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  1. I always try to slip a quick greeting of some sort in though.It's just polite. I think it's about being seen to be a capable provider. This would make sense from an evolutionary point of view.
  2. No, but I do like these types of puzzle. Look up the hardest logic puzzle ever
  3. Should not be at work today...

  4. I think this is a little harsh. If you re-read the post I don't think it was intended to "rag" on anyone or propose the existence of hell. I also don't see any claims to know how people feel. Anyway, from the information here it seems to me that the most humane way to kill a person would be to completely destroy the brain as quickly as possible. In countries where capitol punishment is still used surely they should slam the heads of inmates between big steel blocks at 100+ mph. That seems more humane than electrocution or lethal injection.
  5. Laser is actually much more practical than you think
  6. You would need a position that is stationary with regard to the earth in order to extract energy (excluding tidal as mentioned above)
  7. Ok, so I've been looking at self publishing through Smashwords, does anyone have any experience of them?
  8. Thanks ajb, I perhaps should have specified that this will actually not be a scientific publication but your advice is still sound.
  9. Hi all, Anyone have any experience of publishing a book? How difficult is it? How much does it cost? Is it better to self publish? Is it easier/cheaper to publish an ebook? Any advice you can give will be gladly received. Thanks
  10. I'm going to have to disagree I'm afraid. While accelleration causes the same effect it is not the same thing as gravity. Gravity is a force caused by the distortion of space time generated by mass, accelleration is a ficticious force http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictitious_force
  11. Bannana compensation:

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Sprinkle themselves, they roll it up, I have a banana, which is the concept of a chimney mound, because in very nice shape.


      Melt in oven and bake in a cupcake.


      Flavour with a pint of corresponding shape.


      Crush the oven for as a little of symmetrical size.


      Every two hours, cheese and pepper decorated with milk, add peeled, points to a great white pot.

  12. The video is a fake, there are hundreds of them on youtube
  13. While the 2 effects are indisdinguishable from each other the causes are not the same
  14. Yes, but that's not due to gravity is it? That's due to accelleration which is not the same thing.
  15. ?! Any significant difference in gravity will be noticable. I would wager that I could do more press ups on the moon than I can here on earth.
  16. Loving the site layout - well done!

  17. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/truth-behind-moon-landings/ Not sure why I'm bothering to try to correct someone who will not listen but the link above is a pretty good documentary on the subject.
  18. It is not the place of mainstream physics to defend its position - Rather any attempt to go against it must be backed up with evidence. With this in mind I would ask to see evidence for ether before making any attempt to refute it further.
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