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  1. With the an exact equation for e I've derived an exact equation for pi without e pi=(-2*i)/(log,base(i),((cos(1/2)+i*sin(1/2))^(2/i))) does this also mean that pi and e are both not transcendental numbers? e=(cos(1/2) +i*sin(1/2))^(2/i)
  2. I'm just curious as to why that equation didn't work when plugged into google calculator when x<4?
  3. I've found an exact equation for e without pi e=(cos(1/2)+i*sin(1/2))^(2/i) does this mean that e is not a transcendental number?
  4. I have no proof for it but just wondering if this equation is new? (-1)^(1/x) = i*sin(pi/x) + cos(pi/x) where x>=4 I've tested this equation and Google calculator gives the correct answer for every example.
  5. Does antimatter repulse ordinary matter, that's what Cern's Alpha experiment is trying to find out. If this is the case what would it mean for the theory of gravity under relativity? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22355187
  6. Semjase


    Present videos related to UFO's and discuss their credibility here. These two videos seem to be credible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sktso1dqtk
  7. Consciousness survives death, research seems to support this Quote " A number of scientific studies carried out by independant researchers have demonstrated that 10-20 percent of people who go through cardiac arrest and clinical death report lucid, well structured thought processes, reasoning, memories and sometimes detailed recall of events during their encounter with death." Here's a documented case where essentially the brain wasn't required for the functioning of the consciousness. Quote "in 1980, Roger Lewin published "Is Your Brain Really Necessary ?" in the pres
  8. The patch was of the original Apollo 20 mission that was officially cancelled. What would really clear this mystery up is the image of the three astronauts at the 3 minute 32 second mark of the Apollo 20 video could all be positively identified as who Rutledge claims them to be as William Rutlege,Leona Snyder and Alexei Leonov in 1975. William Rutledge who was 76 years old in 2007 couldn't possibly of faked that photograph, it was just lying around for him to use in in 2007 I don't think so. Here's an image of Rutledge's secret Apollo 20 mission patch
  9. I was referring to the photograph of the patch being faked , you could obviously could get a patch made up, why bother? Rutledge alone released this information, it would take a lot of money a number of people to fake that Apollo footage. Who's going to pay for it and why? How could they keep the whole thing quiet? Maybe professional assessment of this footage maybe in order. Remote viewers confirm Rutledge's story Quote "This video comprises footage of the secret joint US/Soviet mission to the backside of the Moon that allegedly took place in 1976 and launched from SLC-6, Vande
  10. Here's something a little more credible a close-up photo of a Apollo 20 patch from the mission which obviously cannot be easily faked, a custom made patch? There's other credible information on this page as well concerning Apollo 20. http://reinep.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/apollo-20-real-or-a-cover-up/ Here's the translation of the Latin encrytion on the patch Quote "Historically, the phrase was likely in popular use at the time, but is most famously quoted in Virgil's Bucolica (“Bucoliche”) IX, 50. Daphnis, why are you gazing at the old constellations rising? See!
  11. Here's an independent in depth analysis of William Rutledge's claims of the secret Apollo 20 mission and he was one of the Astronauts onboard that mission. http://www.angelismarriti.it/ANGELISMARRITI-ENG/REPORTS_ARTICLES/Apollo20-InterviewWithWilliamRutledge.htm
  12. Is this Apollo 20 footage authentic or faked, if faked for what reason and how? Any opinions?
  13. This question actually depends on if God really does exist? First I'll give my best evidence for the existence for a God or Creator. The existence of anything that has come into reality, that is proven to be impossible under all known appliciable scientific properties, outside of an evolutionary process. The discovery of Alien life throughout the universe that's based on DNA that has evolved independly of each other would be strong evidence of a Creator. The fact that this universe is solely matter where is it's antimatter components required under pair creation, that would indicate the
  14. This is the most definitive information I've seen on the subject
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