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  1. What is this TNT award you speak of? I'll probably regret this... Where can I take your initiation test? Is that even English your speaking? Someone really needs to fill me in. Mods can vote more than once? Lucky... I meant it was growing fastest independent of the votes, I knew that was rigged.
  2. I was just thinking that because you aren't an American, you have no 5th amendment right.You know what you did. Oh well, who cares. Hyper, would you like to be my 2nd friend on this site? LoL.Now no one will know how awesome the community thinks I am...
  3. Moon, I can't understand half of what you say. Oddly enough, my most off topic, stupid post yet is gaining popularity most quickly.
  4. Hyper, stop abusing your mod powers, freedom of the press, remember? Do you even live in America?
  5. Refresh the page, I edited hypers change.
  6. Really? Hyper, go screw with someone else's polls. You know that was just a test.
  7. I've read the rules. Thanks, I'll have to start a poll. Can you see my poll? Phi, it says your watching in the bottom of the screen, now vote! :chuckle:
  8. Thanks for answering for me. It saved a few seconds of my life. When you said you use air to power cars, was that a joke? If not, please stop lying to us, not cool.
  9. John, you just can't let that go, can you? I try to enter each and every post without prejudice, a style I would reccomend to you. Why do you have to make it so hard? I was using SIX grams, ignited from many meters away. My crude tests confirmed a near anhydrous material. Does anyone here find that so terribly dangerous?John, I really want to be on good terms with you, could you please try?My main concern is not people successfully synthesizing a triiodide, the odds of that are quite low, it is them inhaling hot, gaseous HF.
  10. Hmm... You do remember that I dissolved it all, right? Guess I could make some more. I already told you that my camera's upload link broke or something, so I "couldn't, even if I wanted to". It was just a dull gray, oxidized chunk anyways, could you really tell if it was calcium or not from such a picture? Where do you get your calcium, elementcollector?
  11. How can I start a poll on this site? I thought it might be useful to get the opinions of the community. Are there any special rules for polls? Am I allowed to ask about religion, political standing, and other sort of touchy subjects? Thanks.
  12. Well, it's that time of year again... Science fair time. I love science fair, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it is so frustrating, thinking of ideas. Could someone try to point me in the right direction? Don't be afraid to give me a more techy idea, I'm into that stuff, and intelligent enough to grasp it. Thanks in advance for any help, this really is a wonderful community. MODS, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE, THE PROJECT IS TO EXPLORE THE IDEA, NOT TO COME UP WITH THE BEST IDEA. THEY CARE ABOUT THE PROCESS. I COULD MAKE A BAKING SODA VOLCANO AND WIN, YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT MUCH INVESTIGATION OF A BAKING SODA VOLCANO...Ps I'm into electrochemistry and all that stuff. Chemistry is definitely my area. Last year I did a waste aluminum battery, I only took 3rd place though, I'm really hoping to do better this year.
  13. I'm going to assume that because nobody has responded, everyone thinks this is a stupid idea, right?I did have some success. With a smaller scale version of this and a little bit of 2% hcl I managed to get the solution to about 50 degrees (yes, Celsius, Fahrenheit would have sucked). Wow! I just realized how expensive copper foil is at retail. I was given a big roll a while ago, I'm going to use it much more sparingly now.
  14. Alright, I think I get it. For some reason I can't see the Facebook images. You really should be more specific about the hole sizes though. Are they 1 millimeter or 5 cm? Could be either, I don't have a clue. Thanks for putting up with my seemingly endless stream of questions.
  15. I need a way to dissolve as much oxygen as I can in a saltwater solution. I was thinking of something with a tray full of saltwater on top with a tube leading to the vessel that needs the oxygen solution. The thing is, no electricity or pumps are allowed. The oxygen has to be from the air. No peroxide or bleach stuff.
  16. Too bad I can't see the other photos... And I'm still not sure how I would go about making that thing. Maybe it's my ADHD acting up. I'm a very visual learner, just a picture of everything would enlighten me instantly.
  17. None of the companies on that list are within a five hours drive of where I live. What terrible luck, as I don't want to drive 6.5 hours. Mmm... Safety clean? Never heard of it. I'll look around. My schedule looks pretty tight, so it could be a while before I get to do some more serious scavenging.
  18. I already tried google, could you give me a specific link?
  19. No, I asked around. They get their lube in 5 gallon cans. They do have other 55 gallon drums, but all are plastic. Stainless steel IS one of those metals that doesn't go off and amalgam with mercury, right? If it was, well that makes me chuckle and cringe at the same time.
  20. I'd like it if you use technical grade or otherwise pure sulphuric acid, that way I have a standard by which I may compare my acid. And no, it's not Rooto.
  21. This is supposed to be a replacement for conventional hydrogen powered cars, not electric ones. People are often more than willing to sacrifice a few percent of efficiency for practicality. Hydrogen powered cars have exactly the problem you mentioned, but people still use them. Most people's complaints about them is the crappy range, therefore a highly plausible idea for solving that issue must have at least some marketability. Electric cars must carry around very heavy batteries of very limited capacity, reducing efficiency and practicality/range. Lithium is very light, and has a much higher energy density than a car battery.If this idea doesn't sound good to you now, wait 20 years, and dwindling fossil fuel reserves and increased prices will make this sound like a wonderful idea. I should run down to the patent office right now.
  22. I soaked that sand in every corrosive thing I had on hand, it is quite pure. Remember, glass grit and sand are essentially the same thing, just crushed up sio2. The gravel really is quite a good idea. The issue is stopping the filtration media from coming out the hole in the bottom. How do they do that in commercial units? I'll soak some gravel in waste h2so4, to make sure the batch to be purified doesn't get screwed up with solubles. Would anyone mind trying the char test for me? I meant to say printer paper, sorry.
  23. This must sound so ignorant, but is a feed store a place that has feed for animals, such as grain? Farming isn't so big here. Mining is, however. At the center they had a big drum supposedly full of mercury, I wonder how they would move that thing. They don't have any other drums, althought they offered to sell me 100 ccs of the mercury for 5 dollars. Sounds like a pretty good deal, but I don't need to refine any gold, and if I did there would be safer ways.
  24. Gilded! I remember you now... And I remember the post you were talking about. I have read this forum for quite some time, just decided to sign up a few days ago. It seems like you stemmed some sort of anti-pine propoganda campaign. Why do you hate pine so much? Here we have lots of oak and other nice hardwoods, so I guess I could never fully understand the pine filled monotony of a Finnish forest. But still, I like pine almost as much as oak, it must sound really stupid for me to have such strong opinions about wood. Anyone like aspen? How about cedar? It's sort of creepy that you found this post...
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