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  1. Thermodynamics is pseudoscience in my opinion and those who believe in the second law of thermodynamics are liars. Life on earth violates the second law of thermodynamics and that's a fact. There was a guy from India named Arindam Banerjee who proved that both thermodynamics and Einstein's theory of relativity are pseudosciences.
  2. It doesn't take a genius to realize that all religion is bullshit. Knowledge of evolutionary biology, mathematics and some physics is enough to know thatreligion cannot be true. We have enough evidence at our disposal that life evolved through the mechanisms of evolutionary biology, therefore religion has no basis in reality and is in fact bullshit.
  3. My point is that humanity is still very primitive. We are fighting and competing over scarce resources and if we don't find a way off this planet then we are in serious trouble. Many people are seriously suffering on this planet and if any religion was actually true or had any merit then there wouldn't be so much pain, misery and extreme poverty on this planet.
  4. With all of the cruelty, economic inequality, poverty and misery which is going on on this planet it is impossible for any religion to be have any basis in reality in my opinion. At least this is my opinion. Lets face it. This planet is a shithole and we can't even get off of it. Humanity should have been off this planet by now and inhabiting the galaxy and instead we are stuck on this planet, probably forever and competing over scarce resources. Religion sucks and so is this planet. The way I see it religion is the biggest delusion in the history of mankind.
  5. Thanks for the answer DrP. By the way, I think you guys are pretty smart and I really do mean it.
  6. If our bodies are made of atoms and there is an infinite number of atoms in the universe because the Universe is infinite, then shouldn't an afterlife be theoretically possible?
  7. He didn't say anything. He just said that the very definition of nothing is still nothing.
  8. My father is still convinced that some thing cannot come from no thing. He says that's the definition of no thing. But is it true? Can some thing really come from no thing? Is there even such a thing as a 'no thing'?
  9. It's not a social construct. The differences between people are real biological differences and not social differences. Regardless how you want to paint the world, the world is a not a rosy and heart-warming place like you want it to be.
  10. And you are an idiot if you think like that.
  11. Race is not completely a social construction in my opinion. I believe that there are some biological (or physiological as you may call it) differences between humans. We are not completely all the same. Some people are much better-looking and healthier than others which proves that we are not all the same.
  12. If God could do one good thing for me like making me good-looking and helping me get out of my financial and health troubles then I will believe that he exists. And until that happens I will stand by the fact that there is no God. There is too much misery and cruelty in this world in order for a God that cares about people to really exist.
  13. People will hurt and kill each other regardless of religion and that's because of the human condition. Religious beliefs cannot really change the human condition and the eventual demise of humanity.
  14. How is he better off? He is dead regardless. Religion is dangerous regardless if people kill each other over it or not. People will continue to kill each other regardless of religion because it's human nature and religion cannot change the human condition. Religion is based on nothing more than lies and false hopes and dreams and this is why it is dangerous.
  15. Religion is dangerous in my opinion because it deludes people into believing that there is a God or Gods that cares about them when in fact there is none. There is no evidence whatsoever that a higher power that cares about humanity exists (or has ever existed). Religion is based on false hopes and this is why it is dangerous. I believe that humanity is doomed one way or another and religion can do nothing more than create false hopes in people. The evidence really shows that humans are really a very insignificant species and could disappear tomorrow and religion can do nothing to prevent humanity's eventual demise.
  16. Interstellar travel is just not possible for humans in my opinion. Interstellar travel is just too difficult and there are too many dangers for such a project to be safely accomplished. My source for this is: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/interstellar-travel-as-delusional-fantasy-excerpt/#
  17. I think that religion will never completely die off. As long as life remains tough and cruel to some people and it always is, many people will turn to religion for help. Some people need religion because every day is a difficult struggle for them. Personally I don't believe that God exists but I think it would be extremely awesome if he did exist and really helped people.
  18. In some sense it is already obsolete because there is no real evidence that any religion is actually true or that any God actually exists. http://www.wikihow.com/Argue-That-God-Does-Not-Exist
  19. If God really existed then he would make many miracles for humanity like: 1. Help humanity get off this planet and live on other planets. For example God could make other planets that are currently not habitable habitable for humanity and then transport us there by using his own miraculous power. 2. Also if God existed then he would help humanity economically. For example God could manufacture computers without intensive human labor requited to do it. 3. Also if God existed he would make people live forever (without aging) and maybe he could bring dead people back to life. Perhaps God could also make an ugly-looking person suddenly turn good-looking by using his divine power. The fact that miracles do not happen and the fact that God does not help people in their daily struggles, whether economically, socially, medically or financially that to me kinda proves that God does not exist.
  20. So you're saying that something can be produced from nothing under certain conditions? If so how?
  21. Modern physics makes the assumption (I'm talking about quantum mechanics and quantum field theory) that something can come from nothing. This is where I think it is wrong because the evidence shows that something cannot come from nothing.
  22. Yes but it took about 60 million years from the first primates to where we are now. 60 million years is a lot of time.
  23. I think it's pretty much inevitable that humanity will become extinct at some point in the relatively near future, maybe even in a 100000 years from now. The problem is that I don't think that other animals will ever evolve by natural selection to be intelligent enough to re-create all of our technology and science. But the point is that animals don't need to understand technology and complicated science in order to live. For animals it's only about eating, reproducing, communicating and just somehow surviving.
  24. Religion never made much sense to me and I always viewed (and still do) those who believe in God to be a little out of touch with reality. If God really existed and was all-loving and all-powerful then he would not create a world with so much cruelty and misery. But the fact is the world we live in has too much cruelty, ugliness and misery in it. The reality is that belief that God exists is just an extreme form of wishful thinking and to me that equates with being completely out-of-touch with the cold and harsh reality that we live in.
  25. Math cannot prove the existence of God because the overwhelming evidence we have at our disposal shows that God simply does not exist and has never existed. In other words, there is no such thing as a God and there simply never has been. If God existed then there wouldn't be so many people dying or in pain on this planet and for no justified reason for their suffering and hardships. Many people are in pain on this planet and God does nothing to stop their agony, therefore God is either very evil or he doesn't exist. http://www.dpjs.co.uk/god.html
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