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  1. Yes but if all humans become extinct (including all monkeys) then evolution will have to start from scratch and it will take about 3-4 billion years.
  2. I doubt it. Dolphins are smart but not that smart. I doubt a dolphin can understand quantum mechanics and general relativity. Personally I think it would take at least 3 billion years before another species would be able to rediscover and reproduce everything which is about the same amount of time that it has take humans.
  3. By 'rediscovered' I mean reproduced. For example, if all of all our written media on "quantum mechanics" was destroyed during the course of time, how long will it for a different species to 'reproduce' it?
  4. If humanity became extinct at some point in the future, how long will it take for all of our science (all of our physics and chemistry and biology) to be rediscovered again by a different species?
  5. Studying physics is a waste of time in my opinion. Physics is an extremely difficult subject for most people and many professional physicists also do not make a lot of money. So why study physics when you can get into a good business school and study economics or business administration and get rich quickly?
  6. I think that I'm a reasonably good person (I never abuse or offend or hurt other people for no reason) so if there is a heaven I think that I will get to see it. I'm also a socialist and I believe in altruism and co-operation and that people should help each other when they are in deep economic crisis or need. If God is really good and merciful then why would he prevent me from getting into heaven?
  7. I think that some men are irresistible to women because they are much better-looking than other men so they can get affection and intimacy from women more often and much more easily. I think that looks are basically everything when it comes to human sexual attraction. This is true in humans as well as in other higher animals. Good-looking men have much higher chances of getting reciprocal affection (and sex) from good-looking women and vice versa.
  8. Yes I believe they do. The origin of the universe could very likely be due to physicalistic events. In some other forum a poster called paddoboy explains this better than I can: http://www.sciforums.com/threads/a-universe-from-nothing-not-that-hard-to-understand.158811/
  9. I don't believe in God because the evidence shows that there is no need for God to explain anything. Everything is physical therefore God does not exist. All the evidence that humanity has gathered during the course of evolution in fields like biology, chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, physics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, physical cosmology, the theory of relativity and many other scientific fields really shows that God is really not needed to explain anything. Everything can be explained by the laws of physics therefore God is not needed and does not exist.
  10. Maybe intelligent life really is a rare thing. I mean why else haven't aliens contacted us by now? If intelligent alien beings really existed in abundance in our Galaxy then they would have contacted us by now unless something really prevents communication with us. If we look at the evidence, it took 4 billion years for humans to reach their current status and we all know that 'survival of the fittest' doesn't always mean the 'survival of the smartest'. Maybe intelligent life is more rare than we like to think and this could be the reason why aliens haven't contacted us by now.
  11. I don't believe there is life after death and this also means that there is no Heaven and Hell. I believe that when we die that's it. Our bodies decompose in the ground and there is nothing more because it's really all over for you once you die. If there was life after death then surely someone who has died would have already returned from heaven and shown the current living people of earth that there is truly life after death. If God had the ability to create the whole universe and created the heavens and the earth and has all power over it then he would have the ability to send someone down from heaven to give us the 'heads up'. The concept of life after death does not make sense to me. I don't see myself or others floating around in the great beyond, or being reborn again as someone else. I believe that you have one life to live and, when you die, you're dead, and that is the end for all of us. I see nothing wrong with that. It inspires me to live my life to the fullest and to enjoy each day. I've never seen any real proof that there is a possibility of life after death and, until I do, I can not be persuaded to change my mind on that topic. It is scientifically impossible for there to be life after death as being conscious isnot possible after there is nothing supporting the brain. Your brain cant work without oxygenated blood from the heart. Consciousness is supplied by the brain so if the brain doesn't work you cannot be conscious. Therefore it is impossible to be alive after death. The essence of what you are is in the brain because the brain controls almost of all the functions in your body. This means that once your brain stops functioning it's all over for you because there simply is nothing more to it. http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Is%20there%20life%20after%20death.htm
  12. I certainly would NOT want to live on this planet forever. Humanity is mostly shit and this planet is a shithole too. When I die I just to be gone forever and not come back to this planet, forever.
  13. The Gods don't envy us because we're mortal because the Gods don't exist. Also you take a quote from a movie, in this case the movie "Troy" and think that this applies to the real world which it doesn't. Movies should not be confused with the real world.
  14. Who the Hell would want to live forever on this planet? What makes me kinda sad is that people bring children into this world just to see them suffer endlessly whether it is problems with attracting the opposite sex or problems with dealing with stressful financial situations that are caused by serious health troubles. I'm currently in deep financial trouble because I don't have a job and I'm also sick all the time and many times I think that in my situation I would rather be dead and buried than alive and living in extreme poverty or just rotting in jail for many years to come. My biggest fear is becoming homeless with no roof over my head, no privacy, no food to eat and no medications to take when I'm sick. Becoming homeless is my biggest fear because I don't think that I could get out of this situation (or least not when I'm sick all the time). I was given a shitty life that I didn't ask for in the first place. The problems is that no one asks you if you want to born into this world or not because you are just born and that's it. Personally I think I should have been aborted so my life wouldn't so painful because I all do is suffer and worry all the time and I'm also in a lot of pain.
  15. Since I believe that religion is very probably a natural phenomena I don't think the world will necessarily be better off without it because it will probably be just the same as it is now. However rational people know that religion is based on false hopes and dreams because if God was really so merciful and loving then there wouldn't be so much unfairness, injustice and extreme suffering in this world.
  16. But advanced aliens don't exist or at least we have no evidence that they exist so this argument is moot.
  17. If humanity became extinct, will all the the scientific knowledge that we have obtained thus far in fields like biology, chemistry and physics be lost forever or will there be another species that will come after us that will also be capable of develping science?
  18. Yes true but we don't know for sure how life on Earth really began or do we? Abiogenesis is the only scientific theory we currently have but religious people may claim that intelligent design (ID) or any variant thereof is more likely what happened.
  19. If abiogenesis is a true theory about how life on Earth began from nonlife then this means that life is a form of chemistry or is it? http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Abiogenesis
  20. So are you saying that according to quantum field theory something can indeed be produced from nothing under certain conditions?
  21. If God really exists then he must be very evil or maybe he doesn't even exist at all. The God of the old Testament was a monster with his behavior very much like Satan. http://www.vexen.co.uk/religion/christianity_evilgod.html http://www.dpjs.co.uk/god.html http://new.exchristian.net/2015/06/the-christian-god-is-evil.html
  22. So quantum fluctuations can arise out of nothing or do they originate out of something? My father always told me that something cannot originate from nothing. So is my father wrong or not?
  23. Why would God make some guys/girls extremely ugly so that they cannot get any affection from the opposite sex? If God existed then he would not make some people extremely ugly and depressed and others extremely good-looking and successful. Also this God must a monster for allowing innocent people to suffer like that. This God apparently allows innocent people to be born into a world where they will suffer and be tormented endlessly for no reason and also without allowing people who suffer for no reason a non-painful and peaceful way to end their life. People suffer on this planet for no reason and God does nothing to stop it therefore he's either a monster or he doesn't exist. The fact that life is so unfair to some people proves that there is no God in my opinion otherwise God would have done something to help people who are victims to extremely unfair life circumstances.
  24. Life is completely pointless and meaningless in my opinion. Also this planet and humanity is insignificant and there is no God or purpose or any meaning to life at all, except to constantly suffer and being bullied and abused. At least this is the way I see it. Being dead is superior to being alive in every way because after you are dead there is no more pain and no more suffering, no more crying and no more bullying. Personally I think I should never have been born (I think I should have been aborted) because all my life has been constant pain, suffering and abuse with no single moment of happiness. I am going to jail in a couple of months and there I will spend 20 years of my life or even more. And when I will be released from prison I will be homeless and destitute with nowhere to go except living and starving on the streets. So what's the point of trying to survive at all if I am going to rot more than 20 years of my life in prison or be homeless and destitute for the rest of my life.
  25. No it's not a joke and you are an idiot for thinking that it's a joke. I am suffering from depression and depression is no joke. Many people commit suicide because of depression. I am too ugly and fat and no good-looking girl will ever want anything to do with me and that's a fact. Also I am suffering from severe financial, health and legal problems so being ugly and unlovable by women is the least of my problems right now. The only way to get out of the mess I got myself into is just dying and disappearing from this shitty and cruel planet forever.
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