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  1. Theoretical physics is not good career choice in my opinion. Most of the theories of mainstream theoretical physics like quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity, quantum field theory and modern cosmology are highly mathematical and theoretical and they can be quite difficult for most people to understand, unless you are very gifted at mathematics of course and have very very good memory. Biology, chemistry, engineering (electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electronics engineering for example) or economics/social science are better career choices in my opinion because these fields are much less difficult to master than theoretical physics and requite less effort, money and time to be really good at. Theoretical physicists don't make a lot of money but this field requires tons of effort and money to be really good at (for normal people I mean and not geniuses or prodigies) and is in my opinion not worth the money and effort which could be spent on something else.
  2. I think that I could live for billions of years unless I get seriously injured in which case I will die bleeding and be in unimaginable pain. I don't think that I can die peacefully during sleep (like without getting fatally injured) like everyone else and that's because I think that I am very different from anyone else. If I want to die during sleep peacefully without very terrible pain then it will only be in a billion of years from now and not in the maximal age of 125 like it is for other people. I think that I am very much an anomaly compared to other people who can die peacefully during sleep at normal ages.
  3. I tried to hurt myself once and maybe in the future I will try again. I am suffering from depression and that's because I am too lonely and can't receive any kind of reciprocal affection from beautiful girls. I also have low self-esteem and that's because some people tell me that I look ugly. Being constantly reminded that I am ugly is partially (in addition to other problems) what has triggered my depression and now all that I can think about is just a peaceful way to die and disappear from this cruel world forever.
  4. Many men will go their entire life without ever having ever having sex or a girlfriend. Lets face it. I am never going to have a girlfriend. I know this for a fact. I'm too ugly and unattractive to women. I also I'm poor and women are only attracted to good-looking rich guys with good genes. There are some men in the world that can get any girl they just dream of. The fact is that life is extremely unfair and is only going to get more unfair over time. I feel a lot like Elliot Rodger did when he knew that he couldn't get reciprocal affection from the women he wanted. I think this guy seems to explain this quite well:
  5. Yes it is. Just because you are delusional and you can't see that is not my problem. The fact is that Christians are delusional and will believe everything without evidence.
  6. What does that supposed to mean? The rest of your post is foolish.
  7. Just because there are some wise words in the bible doesn't make the concept of God or Gods for that matter any more likely or believable. There is zero evidence for any God/Gods so unless someone can show me otherwise I stand by the fact that there is no God.
  8. No I believe he's NOT lying. Stop being so conceited. I believe that he could really be 250 years old, regardless what some scientist may say.
  9. According to certain longevity myths and in certain religions some people have lived up to 10,000 years of age. But this pretty much contradicts what is being taught in gerontology (the study of aging), biology, genetics and biochemistry about why we age. I think his body chemistry must be completely different from regular people who live up to maximum of 100 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longevity_myths
  10. I don't know really. It's a difficult question. It could equally likely be the result of a bully God as the result of the laws of nature.
  11. If God really exists then to me he looks more like a narcissistic bully than an all-loving and caring father. If God treats you so cruelly during life, then why do you think that he will let you enjoy eternal peace in his heaven?
  12. The proof is overwhelming that God does not exist. If God really existed then the world would have been a much better place without pain, suffering, ugliness, death, diseases, disabilities, extreme poverty and many other bad things. When I'm in trouble and I ask God for help He doesn't help me in any way or form which proves that he doesn't exist because if God really existed then he would have helped people when they are in trouble. Many features of the natural world point to the nonexistence of God. For example... 1. Why did God need to create animals including mankind, who need to painfully kill and eat other animals to survive? If God was all-powerful and good then the entire food chain would not have existed because God would have fed everyone of Mana from heaven and there would be no hunger, starvation and predation of animals. The fact that we need to painfully kill animals to live proves that there is no God. 2. If God was really good and all-powerful then there wouldn't be so many diseases and disabilities which maim and some even kill innocent people including young children indiscriminately. 3. Supposedly man after he dies lives in gods eternal heaven in eternal happiness. But if this is true then why did he create sin and punishment on Earth? Why did he create Hell? Why not create a world with men that are motivated to be caring and loving beings, just like him, with no desire to be selfish, greedy and mean? Religious fanatics claim that man has chosen to be evil because of his 'free will'. This is totally specious because 'Free will' does not imply or require evil or immoral conduct. A good benevolent God could have created man as a loving and caring creature with free will but without any desire or ability to hurt other people. Besides, God has created other limitations on man's 'free will'. He created hunger pains to force man to eat and drink? He created suffocation panic to force man to breathe? and a powerful sex drive to force man to procreate, frequently in excess of man's ability to feed and care for his creations!
  13. Lets face it. Most human beings on this planet today are outright evil and selfish. Animals are better than humans in almost every way. Animals never offend you, animals never say mean things to you, animals aren't so greedy and corrupt and animals never do bad things to each other for no reason. Only humans do these bad things to each other therefore animals are way better than humans. I know I sound like a misanthrope but it's true. Most people on this planet are shitty and greedy.
  14. Scientists often take chemical evolution for granted but it's possible that life just isn't chemical in nature. Personally I don't think that the origin of life will ever be figured out by scientists. I'm just not convinced. There are things that science will just never be able to explain, not even in a million years from now.
  15. Capitalism doesn't have any good elements in my opinion, only bad elements. Also religion is based on the false premise that people need religion or a God to behave morally. And I believe that is false. Humanity is more important than any God therefore religion is bad in my opinion. What makes the modern world so cruel and shitty is that no one cares about each other except when they can get money out of the person. Also the lust for money has replaced beneficial and altruistic human social interactions.
  16. Today money is more important to people than anything else I think. Modern societies revolve around money and money makes the world go round. Most people today are like immoral and mindless zombies anyway. The vast majority of people these days are immoral idiots who will do everything they can to get the most money possible (a quick buck), even if it means violating the rights of hard workers. Lets face it. The people in Western Capitalist societies have no morality or ethics whatsoever.
  17. Don't be so close-minded. I think that it could be true that this man is 250 years old. The problem is that scientists are very closed-minded people who don't like to admit that their most cherished theories could be wrong. Scientists don't want to think outside the box because it's not very convenient for them to do so.
  18. In "Through the wormhole season 1 episode 5 - how did we get here?" Morgan Freeman says that the origin of life will always be a mystery and that this question might never get an answer.
  19. This has nothing to do with what I said though. Human behavior is complex but it has nothing to do with religion. Religion is a human-made construction which has no objective or scientific basis in reality. Also science and especially physics, chemistry and biology heavily contradicts religion. So if scientific theories about the world are true than religion cannot be true. They cannot both be true. It's either science or religion and I think that rational people should pick science. Also Christianity in immoral in my opinion because according to Christians the only way you can get to heaven is if you suck God's dick and do exactly what God wants you to do because otherwise you will suffer eternal torture in Hell. Christianity is an immoral religion because it teaches conformity and instills terror in people about what will happen to them if they don't do what God wants them to do. Besides many people in the past have murdered in the name of Christianity so Christianity as a religion also has blood in its hands.
  20. Religion is based upon false hopes and dreams and therefore it never had any real hold or basis in the cruel world we live in. We live in a cruel world and the human condition is a truly sad state and anyone who thinks that this universe has any compassion for human life and aspirations and that religion ever had any basis in our reality is a fool.
  21. After searching Google I couldn't find a definition of life that everyone agrees on. Maybe trying to find a working definition of life is really a futile attempt but many times I get the impression that we just don't have a good (or working) theory of life. I mean if scientists will one day be able to create life from scratch then maybe only then we will have a definition of life. But right now do we even have a good theory of life? Do we know what differentiates living things from non-living (or inanimate) things? After searching Wikipedia I have seen many different branches and outlines of biology and the life sciences but what I have not been able to find is a good and working general theory of what life really is.
  22. Intelligent design creates more questions than it attempts to explain. For example, if Intelligent design is really true then the questions are: 1. If everything must have a cause then who created the intelligent designer? 2. What is the nature of the intelligent designer? For example, is He a good or evil designer? 3. Why is intelligent design true?
  23. If there are supposedly 56 billion "habitable" planets in the Milky Way galaxy (our galaxy) alone then why haven't we found any signs of intelligent alien life yet? Is intelligent life really so rare that we haven't found any, even though there may billions of habitable planets in our galaxy alone? What is the reason for this?
  24. The way I see it the concepts of good and evil are subjective human constructs. Why do these concepts survive? It's because our species exists and keeps them alive. (Intelligent species elsewhere in the universe may well have similar concepts of morality as we do.) But there is neither good or evil in nature and the evidence shows that humanity is really insignificant in the intergalactic scheme of things. This means that the Universe doesn't care about us any more than it cares for an ant. And when it comes down to our animal nature, we will probably continue murdering, torturing, raping, persecuting and terrorising fellow humans for a long, long time to come. As for good and evil - when our species is eventually extinct, our moral dilemmas will be as forgotten as the dreams of dinosaurs.
  25. I think I agree with you on this. Also there is growing evidence from evolutionary biology that humans evolved from more basic forms of life, although the origin of life as we currently understand it is still a mystery though. There is also evidence coming from the neurosciences that claims that consciousness is a product of a functioning brain and when the brain stops working (aka registering neurons), consciousness simply stops to be and we die. There is a growing body of evidence that people who suffered damage to their brains have experience a complete personality change and some even lost the ability to move and speak. So what if what makes me me and you you is really just activity in the brain then the conclusion I can draw from this is that there is no afterlife when the brain stops functioning.
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