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  1. I use the rep system quite a bit and I do feel that it would be useful to see where/why rep had been administered, a notification maybe? I also feel that perhaps you should be able to see on your profile a breakdown of rep received rather than just a total (for example: If you have rep + 10, it could be made up of 40+'s and 30-'s) I am also one of the people who will hold on to my neg vote for the day just in case and have sometimes used it and then seen a far worse post which then gets forgotten. I would also like the ability to change my vote, I have often tried to click + (or ev
  2. Whilst in contact with a surface, by rotating about my axis I achieve motion due to the high coefficient of static friction

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Hmmm... If anyone would like to offer a better/more accurate discription of rolling I would appreciate it

    2. Joatmon


      Hmmm. I was thinking of a vertical axis of (attempted) rotation. Sounds a bit like a description of an old dance called "The Twist) - lol.

    3. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Oh, I see. I meant led down


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  3. This is just plain wrong This argument shows either a massive lack of understanding or just plain trolling Evolution does not mean that new animals will keep appearing, it means that the existing animals will change slightly over time. You have been given the definitions of both these words. Look them up This is almost the opposite of science, you have also been given information on the scientific method - please read it before posting any more ridiculous claims like this one. Not only are you showing your ignorance here, you are also showing that you haven
  4. So you're saying that you're ok with evolution but not speciation?
  5. Oh dear... This again. What don't you understand about evolution? Evolution is the process by which a species changes over time. Genetic mutation occurs and is acted upon by natural selection Simple
  6. Stupid Skitts law... Can I blame the broken apostrophe key on my keyboard..?
  7. Really? I know people who are not psychic (lots of them actually) and who are picses Back up your claims dude. All I see is poor grammar/spelling and an appeal to authority mixed with repetition Its getting boring
  8. Do it Mooey, lets debunk astrology once and for all!
  9. What happens if this comes true? Does that prove the OP right?
  10. I think that the general concensus is that you can be quite aggressive in your posts. One of the first questions I ever posted here saw me subjected to a two page beating by none other than yourself. While most of the time I tend to agree with what you say, you often go about it in a way that is not civil at all... I also feel that you get away with a lot more than anyone else in terms of these kinds of violations. Maybe that's why the rules seem fuzzy to you?
  11. It seems that your idea of proof is somewhat different to ours.
  12. Good shout Imatfaal. I've been keeping an eye on them for the last couple of weeks Google sky maps is a free smartphone app if you help finding them
  13. I always do that, call me silly but interviews just don't seem to go as well without them...
  14. Ridiculous. The one saving grace of any religion is that it lays down moral guidelines. What's the point if you can break them whenever you like with no repercussions
  15. Then you're a fool. If I believed in hell then surely that's what it's there for?
  16. But he speaks of god. You dont believe in god. Do you believe that he was mistaken then? I did not ask about his opinion about god, I simply said that if you believe in Jesus but not in god then he must be a liar
  17. I didn't know that either, I will have to check it out when I'm not at work
  18. [math]9*{21/22}{3}*\sqrt5=Friday![/math]
  19. fractions are \frac{}{} with the top in the first parentheses, and the bottom in the second. Click on the images of the equations to see the source: [math] \oint_{s}\left(\iiint\limits_{\mbox{ham}}^{\mbox{fish}^a} \psi^{ \left[\begin{array}{ccc} \frac{a}{b} &\partial_s&\tfrac{\partial}{\partial \pi}\\ 1 &2 &3\\ 4 &5 &6 \end{array}\right]} \; d\mathcal{V}\right) d\mathbf{R}\rightarrow \pm \infty = \sqrt{3}[/math] [math]6\frac{17}{19}= infinity * \sqrt{3.1}/{9}[/math] [math]21^a}[/math]
  20. The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace...
  21. [math]x^2=y/3[/math] Cool but how do I use a large operator?
  22. To be fair... These may refer to any kind of genetic experimentation. I would imagine they would just think of the results of these as being down to mating
  23. How can I use this function? If, on the odd occaision I have posted equations I do them using Outlook and copy and paste them
  24. There is no other kind of science It's done a really good job so far.... That's not how science works. Science considers all possibilities based on evidence and data, it brushes off things that do not have supporting evidence and data http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mysticism Please note the differences in these fields If by "interesting" you mean fanciful, then you are correct
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