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  1. It seems like everyone is able to find a girlfriend and get sex except me. I'm becoming 50 and I am still a virgin and never had a girlfriend either. Girls won't talk to me let alone want to touch me. I'm seriously considered suicide if I become 60 and I'm still a virgin and never had a girlfriend. How many people are still virgins after 60 years of age? Am I the only guy in the world who can't get sex and a girlfriend despite being already 50 or are there many others like me in the world?
  2. When I open my eyes in the morning I don't see God's love. Instead what I see is Capitalist cruelty and people dying by the numbers every day. I see a world ruled by radical patriarchy and the strong dominating over the weak. This world cannot be the work of an all-loving God. If God created this cruel and corrupt world then he is evil and sadistic and not a loving and caring God at all and especially not one worth worshipping.
  3. I find it highly unlikely that a God actually exists. Look at the human body for instance. Surely if God created the human body then he could have created something much stronger and durable. The human body is far from perfect and this is why there are so many diseases, disorders, extreme pain, infirmities and other bad things happening with our body all because the human body is very far from perfect. Also look at the vastness of space. If God really created the universe and everything then he will surely make it so that Interstellar/intergalactic travel would be possible for humans. But what the evidence shows is that interstellar/intergalactic travel is impossible for humans so it's highly unlikely that a God engineered things to work this way, like making fast-than-light travel to be impossible for humans, for instance.
  4. No the laws of nature are very probably not God. God very probably doesn't exist. I know this because life can be so cruel to so many people. I think there is a so-called problem of evil. I mean why are there so many struggling poor people if there is a loving God? Why can't we all be rich and happy if there is a God who loves and cares about every single one of us? And why do girls always have to break your heart? I hope you get my point: There is too much evil, suffering and heartbreak going on this planet so this cannot possibly be the work of an all-loving God. This world is way too cruel for there to be a loving and caring God and this is my opinion at least.
  5. I've been depressed and suicidal since as long I can remember. Ever since I was bullied in high school and on the Internet I always wanted to die. Many times I get the impression that my existence is a mistake anyway. We are all going to die one day anyway and I honestly I'm looking forward to my death. There is nothing I can do about it anyway. The way I see it life is completely pointless anyway.
  6. We live in a highly individualistic culture where everyone cares only about themselves and their immediate family (or their children). I think this can be destructive at some level because some people don't have the health or the ability to take care of themselves and make their life better on their own and many people also don't have a family or children who will care about them unconditionally and who will support them in any situation.
  7. Rejection by beautiful young girls is not everything in my opinion. Of course it hurts every time you are rejected but it's not everything in life. Life can be much more painful when you realize that no one cares about you at all, not even your parents. And when you don't have a family or children to look after you and love you unconditionally, especially when you're very sick or very old then it can be a much more painful situation for you. I talk about myself here so please don't take what I wrote here personally. I think I'm about to become homeless and I will forced to sleep on the street and I'm also very sick and I cannot make my life better because of my disability but my family doctor doesn't give a shit about me and about my wellbeing at all. That's the story for me. When you realize that no one cares about you, that you are insignificant and that your life is not important to anyone then it can be much more shocking experience for you.
  8. You're delusional here. God is not the action of people, it's something else entirely, completely separate from humans and their actions. Just because some people have a narcissistic God-complex and think that they are Gods doesn't make the existence of God anymore real.
  9. This world is way too cruel and painful for many people for there to be a caring God. Many people are going through serious hardships in life and God does nothing to help them with their troubles and hardships. The existence of Satan makes more sense to me than the existence of all-good God who actually gives a shit about anyone. While I'm not saying that religion is evil I think that humanity will be better off in the future without religion and its delusions.
  10. In my opinion it is quite irrational to believe that a God created life on earth. There is no evidence from physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology or any other science that a God actually exists. And btw you need to answer this question: If there is a God who creates all life on earth, then why is the world such a shitty place and why do living organisms show evidence of extremely poor design? Organisms on earth have features of having been poorly designed so if God created organisms on Earth with such poor design then this creator is not so smart or not so capable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_poor_design
  11. I'm 100% sure that God doesn't exist and even if he does exist then he surely must be very evil and sadistic to allow so much evil and misery in the world. There is too much evil and misery in this world for there to be a God. The problem of evil in this world cannot be denied. Also if there is a loving God then why were 6 million jews murdered in Germany during the Holocaust? Why didn't God protect the Jews from the Nazis during that time? Or what about the so many innocent people who were killed in the war in Syria and the middle East?
  12. There are still a lot of things we don't know yet and the origin and evolution of life is one of them. For example we don't even know yet what drives evolution: It could be magic, it could be aliens, it could be God or it could be something scientific (a scientific phenomena I mean) that we don't understand yet.
  13. I mostly disagree. I think that looks are more important to good-looking young girls than most men realize. Also if you are too short or too ugly or too poor or if you lack a sense of humor and you are too boring then it can be difficult for you to get what you want. Take Elliot Rodger for example. I think that Elliot Rodger couldn't get a girl because he was too short and he didn't have a good-paying job and these things can be critical if you want success with beautiful women.
  14. Speaking of money problems I was thinking a lot about suicide recently. I can't get a drivers license because of mental health issues and now I can't get hired for a well-paying job because of it. And most jobs require a driving license and I just can't have one and now I can't get a good job. I also have tons of health problems and I'm not feeling well most of the time and I also vomit very often so I cannot go to work because of my health problems. The way I see it is either to commit suicide or live in poverty or in a crappy low-paying job for the rest of my life and depending on others all the time.
  15. It isn't much about power I think than it is about looks and money. Good looks matter more to people and especially to women than they'll be willing to admit. If you don't have the right looks then you have a snowballs chance in hell to get sex, love and affection from good-looking young girls. And many articles I've read on the Internet support my view that people with good looks are treated much better by the opposite sex and by people in general than they're willing to admit. The problem is that no one wants to admit that they're not good-looking or not physically attractive and this is what makes fighting looks-based discrimination and looks-based stereotypes very difficult. https://www.livescience.com/58607-mens-looks-may-matter-more-than-personality.html https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/its-really-hard-legally-protect-people-beauty-bias-180950331/
  16. While I'm not trying to denigrate the religious I think that it doesn't exactly take a genius to see that religion is just wishful thinking and that religion is silly and quite irrational. If there was a real God then I think he could have done a better job at gathering believers and I think that if he was a moral God then he could do a better job of smiting all of the fake Gods and making us know that he is the real God for certain.
  17. I am a misanthrope most of the time and yes I can see through people and their bullshit most of the time. I just need privacy and alone time and you can't blame me for that. If you have lived the kind of life that I've lived then you would completely understand why I am a misanthrope.
  18. Biological science is a broken science in my opinion. I'm sure that in a couple of years much of what is taught biology will become pseudoscience. Biology can't even answer the question of why you feel very severe pain when you are cut by something sharp or the very severe pain that you feel when you put your hands on something very hot. Scientists assume that all pain after an injury is caused by the brain but what if it's not caused by the brain but by something else that we haven't discovered yet?
  19. If you are very ugly like me it's impossible to get a good-looking girlfriend in my opinion no matter how hard you try. Our societies places a very high importance on physical attractiveness, in both men and women so if you're not considered physically attractive by most women then it's impossible for you to get a girlfriend or get sex from women. You just have no chance because good-looking girls will not give you a chance of affection if you're very ugly. And also add very ugly and very poor and your chances with women go down the drain completely.
  20. The fact is that there are a lot of things we still don't know. For example scientists still can't figure out the origin of life or how the human body really works. For instance scientists assume that pain after an injury is caused by the brain but what if it's not? What if pain after injury is not caused by the brain but by something else?
  21. So if in the very far future a universe completely identical to our own emerges then does it mean that all of us will live again? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_far_future
  22. What makes me sad is that I never see women checking me out or showing any kind of interest in me. And every time I ask a good-looking woman out they outright reject me or just ignore me. And I've been rejected more times than I can count. Beautiful women just don't like me and there's not much I can do about that. In high school I've also been called ugly several times and I've also been severely bullied and made fun of because of my physical appearance. I've also been called ugly several times by people on the Internet and nobody has ever said anything positive about my physical appearance. If women will continue to ignore and dislike me like that then I will very probably die a lonely old-age virgin.
  23. Many times I get the feeling that I will never find inner peace and be truly happy in life and every single day that I wake up this planet feels more and like a prison to me. For starters I can't go to work because I suffer from a tons of health problems and many other things like legal problems with the Israeli authorities (I live in Israel btw). I wish I could escape this prison and just die already and rest forever in peace. I feel trapped by the system and I don't know what to do.
  24. In my experience if you are ugly-looking and poor it can be very difficult to find a good-looking woman and that's because many women especially the good-looking ones have very high standards these days: 1. A man needs to be reasonably good-looking and by reasonably good-looking I mean not ugly because being ugly-looking is a deal-breaker for many good-looking women. 2. A man needs to be reasonably wealthy (and also reasonably healthy). 3. A man needs to have his own place and not live in parents house in old age. Good-looking women have too many deal-breakers and that's why it's very difficult to find a good-looking girlfriend if you are ugly-looking and not earn a reasonable amount of money in your job.
  25. I admit that I'm slightly mentally challenged, therefore I probably won't be able to understand general relativity, quantum field theory and string theory in my lifetime. Mathematics is the language of physics but unfortunately for me the mathematics is just way too difficult for me to understand and to memorize all the advanced mathematical concepts and principles is also really difficult because you need to have a really good memory to do that. I really love physics but given that I'm slightly mentally retarded I don't think that a lifetime career in physics is a good and realistic career option for me. I guess that just like everyone can't be an astronaut or a successful pilot because you need to be superhealthy to become an astronaut or a pilot for that matter then likewise not everyone can become a successful mathematical physicist and that's because mathematics is really difficult to learn for many people.
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