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  1. Variants of this theory have been proposed by my friends
  2. They just seem to gather on the roof on sunny days...
  3. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/88215419@N08/8059597000/
  4. Hi all, My car has a rather unique paint job, it's a bright pink and white marble effect (I will try to post a picture at some point) but on sunny days it seems to attract small flies. Could this be due to it reflecting More UV than normal cars? I would appreciate your input. Thanks, Al
  5. You crack me up!

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelson%E2%80%93Morley_experiment
  7. You're missing the point:
  8. Sorry Phi, I just neg troops you in a post by accident. Can you use your mod powers to reverse itj

  9. It's gone beyond that now, it's become word soup designed to mask the fact that he has no evidence or even mathematical knowledge to back up what he's saying
  10. Wow... This would require an incredibly complex motion of the aether... Why would the aether be specifically "attached" to one planet in the entire universe? Why would anyone think that?!
  11. Are you (Illuusio) suggesting that not only is there an aether but it is stationary in relation to the Earth (accounting for its orbit and rotation)?
  12. You don't have a theory, come back when you do.... This is reminiscent of those historical reenactment societies, playing out old battles knowing the outcome... Aether is dead, lets not drag its corpse around in some farcical 'weekend at Bernies'esque charade just for a nostalgia trip - let it go. This isn't the "long dead theory reenactment society".
  13. The "Aether wheelbarrow" - No more carrying heavy aether in you pockets or shoes...
  14. Well played! My argument falls to pieces at this stroke of genius... It would be wrong to base my argument on heresay - that's why I have based it on the evidence available. Whilst I am tempted to say "word salad" at this point I will instead say this: This argument is flawed on so many levels. The aether concept has been disproven entirely - This is like saying "There is no way that the concept of unicorns was eliminated in the respect from being generated from within rainbows". I have to say it here though... Word salad I beg to differ Also, is
  15. Nobody has done an experiment to "determine if the aether is generated from within all mass and energy" because the entire idea of aether has been disproven time and time again. And I'm sorry but Is word salad...
  16. Anything that qualifies as actual proof
  17. You're still missing the point. You can't use one scenario to decide what's best for all organisms. Not only that but pretty much any way you measure it ants are far more successful than elephants. Also, life does scale the "hammer". How often does an Ant take massively disproportionate damage?
  18. You seem to have misunderstood the use of the word "fit". Not only that, your arguement is flawed: Let's say we have an elephant and an ant. If we hit them both with the same hammer and the same force this is not a fair test of who can withstand the most damage. Scale the hammer and force down proportionally to the size of the ant and you will find that proportionally the ant has a far greater damage resistance than the elephant.
  19. This is possibly the single worst strawman I've ever seen
  20. There is no aether as proved by the Michelson Morley experiment and various more recent experiments. No, they simply imagined that all waves needed a medium to propagate through and since light could travel through a vacuum that there must be something else there - an "aether" What?! Observers govern the speed of light? No There will never be an "understanding of aether" because it does not exist Word salad...
  21. I see no proof if anything here
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