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  1. which ever it is ,it is not not the system its with the OS.and until the boot kernals are there and are not messed there should'n be any problem with the file systems
  2. actually,i am new to this forum,and i have been learning things to do properly so if you kindly bare with me until then.thanku thanks to captainpanic ,that did help a lot!
  3. doesn't that slow the system.i use it for completing my assignment's on networks but the system gets rapid slow, or sometimes even hangs forcing me to restart and start the sircle all over again
  4. this is new to me,i didn't know about it. i exactly don have the details of it,i have it from my friend. it is said that when kali yuga(at peaks) comes the world will end ,it's said in ramyana there are loads of things unanswered in this world, which are not yet proved. all i want to say is science cant prove everything(if at all it can come to conclusions it would take ages),there are ton's of examples where science though proved many things, took ages for proving. RUSHI's and MUNI's predicted many things which all came true,as well as we follow thing's passed onto us by them only for our good.
  5. this was a place where people could talk about all it's method's etc. NOT GOOGLING IT.
  6. i actually meant configuration to be given so that it gives optimum perofromance.and would v box be better or Vmware
  7. I am die-hard fan of maths and like to solve problems in most easiest way possible,because i'm just damn lazy to solve by bigger methods. It seems (overheard) that vedic maths is one such tool which takes us through easiest ways to solve. can i know how? the links related to it? the complete information about it? A complete thread on vedic maths.
  8. wasn't this all about perfect working group
  9. So what's the basic idea behind this? So what's the basic idea behind this? isn't it said the other way round where long sentences when exchanged over distances loose there meaning and as far as the short sentences are considered, they are understood by different people in different ways.
  10. what's the best specification's for windows in virtual environment?
  11. since ,you mentioned it to be perfect working group,obviously it must be working for the reason it got formed.In sense that every group when formed will have it's own sole pupose
  12. we all know very well that for every start there is an end,obviously it comes to this as well.
  13. how ever ubuntu must be mostly used with desktop PC's or we need to to have fans for laptop when we are heavy computing.
  14. i meant for apps not *promoted
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