridium, but they are currently out of stock and I plan on buying them up again when they get more. Having a rich relative also has downsides you know.
  24. I think you misunderstood me. I was poking fun at a certain resident expert...
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