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  1. Is it possibile for forensic scientists to identify an individuals identity whether it be through hair, saliva, blood, semen, skin, sweat, mucus or sarwax? I know this is the standard of linking suspects to a crime scene, but could someone tell me how does it work if it's possibile? I can't comprehend how it could be done because I can't figure out where you would start from in order to match and identify it.
  2. True or false Every biological molecule has a half life?
  3. I can't describe it perfectly, but an average human poop size I heard that any biological molecule has a half life so if the poop i placed on the road stayed there forever it would decay over time True or false? Thanks
  4. if i placed 1 average human feces on a road and left it there forever will it expand or get smaller as time passes? please explain why to your answers thanks
  5. Please someone answer my question... If i put an average 1 average human fece on a road and let it there forever will it get bigger or smaller..... and please explain your answer
  6. If I put an average sized human feces on the road, and left it there forever Would it become smaller as time passes, or expand or what? Please explain whatever your answer is. THanks
  7. If I take more than what you prescribed, (1 gm to 1.5gm), say I took 3-5 gm, would that elimate the risks?
  8. As we proceed, I thank all for their co-operation. I need to know a single drug where the death can be painlessly accomplished, without any risks.
  9. Inquiring minds want to know, a fatal dose of what drugs will it take for the express purpose of causing the immediate death of the subject? I want to know the drugs that will cause the easiest death, rather than other methods which are considered to be more painful. I know the subject could be applied in a broad sense to suicide, but I'm just curious, I do not have the intention of killing myself.
  10. The total land area of all continents is 148,647,000 square kilometres (57,393,000 sq mi) Approximatley, how much would it take for one average human feces spread out on the ground would it take to cover the entire land area of all continents?
  11. Say you had a substance, let's say feces and it took up most of a big country of the globe but if you took a small peice of every feces you had and put it on each road on the planet and it covered it seems like it could happen but i dont know why because if the substance is smaller than the country, how could it expand to every road on the planet?
  12. I don't know, I'm concerned with the percentage of the numbers I mentioned above and I'm getting I think 1.108%? Correct? Lol. I want my money! Rates, down, up?
  13. <P>Can someone give me the answer please? And explain the method of how they got it?</P>
  14. Answer of percentage not coming up correctly I believe
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